Pain is beauty and beauty is pain(27 year old mom of 4)!!! Tummy tuck, Back Lipo and BBl

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Hi I am getting a tummy tuck, back lipo and fat...

Hi I am getting a tummy tuck, back lipo and fat tranfer(bbl) to the butt. This is something I have wanted for many years and have finally saved enough money to be able to do so. I will be traveling from Philadelphia to Columbus Georgia for dr Cochran to do my procedure. I will be staying for ten days at a hotel and my fiancé will be traveling with me. If anyone knows of and recovery houses in Georgia please let me know. I'm sure it would be a lot cheaper

Pushed date back

So I had so unexpected expenses come up, so I had to push my surgery date back a while. But my deposit is paid, date is set to August and I have been making payments. So August it is!

Thinking of moving my date up.. Early July. Maybe june

I have the money to move my date up so I thing that's what I'll do

Stalking realself

I get on realself at least once a day. Like everyone on here I find myself stalking realself... Moved my surgery date up to July 1st thinking I should have moved it closer. Come the end of April we will see. Anyway uploading a few more wish pics!


Ok I know it's a little early, but this weekend I bought 2sun/maxi dresses and a short sweatsuit outfit and also a faja to start preparing for my surgery. Like I'm too excited. Every Friday I make a payment of $700 or more and I feel one step closer to having my procedure done. Thinking of moving my date up again. But will have to see once may rolls around


So I tried to push my date up to May or June but everything's booked up. I've been shopping and am almost completely prepared for my surgery. I now have 7maxi dresses, 4sweat shorts outfits. A walker/cane/seat combo and my Louis vuitton duffle is already packed. I also have my flight booked. And will be booking my hotel in the next two weeks. I'll be staying at the extended stay america, because I will be in town for 12 days and I was told they have a kitchen. Also I'm going to upload some pics


69days left and counting until I'm on the flat side! Ps till more excited than every! Louis luggage already packed lol. See ya in a few weeks realself! Lol

Closer and closer

Got an app to countdown the day

Add ons

I added on Lipo of my thighs, arms and neck roll/double chin for an extra $800. I just figured I might as well get everything donr in one go round sho I don't have to go back for a round 2. I want great results! Anyway does anyone know what type of pills I should be taking to get me ready for my bloodwork? If so please help me!!!


A few items I got to get my blood right

28more days

So I officially have only 28 more days before surgery and right now I have a mild cold with stuffy nose.. Hoping this goes away within one week max. It's already been a week so I'm hoping it goes quickly. I have my hotel and flights booked. I have all my supplies and 3fajas. Lol I'm just more than excited. If you have an Instagram follow me @ddrsgirl88 Thanx!

3more weeks

Can't believe I only have 3Weeks left so excited! More wish pics

Got my faja

Ordered my faja today. That's the only I don't have already and wanted to upload a few pics

Faja issues

So my faja came an I couldn't fit it. Too dam small. So I had to send it back for a bigger size. And I'm hoping it's here intime. I'll be flying in to atlanta from philly on the 29th. Then having surgery July 1st. So excited


Saying I'm packed and ready would Be an Understatement! I'm more ready than I'll ever be! Let's get it


So my Faja came today and it fits perfect

Updated before pics

So I go in in 6days and wanted to post my befores. I know it's pitiful yall but I'm working on it. So don't be too harsh

Airport bound

So I'm at the airport and I'm glad I made sure to bundle in layers, cause it is freezing in here and I'm already anemic


I'm still at the airport and my flight doesn't take off until 6. Fml


Had my consultation appointment today. Dr Cochrans staff was wonderful! He was very nice and straight to the point about my expectations

My stay

Staying at value place. When I saw the price I was skeptical. At $31 a night I knew it had to be a hole in the wall. But when I read the reviews it made me feel ok with booking the hotel. One I checked in I was amazed at how clean and comfortable the hotel. My room had a full refridgerator and a stove. Flat screen tv with cable. And all the other things a normal hotel would. But the thing I like most is the laundry room. It will really come in handy because I will be here for 11days. So at $370 for 11days booked!

I made it to the flat side!!!

So I made it By the grace of God! And even though I can't take off my bandages I can already see I look nice. The took me back at 7:15, got my iv running. And the next thing I knew I was at the hotel in bed

First peak

Well with being in so much pain I was only able to get one pic while showering

Swell hell

Today I woke up with a lot of swelling so I wore my fake and binder that the doctor provided allday together. I have been feeling great. Taking less and less on my pain meds. Today me and my fiancé rode into atlanta and spent the day. I didn't do much walking just to and from the car. The arnica pills I've been taking had reduced my swelling and bruising a great deal. I am standing up straight just a little hunched because of the Faja and binder pulling me down. Draining less and less, now 25 and under each time. The drain is aimless just annoying. And I've started my period which is annoying. But i don't care just happy my stomach is pancake flat. I'm so excited

follow up

I had my first follow up appointment on Monday. Cochran said everything looks good and is healing well. I go back in this Friday to have my stitches taking out of my belly button. And hopefully my drain removed. I will be leaving and flying back home Saturday the 11th. I will be 10days post op then. I am no longer taking my pain mess and standing longer and walking much better. I will say that I felt rushed on my follow up appointment. I was in and out of the room in five minutes. If that! Otherwise service has been great!

Last appointment

Had my last appointment today. Dr Cochran removed my stitches from belly button. But I am depressed to fine that I will have to leave with my drain still in. I am still draining a bunch and he said
It needs to be in a few more days. I'm disgusted that I have to travel with it, and one it's time remove it myself. Guess I'll be going into the emergency room back home to have it removed. Fuck my life! But besides that I am happy with my results

Funky Drain!!

Loving My Results! But I Am So Over This Dam Drain! It Has Sent Me Into A State Of Depression. Almost two weeks post op and still draining around 100-125cc a day

Drain Baby Drain!

Cochran called me early morning asking how much I've been draining and told me to call tomorrow with my numbers. And so far today I've only drained 25cc! I am ecstatic! Hope this continues until morning so I'll have good news to report. Besides that everything is fine. Will update again soon

Drains out

Ok so I was draining 25cc for the last couple of days and Cochran said it was ok to remove it. And that's exactly what I did. There was no pain or anything. After that I covered the site and put on my new waist trainer. I had to get a new one a few days ago. The old one I had got seriously baggy


So I've been feeling fine since removing my own drain a few days ago. I just wear my panty girdle with built in cincher threw the day. And I sleep in my waist trainer. Can't wait until I can start working out

2 and a half months post op

I am 2 1/2 months post op and I feel great! I personal train 3times a week. Everything is fine and I love my results except for a dog ear dent on my left side

5months update!

Its been almost 5months and two weeks and I am still loving my results! Plus I continue to lose weight! When I started out I was 215 on the day of surgery. and now I'm down to 188. Im so excited for round 2come march


Just wanted to bless you guys with some pics

6month update pics

Feeling great! Round 2here I come

So far his staff have been very nice and helpful

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