34 Year Old Mom, 3 Kids, Ready for a New Me, Inside and Out! Columbus, GA

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I am a mother of 3 children who is ready for much...

I am a mother of 3 children who is ready for much needed pick me up! I've recently lost about 15-20 lbs and I ok with my body, but I just want that extra boost. I had my consultation for a tummy tuck and lipo of my thighs last week! Dr. Cochran and his staff are so nice and very professional. I paid my deposit today and scheduled my surgery! Let the countdown begin!!

Counting down!

I only have 114 more days until my pre-op! I know that's a long way off, but I'm so excited! Trying to think of everything I will need

Impatiently waiting!!!!

Getting closer! 7 weeks to go!!


Finally took a pic! I'm getting TT and thigh lipo

Getting Close!!!

37 more days until this tummy of mine is slim and trim! Getting ready to start ordering and buying things I will need.

Nervous and super excited!!! 11 days to go!!!

Wow! 11 days to go! This time has went by so fast!!!

Screaming 6 more days!!!!!

6 more days! It helps to have a friend to go thru this journey with. She is actually having her tummy tuck today! Super excited for the both of us. My best friend and I started this journey and have been stalking real self for a long time and it's finally happening!

2 days until surgery!!!!

Super super nervous!! Mostly cuz I'm scared of the pain afterwards! I've been reading horror stories and some say it's not that bad, you're just really sore.

Day before surgery!!!!!

Wow it's actually almost here!!! I'm so nervous but ready to just do it!! My bff just had Tuesday and her recovery scared me! She was in excruciating pain the first 2 days. Then she gets depressed cuz she can't move like she wants to.

Night before surgery!!!!

I'm a nervous wreck!! Lol... I've been cleaning like crazy! And trying to make sure I have everything I need! I will keep y'all posted after surgery!!!

Day of Surgery!!!!

Screaming, day of surgery!!! So nervous and excited!!! Just ready to get this part over and done. I'll keep my fellow realselfers posted!!!

Officially a Cochran Doll!!!!

2 days post op!!!

I had my surgery on March the 7th, Today is march the 9th making me 2 days post op! I feel ok, just still really tight and can't stand straight! I still need help with getting up out the recliner although I did get up once by myself when my bf was asleep, but I was hungry and thirsty and He has been taking such good care of me so I let him sleep. I think I'm gonna shoot for a shower tonight. I took a wash up last night. But so far so good! I have to return to work on the 21st, but its only orientation of a new job. I heard its a lot of paper signing and classes. So hopefully it won't be too bad!

post op day 3!!! loving my results!!!

This is just day 3 and I'm already in love with my body!!! Dr. Cochran is the man!!!

Operation snatched waist! End of day 4

Wasn't too bad, still hunched over, it takes a lot of energy to do stuff, but other than that, I'm OK.

Post day 5 uggh this drain!!

I think I'm doing too much, I do get up a lot and walk around, I don't really need help doing the easy things, but I think cuz I feel ok, I'm doing too much. I heard that too much activity will cause you to keep your drains in longer. I'm still at like 65-70cc day. Well that was yesterday. I'm gonna take it extra easy so my output can drop. I wanna get this drain out Monday!

Post op day 7!!!! Follow up appt!!

So ready to get this drain taken out! I hope he removes it! I had one day where I didn't drain but about 10cc, as soon as I emptied that little bit, it started draining like crazy again. Sunday, my drain hadn't been emptied since Saturday afternoon. I finally opened and drained the little bit in there Sunday evening, then 30 cc, came in in like 3 hours. Uggh!!! But I'm thinking it was because, I was given a high waist girdle post surgery but it started loosing up day 3 post op, so I purchased a binder for added compression. That day that I started draining out of nowhere, I had taken my binder off to wash it and forgot to put it back on, so I didn't have that added compression all day Sunday. I only had the girdle on. So I'm thinking fluid built up due to less compression.

Drain out!!!

Praying for continued healing! Dr. C said I looked really good! Took the sutures out my belly button. He took a whopping 14 lbs off! Feeling good, feeling great, can't wait for all the swelling to go down so I can shop!!!!?

Post op day 10!!!!!

I'm feeling great! But my body let's me know when I've done too much! I get tired easily. Standing a little more straighter every day! Sometimes i get these little twinges in my abdomen, i guess that's just the nerves fibers. Other than that I'm good! Pics of my progress

Post up day 11!!!

Feeling good, standing even taller today, but still get tired after about 15-20 minutes of walking around. I go back to work Monday, which will be day post op day 14. Wanted to stay out about another week, but this is an awesome opportunity and they want me to start must Monday and I do not want to jeopardize this opportunity.

Post op day 12!!!! Swelling! uggh!

Well I feel great, standing almost completely straight. Back pain less, but my girdle is getting too loose and my binder keeps bunching and flipping. Look in my pics, is this swelling normal???

First new dress since surgery!!!!

Operation snatched waist! I'm so happy I had this surgery! I've never really had low self-esteem, but I was so frustrated with my stomach and missing out on so many things I wanted to wear. God is so good

Feeling good!!!

One of my friends had a tummy tuck last year and she said she got a seroma!!! Boy I hope I don't get one. Anybody here familiar with those?

Almost 3 weeks post op!!!

Besides the daily puffiness, I'm very glad with my results! I'll be glad when I stop swelling. But I know it's a process and I'm probably rushing it. I 70% myself. The other 30% is due to the tightness I feel when I've done to much walking or sat for too long. My belly button is healing really well. I have a little ways to go before its all cute and stuff. Happy healing my fellow real selfers

Love Dr. C!!!

Scar reveal!

I think my scar looks good

Almost 4 weeks post op!

What a journey! And it still continues! Feeling overall great! I just still get the tightness when I've worked a full day, but I know what will resolve with time. Nothing really bad to say!

Week 6!!!! Yay!!! Ups and downs!

I'm still in love with my results although I do swell after a long day. Now I'm dealing with family members that found out having negative things to say! I told one cousin it's about to spread like wildfire. She wanted to know how I got my stomach so flat, so I told her eating healthy along with a tummy tuck. She instantly went to the "so you didn't do it with diet" you didn't do it the natural way. She was like awww shit I thought you went on a diet.

When your PS is the bomb!!!!!

Update update!!!

It's been awhile since I hopped on here! Been crazy busy! My body literally changes everyday! I still feel puffy sometimes but I just throw that Spanx on and it goes right down. Or either my binder.

Hey realselfers!!!!!

I hadn't been on here in FOREVER!!!! Its been like 8 months post op and I'm still in love with my results! I do however get frustrated at times because I still get puffy at the top of my abdomen at the end of a work day. So I still wear compression at work or I'll put it on once I get home. But overall, I'm pleased. Maintenance is the hard part. Lol

Great staff! Everyone is so nice and professional

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