25 Years Old, 3 Children, 5'0 108 Lbs and Lost Weight and Eating Healthy - Columbus, GA

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I am a petite asian mom who has had a very small...

I am a petite asian mom who has had a very small frame. Throughout my pregnancy, my weight fluctuate and my heaviest was 130 lbs. Though this may not sound a lot, I am short and my fat was uneven and mostly it was in my belly. I decided to exercise regulary and eat healthy, I lost body fat and my boobs then got deflated and flat and I felt pity of myself looking at how sad my boobs were. It affected not only my self esteem but also my sex life.

I had been thinking of getting breast augmentation and never really got the courage to do it. Now I just finished my Bachelors I feel as if this is a reward for myself. I have gotten really scared and feels anxious to do it yet I am eager to do it.

I went in and saw Dr. Wilson because he was recommended by the Dr. that I worked for, he was also recommended by my friends who had theirs done by another Dr. He was very patient with me, very calm and professional and he suggested for me to go to 350 cc. At first I wanted to go 325 cc because I do not want it to be too big, but he said most women comes back and get theirs larger so he suggested 350cc. I don't know if I want to have children and I heard that if you get bigger implants, it will end up getting saggy in the future. I am also thinking of the recovery process and do not want to go to big...

My surgery is on the 13th of March. Very scared but when I called the nurse at my Dr.'s office she gave me an advise that I have been wanting to hear, I guess her letting me know it is going to be okay and that it is not a major procedure and that there is really nothing to worry about because it is safe made me feel comfortable.

My ps gave me a food list to avoid and it has been killing me because most of it are the ones I eat on a daily basis (almonds, ginger, garlic, onion, apples, berries etc....)

2 days till' my surgery

I am getting excited and slightly nervous. I went in the office today to do another sizing because I do not want to go so big that it will hinder me from working out. Also, don't want to take a risk because larger implants also risk on developing capsular c. I also am not sure if I want to have a baby, and if I do, I heard boobies will be bigger and sag and I DONT WANT THAT!!!!

Anyways, I brought my husband with me for the first time (he didn't support this operation at first but now he somewhat does 50%) I tried on my 350 which he did not like and said that it was too big for me. He wanted for me to go 250. I did like the 250 but I am scared that it will be too small since it is under the muscle and that I won't get what I paid for. I really liked bigger size so I went to 300...

Nurse told me that they may have to change that size higher once we are in the operating room to achieve the size I want... :) I trust my doctor but I am to shy to asks so many questions, come back and forth and I dont want to feel like I am bugging them...

I work at a doctors office to, and it aggravates me when patients call in everytime, (ofcourse I act professional) so I do not want to bug them :(

Checklist for my big day:
1. Bra
2. Thermometer
3. Pillows
4. My medication (taking cipro 1 day before my surgery)
5. My husband

1 day before surgery!

I am at work today and I can't seem to take my mind off my surgery for tomorrow. I am nervous (30%) and excited (70%). I can't wait to get this BA done... :) I took cipro this morning and will take one at night.. I will also be taking Phenergan tomorrow morning 1 hr prior my surgery and ofcourse no food and drink after 12 am midnight!!!

It's 2 am and my Ba is @7:15

It's happening! I slept at probably 11:00 pm and work up at 1:30 am???? I stopped eating at 12:00am i am hungry!!! Anyways I finished my two pills of cipro( morning and night) the day before my surgery. I will be taking phenergan an hour before my surgery. They said it helps with the nausea. By the way, my anesthesia will be local with Iv sedation. My dr will be placing 350cc silicone implants, high profile, smooth, round implants and its under the muscle. I really do not know what to expect after (pain) I would just go with the flow. I have had 3 live births, one ectopic pregnancy surgery (took my right tube), and one miscarriage in the past. I don't know how worst the pain will be, will see. I am anxious and excited and nervous!!!!????

5:12 am 2 hrs before surgery

Ok so I fell asleep for a few hours. I am about to take a thorough shower, just finished having a nice bowel movement (Tmi). Oh btw I got my stuff ready for post op my bra, pain killers (oxycodone generic for Percocet), water, thermometer, pillows and my husband will make me a Filipino soup! Once I get home.

7:09 waiting in the car

We got here a little early. The nurse told me to be here @7:15 sharp. My heat is beating fast, I am nervous but excited as well.


The surgery went smoothly! The nurse was so nice and helpful but she was "loud" lol and I don't know why. I am at home have been sleeping all day we got home around 10:00. I feel sore and tight. It feels like an extreme chest exercise with tightness. I took my pain pills and hopefully the pain would go away

Post op pic

My dr did a 350 cc silicone sientra implants.

9:03 post op

I am surprise on the pain. Still 6/10. I am loving it. Not too big not too small. I forgot to mention my left is 325 my right is 350.

2:46 am update

I slept with an ice pack on my boobies. Woke up ready to pee( I can pee by myself) but I got cold and my implants felt hard and it didn't feel good at all. I had to change my shirt and sports bra and turn the heater on and I feel so much better.

3rd day post op

I can move my arms up and down freely. I am trying to ween off my pain meds, and I am doing fine. I am still continuously taking my cipro. My boobs are slightly going down, still kind of tight, but it's amazing. I have cleavage now!!! Let me tell you, my post op recovery isn't that bad because I didn't go too big. My size right now would probably be a small or medium c which is proportioned to my body. When I wear a regular shirt it does not look like I am wearing two big balls. It looks natural. Maybe in the future, after I finish having babies and when I get older, I would consider going bigger, I would probably do a 400cc, my breast skin tissue would probably allow me then since it would expand. Dr Wilson is an Artist. I don't have asymmetry, I don't have a lot of pain, and he knows what I want. I love my experience and would recommend him to anyone.


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