29,3 C-sections,weight Loss....and Gained. ...starting a New Chapter! - Columbus, GA

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My goal is to continue on my healthier lifestyle...

My goal is to continue on my healthier lifestyle journey,it's not an easy task I struggle like the next but I know in the end it will be worth the effort. I'm in the process of preparing for this big step not for weight-loss but more so to help with the mental imagine that I have of myself because physically I know I'm in the best shape of my life compared to four years ago when I thought food was my best friend! Lol its comforting I know,well than others at times...so here's the run down I'm 5'5 (5'6 depending on who's measuring me) 200lbs most days it goes up and down recently since I started back working out,normally 190ish....my heaviest 270 in 2012 I lost most of it from working out changing the way I eat and snack habits(down to 180 lbs) I became a vegetarian 2yrs ago now come this June and I'm no longer on restrictions from my doctor to "take it easy" what ever that means with work,kids, and life in general but any who I put back on the weight was at 260 in May 2015 now I'm down to my current weight 200-210ish depending on the day my plan is to continue working out,strength training on the area's I know will be an issue after having tummy tuck,liposuction of full back and bra area,with fat transfer (total 6800,without transfer it's 5600 still debating the transfer but I have time to think about it now until May!) Which are the arms,legs,neck ,chin and did I mention arms,so my focus isn't so much on lbs lost but toning for me I'm a sz 13/14 I like that size I think it fits me vs being a 10 as before,you know family can be your worse critics ijs...stay focus,remain positive and eat healthy are my rules and so far everything is going according....stay blessed,until next time RealSelf!

Pre-opt Photos.....

Pre-opt photos....


Reschedule for a later date....

Will be having wls on 7/29/16 I know I have issues with my weight I've decided to get it under control before I try to correct any imperfections I feel I have,I plan to lose the weight my goal is 175 lbs I know it want be easy but until I get to my goal I'm going to wait. Best of luck to everyone, Be Blessed !

Big day coming up soon!!!

Hello, it's been a min and a lot has changed since my last post on this review. Far as updates I did have the wls last year so I am down to my goal weight I'm happy about it don't get me wrong it's just I wish I would have thought about the outcome a little more because I endure things I hadn't anticipated and tbh there was no way I could have known before hand, but neither here nor there I'm in good standings my iron is still low and due to wls it's close to impossible to build up to where it needs to be but I'm working on it! I have my consultation schedule for the 27th and if goes well my surgery will be at 7am on the 28th will post before and after photos as it closer. Feel free to ask any questions I'll try my best to answer and you all have a blessed day!

I'm nervous

I'm nervous,but not even sure why balance was paid in full last week,and all I keep thinking about is what all I need to do clean up,grocery shopping for the fam and the only person running around like a chicken is me my fiancé seem to think it's going to be a cake walk and I know it's going to be awful I'm a terrible bedrest person lol he did a great job with me for the last major surgery I had but that's the thing I know it's not going to be easy he thinks I'm only thinking negatively because I want to back out but it's really because I don't want to put everything on him I feel guilty.......sigh........last week out to get things in order I can't believe it's so soon......hope and pray this all pass and I'm back to my old self in no time....

Current stats

5'5 @178.2lbs

Goal pic,

We are similar in height and dress size (I now wear 9/10) and I wear 10/11 jeans

Guess they didn't upload


So far,everything has been great the staff has been really helpful.I've always received a return call,and email if I'm not able to speak with someone I was scheduled to come in to meet with the doctor but due to my work schedule I have decided to wait til May and go ahead of my date to meet with him and his staff...can't wait!

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