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Hey yall.... Im 37 years old. A nurse and I have 2...

Hey yall.... Im 37 years old. A nurse and I have 2 kids by C-section ages 9 and 6. I have had 5 hernia repairs. Im currently 5'2" and 188 lbs. I currently working out, eating clean and have lost lots of inches, but ready to get rid of this stomach. I choose Dr. Cochran because of the results that he gives. Ive been wanting to have this procedure for awhile now.. and Yassss hunny its time. 2 1/2 weeks left until I am Cochranified lol!!! My peop is on March 10th. Im staying at the comfort inn which is just a few blocks away from the office. My bff is coming along with me. Im so hyped yall!!!! Ill post pics soon!!!!

Count down!!!!

Hey yall.... I got the follow up call from Vicki today, got my lab work done and blood pressure checks complete. Im still working out up to my surgery date. I'll probably be in the gym the night before. Hopefully my recovery will be a breeze.

Count down!!!!

Hey yall... the count down is on!!! 10 days and im so excited. Balance has been paid, items purchased. I had to get my pregnancy test done because they didnt add it on. Oh well i know that test is negative lol. Hemoglobin is at 13 and my blood pressures are good according to donnna. I purchased my lab work through i went to my local lab corp and had them done. Pretty cheap and reasonable, i had my results next day and you can have the company fax the results to your doctor. My supplies so far..... i have period pads for my incision, chucks to go on the bed, ted hose for swelling in my legs just in case, back pillows so i can sit up like a hospital bed, protein shakes, ice packs, bath wipes, socks and loose fitting pants and tanks. I dont wanna pack too much cause i will be flying back home. Thats all i have. My friend had her tt done and brought so much stuff that she didnt need so i based it off of her. Im excited yall.... :) ill post more before pics

3 more days

Hey yall.... well 3 more days until i get my waist snatched lol. Im so excited. The nerves haven't kicked in yet. Im sure they will once i get to columbus ga. Preop is Thursday and my bags are packed and ready to go!!!!

Preop day!!! Yay

So... today is preop day with Dr. Cochran. I drove down this morning. If you are driving make sure you leave early enough. There was 2 wrecks on my way down. Thank God for covering me. It was a 6hr drive. I get to the office at 1050, my appointment was at 11. The waiting room is very nice and clean. Staff nice and welcoming. Dr. Cochran nurse is nice have me lots of information for surgery tomorrow. Dr. Cochran himself very nice guy asked me what i wanted made sure that i looked like the pictures i sent in. He said well your smaller than your pics you sent in... your results will be great!!! Yay!!! That was like music to my ears lol. I signed papers with Gail. She gave me my prescriptions, ted hose, and phenegran for nausea to take at 630 am. My surgery is scheduled for 730am. Im at the comfort inn which is about 10 min from the office. They have a cheerleading competition this wknd so there wasn't alot of rooms available. Its nice, comfortable, and clean. Well..... im all settled.. dropped of my rx and the rite aid beside the hotel, just gonna relax the rest of the day. :)

Team no sleep!!!

So.... its 2:34am and i should be sleep but i can't... too excited and guess who came to visit me? Yep crazy aunt flow. She should've stayed her ass at home lol. Anyways ive been dozing in and out. 5 hrs til the flatside!!!!

Im offically snatched!!! Dr.Cochran style

Hey my surgey was this morning at 730am. I arrived at the office with my bff. Yall my nerves was all tore up, but they calmed me and reassured that i would be ok. My nurse gave a shot of demerol in the hip for pain, boy that stuff stings. Next Dr. Cochran came in marked me up and into the OR suite i go!! I laid on the chair, dr. Cochran tilt it back so he could put the iv in my neck. To my suprise, it didn't hurt. The shot of demerol hurt worse. I got versed in my iv and thing i know i was out. My bff said that i was done in round 1015am. I don't remember much after that, but i do know that after the meds wore off, boy oh boy.... it hurts!!! So im up walking every few hrs. Cant eat much shop im drink boost drinks and water. My bff is a nurse to so she's helping me stay on top of my meds. Im so glad this is over.... ill update yall more tomorrow :)

Post op day 1

Hey yall... im post op day one. My night was ok. It was hard getting up and out of the bed. Im staying on top of my pain meds and walking every 2-3 hrs. My appetite is not good but im drinking boost, pineapple juice, and water. I had tummy tuck, lipo to back and chin. Im loving my results and Dr. Cochran called to check up on me. This itching is kinda crazy but im taking benadryl for it. My bff changed by bandages today and it really wore me out. I'll keep yall updated :)

Post op day 2

Hey yall... well i made it through day 2. It wasnt as bad. I took my pain meds and i added prednisone which made a world of a difference. I was able to move around so much easier. Not alot of pain more discomfort. Ive been walking around much more but not over doing it. My drains are still put out about 100cc a day. I did have a bowel movement without taking anything for it. Drinking fluids are very important especially water and 100% pineapple juice, it helps with inflammation. Im alot less swollen today and very pleased with how my incision looks. I have a post op appt with Dr. Cochran tomorrow ready to see how my progress is coming. Im in love with what i see.

8 days post op

Hey yall..... well im 8 days post op and im feeling pretty good. Im walking straight once i get started. I start out hunched over. Im still swollen. The tightness and soreness from the lipo is crazy. I started lymphatic massages this week and they do help but this morning when i woke up, geesh my back and sides were so tight and it hurt. So i went to plantet fitness and sat on the hydromassage chair and boy oh boy it did the trick!!! It loosen up my back so good, although it hurt a lil bit, it was worth it. The drain in my back really flowed once i removed the dressing from back there. Im still draining about 30-25cc a day now. I have a follow up appt with Dr. Cochran on tues. So maybe he will remove the drains. Everything is going well and im so happy i choose Dr. Cochran. My incision is flat and smooth. Im not really taking my pain meds. Im still sleeping in my recliner... i miss my bed..

Follow up appt

Hey yall.... so i had my follow up appt with Dr. Cochran today. He removed both my drains and removed the stitches from my belly button ( whew it hurt). I didn't even feel the drains when he pulled them. He said everything looked good and i would see final results in a few months. I see some now though. My waist is tiny, i can't believe it!!! Im so happy that i waited and went to Dr. C instead. Overall he said he took off 12lbs!!! Im very happy that when i sit down, my stomach is no longer in my lap... thanks dr. Cochran :)

14 days post op

Ugh!!!! This swelling and stiff back is getting old, but i still love my results. The swelling gets better day by day. Im walking straight but this binder cuts into my back. Im going to get another garment tomorrow. The one i have, i cant fit it around my thighs to put it on (smh) Beacuse they are already thick and the added swelling. Ready to see more changes in the upcoming weeks!!! Thanks Dr. Cochran!!!

1 month post op

Hey yall.... well im 1 month post op today. I feel pretty good, went back to work today. Still feeling tight and sore at times. The swelling continues, but i can tell a world of a difference week by week. I decided to sleep in my bed for the first time and it was ok, noticed lots of swelling and more tightness when i woke up so I'll probably go back to my recliner for another week and see how that goes. I plan on going back to the gym at 6 wks. So far im loving my results. Still lots of swelling in the mons area but it doesn't feel like fluid there. My back is getting better with the swelling, it looks a million times better. As soon as i can get someone to take pics of my back, i will post them. My belly button is healing good, and my scar is thin and barely visible. Im using antibiotic ointment on it for now, not sure if i will need scar strips. Im wearing my faja and binder to add more compression. Im so ready to get rid if this swelling. See yall in a few wks for another update :)

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