46 year old Post Bariatric with over 200 lbs weight loss. Extended Tummy Tuck. Columbus, GA

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I learned about this site I last October and have...

I learned about this site I last October and have been stalking it ever since. I had planned to go to DR for my TT but after learning about this wonderful surgeon close to me I felt blessed to be able to stay in the U.S. I'm lookimg forward to the support of my RS family as I embark on this first leg of my journey. Extended TT this time and then back next year. I'm both nervous and excited.

One month to go

A month from today I will be in Columbus for my pre op and will be gettimg snatched a day after. I'm both nervous and excited. What should I pack? Can anyone help me out?

Received My Pre Op Packet From Dr. Cochran Office Today

After a weekend at the beach I returned today to find my preop packet in the mail. Lots of useful info. I'm not very pain tolerant but I'm too excited about the expected results to put a lot of weight on that. Hoping for helpful tips from my RS support group to help me prepare for this experience.

1 week from tomorrow

I cannot believe the day is almost here. I'm both nervous and excited. I've not packed on thing as of yet but I'm about to kick into gear. I go for my cbc on Friday at my doctors and I'm hoping all is well. I've had an extra infusion so I'm thinking I'll be ok. I've not yet booked a hotel but will do so this week. I decided to only stzy the night of surgery, I'll just drive to and from Columbus the day of my preops as oppose to inconveniencing someone to be couped up in a room (she's bringing her kids). Anyone who can offer packing and lodging expenses I would totally appreciate it. Thank you!!

All Done For Now

1 day post op and all is well. The pain is tolerable if I stay on my medication which I have been doing. I'm thanking God all the way. I'm hoping to get out and walk later today or tomorrow. I will be posting pictures soon,

How Do You Give A Star, A Star?

Dr. Cochran is in a class all by himself. His staff is phenomenal and his bedside manners is unparalleled to none that I've e oriented. The staff was super friendly and created a calm environment. Honestly, they're the best. I will write a more thorough review once my meds wear off.

2 Day Post Op

Already loving my results. This is a bit more of a painful recovery than I anticipated but well worth it I'm sure. I had a bout of nausea today so Dr. Cochran called me in an rx. I'm so grateful to God to have allowed me to afford this and even more grateful for steering me to what I consider one of the best in the business. I ?? My Surgeon (wonder if there's a tshirt with this on it?) lol

Nearly 3 weeks Post Op

Still in recovery mode; each day gets a little better. I'm still swollen but I'm enjoying my results nevertheless. I'm squeamish so when I saw one of my wounds separated...OMG, I freaked a bit. Dr. Cochran assured me all is still well. I have a roll or 2 that I'm hoping will go away with swelling. I cannot fit into any of my jeans which is a bit depressing but I'm told that's temporary. Anyway, I'm posting updated pics. Thanks for the suppor RS family.

Severe Swelling in Thighs and Significant Swelling to legs and feet

The surgeon office suggests I get a compression garment that extends down to above the knee. Any recommendations?

5 weeks Post Op/Fleur De Lis TT no lipo

Things are going slower than I thought but good nevertheless. Swelling continues to be an issue but I'm hoping to find the perfect compression garment for my thighs. I get a bit discouraged when I cannot fit my jeans but relieved that the scale remains pretty much the same. I still see some flab on my belly which I'm guessing I will have to go back and have removed. I sometimes find myself comparing my results to others on here who had their surgery around the same time but then I remind myself everyone is different and I started with a huge amount of skin. Dr. Cochran didn't do lipo on me because I was all skin, no fat. I think he's an amazing PS so I trust he did his best on me.

Going For A Revision on February 12, 2016

My results are good but not as hoped for. I'm still in a shaper due to fat rolls remaining. I was hoping to be able to come out of a body shaper once recovered by it didn't play out like that for me. Hopefully the next cut will do the trick. It's costing my $2500 because he have to take the skin off of the back up to the braline. Wish me success!!

So far I've only spoken with Vicki who is nothing short of marvelous. She carefully listened to my needs, made recommendations as per dr consult and worked with me to accommodate my current budget. She was totally wonderful with scheduling me. I'm excited about my June 2nd surgery date.

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