21, Mother of a Beautiful Baby Boy but my Body is a Wreck :/ - Columbus, GA

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I'm 21 and trust me I know it's abnormal for a 21...

I'm 21 and trust me I know it's abnormal for a 21 year old to seek tummy tuck surgery.. in many eyes it's even abnormal for a 21 year old to have a child, but I do and he's three and he's the apple of my eye but my apple caused my body some unexpected changes. Before I had him I was about 170 between the time I found out I was pregnant up until I had him I gained a whopping 60 lbs! You read it right I was 230! I had him and quickly went back to work and school full time.. what a mistake! I lost some pounds about a year after I gave birth I was down to 194. 194 was my starting weight when I entered the gym my goal was to get down to 160 and between eating right and working out I did, in three months! I worked out and ate right and for the life of me my stomach just would not budge! I constantly did cardio and core exercises to target my stomach and nothing. I knew I wanted a tummy tuck way back in 2012 after I lost all the weight and saw no progress in my abdominal area, but I just didn't have the courage to go for it. I lacked support and wasn't sure who would be able to care for my small child for such an extended period of time. Fall 2014 I looked back into the tummy tuck procedure, I just knew I didn't want to live the rest of my life looking like this I live a clean healthy lifestyle I felt I didn't deserve the flab. I wasn't trying to be perfect at all I just wanted to feel like myself again. I began researching the tummy tuck procedure again and decided this time I was going through with it. I researched several doctors in the greater Atlanta area and somehow it just kept leading back to Dr. Thomas Cochran. Let's be honest his price is affordable and his work is flawless and it includes lipo I couldn't beat that. The staff was excellent! They are sweet as can be. A lot of people ask well your 21 aren't you going to have more kids? well if you ask me that right now the answer is no, I mean no I don't know if that'll change in the future but by then I won't care what my stomach looks like anyway..lol. Well I'm already excited but nervous because of the recovery process. I'm in no rush to go back to work and this actually gives me extra time to catch up on these half a semester classes I decided to sign up for :/. The surgery is in the morning and I just had pickles because I forgot it was on the list of foods to avoid. I'm very happy I decided to go through with it though and I will update frequently.. I have nothing else to do lol. Well you guys wish me luck it's in the morning!

Today was the big day!

I had the surgery this morning guys! His staff was so amazing! I walked in and we got straight to business I took off all my clothes and put on the gown. Don't be embarrassed you will be asked to get completely naked and take pictures, but the staff is so friendly that you will be comfortable. The doctor arrived right on time. I got a shot in my hip and an IV in my neck.. yikes! My pain tolerance is very high though. I was sedated and we started the procedure. We started at like 8 am and I was out of there by 1030 am. I was wheeled out to my designated drivers car and within a few minutes I was fast asleep. From like 12-2 the pain was moderate but after popping my pain meds I was just fine. I need help sitting myself up and getting in and out of bed, but I'm currently able to walk without assistance. Everyone is different but my pain is nowhere near as bad as others made it seem. I don't have any pics yet I'm too scared to take my girdle off. My drains don't hurt either. I will keep you guys posted though!

Day 3 Post Op!!

I still need a little assistance getting up and sitting down but I took a shower this morning y'all. I've never been so happy to take a shower in my life lol. Today was the first time I saw my stomach. I had a lower stomach tattoo that I got when I was 17 and it's completely gone! I was going to get a cover up but now I have no need to. My stomach looks so good, my waist is all around smaller, and my butt is perkier lol. Ladies if you ever considered Dr. Cochran he is your man! My appetite came back last night but I'm trying to eat healthy light protein based foods. I'm not sure if it's because of my age but the pain is mild and you pop a pain pill and it's gone. I haven't felt nauseous or thrown up at all but everyone is different and healing processes vary. I don't regret my surgery at all, I'm very active so all this sitting around makes me antsy but I'm getting ahead in my school work. I have pics for you guys though.

Day 4 Post Op

I wake up every morning checking my stomach to make sure it's still "perfect" lol. I'm able to get out of bed now without any assistance. Showers are the hardest part of my day changing all my bandages out and standing up for an extended period cramps my back and makes me feel woozy. I believe it's time for my drains to come out I've only been hitting 25 cc I will give them a call tomorrow. I have updated pictures though.

Day 12 Post Op

I'm driving again, even went grocery shopping a few days back. Recovery has been easy going the only trouble I have is the back pain, but hey what do you expect after being slumped over almost 2 weeks. Recovery is different for everyone but I was able to go back to my normal diet immediately, I never experienced nausea, and many of the other terrifying things that happened to others which I'm thankful for, maybe it's because I have age on my side I'm not sure. I still have not returned to work because my job you stand up all day and I'm in no condition to do that. Sneezing, coughing, laughing it hurts especially sneezes! If your thinking about doing a TT do it as soon as possible, don't wait around. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I've gained back a lot more than a flat stomach. I wish all you ladies well who are going to do it, get a good doctor, have a support system at home. That's all there is to it.

I'm 7 weeks post-op!!!!

I'm 7 weeks post-op guys and I'm feeling great. I still wear my shaper just because to me my stomach appears more nipped and tucked. The back pain is gone completely. The surgery was still worth it and Dr. Cochran and his team were amazing in pre and post op care. To be completely honest the surgery brought so much more than a flat stomach. Yeah the scars are there, but they will fade. I've gained my self back. My confidence and my peace of mind. As I stated in prior post I workout frequently lost 90 lbs but my stomach wouldn't budge. I'm back in the gym stronger than ever weight lifting and doing my cardio. I knew I worked hard in the gym to work those lbs off and I felt I didn't deserve to look like I didn't. Many people watched my weight loss and my dedication to the gym and looked up to me and I would like to one day become a nutritionist/CPT but I do tell everyone who followed my journey that I did have surgery. Like I've said before if your thinking about it, do it! You gain back so much more than a flat stomach. I uploaded some pics of me in key west, after a social gathering, and just lounging around the house.

He's straight to the point just like me!

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