32 Yes Old Mother of 2. Columbus, GA

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I had virtually no stomach, til I had a c-section...

I had virtually no stomach, til I had a c-section with my 6 yes old son. I have skinny arms and legs but my back and stomach are getting out of control. I have tried to lost it many time with little results. So I have decided to get a tummy tuck with liposuction on my upper and lower back as well as my flanks. Maybe even liposuction my upper stomach if Dr.C thinks it will help.


I meant with Dr. Cocharan on 2/11/16. He was very nice and so was his staff. I decided to pay my deposit and schedule my surgery date then. My surgery will be 3/9/16. I'm excited to be rid of this stomach and back fat. I will be getting a liposuction on my back, upper stomach, flanks, and full tummy tuck.


I feel so lost. I have not bought anything to prepare myself for my upcoming surgery. I'm not sure what to buy, help? Pls

Preop packet

Look what came in the mail today... My preop packet!!! I'm super excited. I also made my 1st payment toward my surgery(besides the $250 deposit). I paid 1/2 of my balance and I'll be paying off th 2ND 1/2 this Friday. March 9th can't get here fast enough. I have my appt set for Monday to get all my lab work completed... I'll be shopping for my supplies this weekend.

Paid in Full

Just called today to pay my surgery in full.... Yayyyyyy.. super excited

Flat side in 1 day and 16 hrs

I'm counting down the days. I decided to get a colonic to clean out my system. Oh myyyyy. Very new experience for me. It was suggested to me by my Co-worker that recently had her tummy tuck done. Not going to lie it was awkward, but felt lighter afterwards. Clean....lol

Flat side here I come!!!! (13 hrs to go)

Nervous. I cleaned my whole house and cooked dinner for the next week or so. I froze some and refrigerated some. Feeding a family of 4 while your down is hard but I swear I made it look easy. My lil sis and her boyfriend decided they would come stay at my house for spring break... ugh I may have to send them on them on there merry way after the surgery, just depended on how I feel. I planning to drive to GA tonight with my mom and checking in the hotel for the remainder of the night. The plan is to drive back home after the surgery, depending on how I feel... My surgery at 10:30am. Nervous and excited:-) I'll keep you posted.


I finally made it. I arrived 5 min late @10:20am. I was supposed to be there at 10:15am. It was cool. I still had to sit in the waiting room about 8-10 mins before they called me back. Once back they did my pre-ops. She took my weight which was 175, I signed all my receipts, took b4 pics, measured my legs and thighs for for my compression stockings, then she gave me a shot to help me relax, but God had already given me peace, so really didn't need it. The shot did make me sleep. My private area was already waxed, so the nurse said that was great bc it is had hair down there they would have had to shave me...lol Anywho, about 10 min later they came and got my to take me to the operataging room which was literally 7 steps away. The tried twice to get the IV in my neck but it didn't work, so the doc came in and put it in my arm. I don't remember nothing after that. When I work up, I was on the flat side....Yayyyyyy!!!!! They sat me up and gave me med for nausea and ginger ale. I laid there maybe another 30 mins. Then they put my cloths on and I was out of there. I was supposed to stay the night, but once in the car I found out my step dad, father passed away. So I told my mom to bring me home and go be with her husband. I only live 3 hrs from Dr. Cocharan office. I was still drugged up pretty good, so the ride was fine, minus the time my mom stopped so I can get out and walk. That was draining. She made me eat. It was only a plain baked potato. I don't remember any times. I know they got done with my surgery late though bc I remember my mom saying it. I got home to my husband who helped me into bed, and woke me up during the night to take my pain meds. So he hasaid been managing my pain. It still hurts to get out of bed to use the rest room tho... ugh I'll post pics later

Before surgery pictures

Looking back at these pictures have been motivating me through the pain. Getting out of bed is the worst. I take meds and it still hurt alot. My stomach is tight but my incision seems to be burn as I get up. Is it just me???? I go to the doc at 12pm for my follow up. I hope all is well. I'll get my husband to take pics tomorrow while at the doc so yall can see my results.

Love my results

Drove back to Columbus SC for follow up yesterday 3/11/15. Doctor Cocharan said everything was find. He took my binder off, which was the first time it had been off since the surgery. I was to scared to take it off. We came back home. My sister not law drove me there and back. She is not a long distance driver, so I was very proud of here. I took a shower the first time yesterday. My husband helpes me. We used a fold-up chair and placed it in the tub with a towel over it. He was very resourceful. He used pads and tape from my first added kit to bandage me back up and then put my binder on. I'm still not standing up fully straight. Still bent over but I'm loving what I see. I'll follow up again shortly, once I'm standing up straight so you can see my best self. I have my next follow up appt. April 15th. I'll be a month post.

