31yrs Young- Mother of 1. Columbus, GA

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Like most of you ladies I have been contemplating...

Like most of you ladies I have been contemplating for years if a TT is the best way to go. Once I made up my mind I then began the search to find the right PS. I came across this girl name Rachel on IG about a year ago who had hers done by Dr. C. Once i saw her incision I was in LOVE ????!! So I decided to do my research on him, but if you follow her on YouTube she's pretty much done it all for you.. Lol but I came across (Realself) and soon realized that she was not the only one that he had work wonders on....... Heck pretty much all of his girls are snatch. So I was intrigued to have a face to face consultation with this DR. Cochran to see what all the (snatch business) was about. Once I was face to face with him I felt relaxed he answered every last question I had with for sure confidence. I didn't feel rushed like most ladies said they did, but I did feel like he's one of those PS that knows his stuff and if you have any questions he'll answer them and that's all!! So I went home prayed some more about it.. Waited a month and decided to pay my deposit and schedule my date 7/8/16. I'll be his 1st patient for the day. I'm excited but just ready to get it over with also. I live 2 1/2 hours away so I'll be coming home the same day. As of last month my balance is all paid off and now all I have to do it get supplies. Let the count down began!!!!

Almost 2weeks to go!!

Time is slowly approaching.... My feelings are all over the place. I feel a (little) and I do mean a (little) of everything. I think when he starts to mark me up and insert the IV in my neck it will become real.

To day is the day!

It's 6:43am 7/8/16
I'm sitting in the car at Dr. C office with alllllllll kinds of feeling going on. No one is here at this moment so I decided to take this time to do my last update before I wake up on the flat side. Keep me in your prayers realself sisters. My time has come!

I did it!

I finally made it to the flat side!

1day PO

Woke up today feeling great!! All except for when I walk my lower back hurts and my incision burns like crazyyyyyyyy. But all in all I'm so blessed to have done this for my self. Ttyl RealSelf sisters

B4 and after

This is still a 1day PO pic.
I'm taking my time ladies but now I do understand when a LOT of you all would say that your back was hurting from not being able to stand and good GOD! That's the worst part! But I'm still praying for a speedy recovery, now taking half a pain pill every 6hours. Praying that I'll be completely off of them by tomorrow and on reg Tylenol. Thanks for your support Realself sisters!

1week PO

1week PO
I have been feeling great!! Everything except for my back!!!! :-(

11 Days PO

when it looks like you got a BBL because your PS snatch your waist to the godsssssssssssss huntie!!!

2weeks PO

2weeks PO
I got my drain removed 2 days after this pic. So I was 16days PO for drain removal. I'm now standing all the way straight up and moving around normal. Back to my regular activities, but I'm still taking it easy.

Swell hell!!!! :-(

1 month 1week and 3days
Swell hell!!! :-(
I can't wait until this passes!

2 months PO

I feel great!!
But Gods knows I can't wait until I completely STOP swelling!!

So sorry to post so late

This pic was taken a little after 3months

4 months PO

I've been pretty good. I just wish he would have been a bit more (((aggressive))) with his lipo. I still swell, which I HATE with a passion!!! My back still have a few rolls also. I'll contact him in a few more months about my concerns, but as for now, I'm going to give it a little more time.

5 months PO

7 months PO

7 months PO

Just because ????

9 months PO

10 months PO

He's a very nice confident man who's knowledgeable about his work.

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