30 Year Old Mom of Two Getting Her Waist Snatched - Columbus, GA

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Hello RS! I've been a member for soooooo many...

Hello RS! I've been a member for soooooo many years. I initially started my research on the bbl and tummy tuck combined. Had consultations and the works but it was about 27,000 dollars. The doctor is a great doc but that's too much for me. Plus I gained 30 pounds and a butt...lol. I went from 120 to 149. I've always had loose skin from when I had my first daughter at 22. I was small, slight belly and loose skin. My stomach muscles are very separated and even though I've gained "happy" weight, I still have loose skin, a second child and exra rolls. I am very ready to get this tummy tuck!!! I know why doc I want. I have done a LOT of research and he is excellent!! Great reviews, nice price range and very safe and experienced. I called and made my consultation. Its on Monday 11/28/16 with Dr. Cochran in Columbus Ga. I live in Atlanta 1 hour 45 min away. I don't plan on getting the surgery until may or June of 2017. I will be paying in full first I have to make deposit once I hear everything at consultation and husband gives me the deposit. Meanwhile any great advice from anyone further in their journey is encouraged. I plan on documenting my journey on my YouTube channel once everything gets going. READY!!!????????????WARNING!!!!! Before photos are horrible!!


I'm just making sure I have all my questions, concerns and goals written down to talk to Dr Cochran about. I'm seeing so many women have bad complications.. Not by Dr. Cochran but just from the tummy tuck. I have noticed though that most of them did it out of the country. I just want everything to GI smooth. I can handle the pain and swelling but I will not be too happy about separation on the incision or open wounds. I will not be doing anything after surgery to ensure I don't pop a suture or hurt myself. I can't wait for this consult Monday. I'm hoping the price is close to the other ladies who has chosen him $4900-$5100. Lipo of flanks comes with his basic price so I want to add lipo of back bra roll. Any advice on needed recovery supplies and tips is wanted. I don't want to buy things I don't need. So what did you girls really need and what was not needed. I have some items already around the house

Dr. Cochran has the gift!

So ladies I had my consultation today! I was 35 minutes late and just knee they were gonna turn me away. When I got there Dr. Cochran says "oh its OK I was watching t.v in the back". Lol there weren't any other patients waiting at the time. I got my vitals taken and signed some paper work. Dr. Cochran came in after I undressed down to undies and bra. I had to step up on this stool that put all of my imperfections up higher to see. He explained what he felt would give me an all around great sculpted midsection. I'm getting the tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo to flanks, upper abs, and back roll. I got the price of 5,300. Which is good compared to other docs. Pain meds and antibiotics are separate. I also have to get blood work and a prego test done by my primary care doc. He explained how he was going to do the operation in full detail. I will be putting my $250 deposit in when I pay for my surgery I'm full in February. It doesn't really matter when he schedules the operation but I asked about march. As of right now he's not booked up for march but we will see. Maybe I will pay the deposit before then but one thing is for sure.....I'm getting this done!!! I'm so excited I know my price now and I will pay in cash soon! Any ladies having yours done I will be following you and give me any pointers or advice as you feel the need

I've decided to do bbl first!!!

Hi ladies I have decided to do a Brazilian butt lift first because of all the fat being taken out. I want to use it before doing the tummy tuck with Dr. Cochran. I will still need it but I'm not getting them both at once because of complication possibilities. I will be going to Dr. Hasan for bbl bbq and doing a review. Than I will be back for tummy tuck with Dr. Cochran afterwards.
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