Tummy tuck/other updates

Drain still in. Ugh!!! I plan to have my husband take it out tomorrow as well as take off the remaining steri-strips. I think the blisters are coming bc of a possible allergic reaction to the steri-strips. The doc told me to leave them on for 10 days then remove them, so tomorrow is day 10. My incision otherwise look fine. On to better news, my back fat is gone. Yayyyyyy!!!! My stitches are out of my belly button(my husband took them out.) My stomach/love handles are gone for the most part(still swelling).

Loving my results

I took off my steri-strips today and found 2 more blisters....ugh Hopefully with them off I shouldn't have any more blister out breaks. I've had 7 so far. We think it was due to a reaction to the steri-strips. I pray that's true. Everything else seems to be fine. I don't care for how my incision look on the right side in the back. I had 2 blisters that popped up directly on my incision so it made it look very unattractive. I also notice that the incision my right side goes around further toward my back than on my left side. Not worried about that tho it will blend with the stretch marks back there...lol my belly button looks funny, it my just be in my head... smh My main goal was no stomach and I've achieved that!!! So I'm happy.

Drain out

Finally my husband and I finally got our nerve up to take it out... smh. It actually wasn't that bad. I put on my compression shirt on then wrapped my binder on top of it. Don't want no fluid build up since my drain is out. Feels good to finally be free.

3+ weeks post (Loving the new me)

Everything has been going well. My scar on my left side is healing up very nicely. My scar on the right side which is where my drain and blisters on my incision is healing slowly but surely. I bought a faja compression garment and I've started wearing it daily, instead of that binder. The faja keeps the swelling down nicely. I am going back to work on Monday. So we will have to see how that goes. I am walk straight up, but I notice as the day comes to an end I tend to start binding over. I instantly correct it. I'm driving, walking, and moving around fine. Oh I almost forgot, I recently started wearing a small marble in my belly button to shape it. Which seems to be working amazingly. I love the way it looks now, it looks more natural. Once my belly button is fully healed I still plan to get it pierced. I am also using bio oil for my whole stomach and paper tape on my whole scar. Once my scar on the right side fully heal, I will start using New Gel+ silicone strips to fade my scar. However my scar really isn't even that noticeable now except for on my right side. I have paper tape on my scar right now, so no updated picture,but i will update them next time. No love handles, no back fat, no more lap belly(belly that sit on your lap) lol....Other than that I think that is all for now.

Incision/ back update

So today was my first day back at work.... Oh myyyyy!!! I was ok, but I definitely got to get back in the groove of things. I've been out so long. Today was a struggle but I made it. I wore my faja to work, so I didn't experience much swelling. The faja is snug, so it has no room for swelling.lol However, I promised y'all pictures of my incision and back, so I took them after my shower today. Current care routine: I keep my scar covered with paper tape. I let it stay for 3 days then let my scar and body get air for 1 hour or so then I put the tape back on my scar, the marble back in my belly button(it is held in by paper tape), and my binder @ night and faja during the day. That is pretty much it for me. Have a great day and happy healing!

69 days post op/bbl

I went to Dr. C for my 60 day post op appointment last Friday May 12th. The be b4 and after pics were bananas. He did an amazing job. He even said so his self...lol He gave me a steroid shot in my belly button and also on my right side where I got those blisters from the steri-strips just to flatten out my scar both had keloided slightly. B4 surgery I weighed 183lbs and now I weigh 164lbs. A 19 lb drop in two months is awesome. I have started back working out about a month ago. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week for an hour. I will upload the b4 and after pics that the nurse took at my 60 day post op appt later bc they are in my car. However I have some pics I took and will upload them now. My butt has disappeared so I'm thinking about getting a bbl. A natural looking bbl, nothing to big bc my frame is small.

Before and after pics

Theses were the pictures taken my by Dr. C office. My scar looks darker in these pics than it is in real life. However, the flatside of life feels nice:-)

Feel good in the skin I'm in!!!!

This is the outfit my son got me for mother's day. I finally put it on and love it!!!!

4 month post update

I love my results!!! I still swell after a long day, but I'm ok with that. I just put on my compresssion garment and go to bed, and in the morning I'm back to normal. I do plan to get a incision revision on my right side where I had those blisters bc I have keloid skin so those blisters left my scar thick on that side in the back. It about 1 inch that I need revised. I also plan to get a bbl one Dr. C give me the ok. I plan to use another doctor for that tho. I also plan to get a tattoo to cover my scar once I'm done with everything!!! I still workout and eat healthy!!!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I have a consultation with Dr.Cocharan @ 8:30am tomorrow (2/11/16). I will let you all know how it goes. I live 4 hrs away so this should be interesting. If all goes well, I will be booking and paying for my surgery tomorrow. I want to have the surgery the 1st week of March so I can be healed and back to my full normal by pool and beach season roll around.

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