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Yesterday I went with a friend to a consultation...

Yesterday I went with a friend to a consultation for Slim Lipo on my back. I had a tummy tuck four years ago and gain alot of weight since then. I just cant get my back in shape. The consultation went very well for both of us. I am so excited about this type of lipo because it seems a lot easier than the regular lip. I plan on getting Slim Lipo done within the next two months. I have a feeling that it will come out great. I cant wait! I am so excited. I feel that this will be a boost to get us started so that we can reach our goals.

So I had the procedure done on 3/15/2013, which...

So I had the procedure done on 3/15/2013, which was a Friday. When I arrived at the office I was ready to get it over with! The entire process and procedure lasted an hour and half. To include; when I arrived until I walked out the door. The doctor uses general anesthesia for this procedure versus local that most use. So I was out the entire time. When I woke up I was a little nauseated but the first thing I said was that I wanted something to eat. Lol! I threw up a little before they walked me to my car, but that was the only time. My healing garment was applied prior to leaving the office. Word to the wise; Don’t take off soon, if you won’t have help putting it back on! I was not in any pain when I left the office. My sister drove me home. I was able to walk normally but was a little sluggish because of the anesthesia. I was prescribed some pain medication, along with some medication for swelling/bruising and some antibiotics. That day I played it safe and stayed on the couch. I took the antibiotics and the swelling/bruising medication as I was told. I only took the pain medication only when I went to sleep or to get comfortable; but no unbearable pain.

The day after the surgery I continued to take the medicine as prescribed. I kept my garment on that day and only took it off to take pictures and to take shower. I felt was still swollen, but felt really good. So good, I walked around, cleaned, cooked and did my normal Saturday’s chores. The garment I wear is actually a garment I had bought once before for my tummy tuck. So I thought it would be ok for my lipo on my back. It wasn’t. I was tight and all, but the protection on the back did not support me good because it kept bending into the cresses of where my rolls were. So I decided not to wear it anymore. I went to Walgreens and bought an abdominal binder and wore that. At night I took it off, still felt swollen; but not in pain. It was more of a pressure. My back and side felt tight. I did my normal routine I would do that day and also the next day which was Sunday.
I had no issues and actually when back to work Monday. That same day, I went to have my drainages removed at the office. So to recap my recovery time frame: I had the surgery on Friday, was ok Saturday and Sunday and went back to work 3 days after my procedure.

My scars? Hmm, I had two incisions about the size of a drinking straw diameter on each side of my lower back where the drainage tubes were inserted. Those healed just fine and are the biggest of my scars. The entry point of the lipo lasers look like freckles or chicken pock scars now they’ve healed. My incisions were small, but they irritated me. I always had an “itching” feeling where they were, and of course I scratched and made them bigger. Bad move! Avoid scratching the itch. Once I realized how I made the situation worse; I used Neosporin and Natural Shea butter oil to help stop the itch and heal the remaining scarring. It took 3 weeks for the swelling on my hips to go down completely. I had stretch marks there and they were swollen big time. It looked and felt like they were filled with something. They were also hard, but they eventually went down.

I am happy now with the outcome of the procedure. At first I was a little worried that it did not work, but as I remembered from reading the other blogs on here, you have to be PATIENT. I also went back exercising two weeks after the surgery. I’m not having any issues and I am happy I had it done. Total transformation in appearance: 1 month and a ½ ! If you’re in the Columbus, GA area I definitely recommend Dr. John Scuba!
Dr. John Scuba

I learn about this provider through my friend at work.

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