35 Yrs. Wife 2 Kids ( Time to Feel Ultra Sexy Again) TT/Liposuction of Flanks and Arms - Columbus, GA

I'm so excited about my surgery and nervous at the...

I'm so excited about my surgery and nervous at the same time. I have a little over4 month before it's my time! Ladies you look Amazing thanks for sharing your pics and stories. It helps a lot of us who hasn't been gone yet. I would show pics of myself but I don't know how much my body will change from that time hopefully not much. But I will start posting pic a month or 2 before it's time. Please ladies keep updating and posting. This helps us so much Truly!!!

Almost time!

Hello everyone! Sooooo my time is almost here... less than one month away...I'm excited and nervous but more excited will post pics soon since it's almost time.... December 14 is the Big Day!!

Almost time!!!

Hey ladies I'm less than 2 week from my procedure and I'm feeling excited about it! Can't want to get to the flat side of life! Photos coming soon don't want to take the to early! I'll be posting soon!!!! Be Blessed and keep the pic and post coming... ps can some one tell me everything I'll need beforehand!

It's Time!!!

On my way to Columbus from Memphis I'm nervous but I know God got me.....I love my husband for his support. My King! Tomorrow pre op appt 2pm! Pics coming tomorrow get Ready...lol

Surgery is over!

So I got my procedure done. Wooow recovery is hard! I promise pics coming soon just haven't had the opportunity or energy to do so.... 4 days post.....
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Have not met in person.....soon very soon....only phone and email...

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