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Well hello everyone. I am a mom of two children...

Well hello everyone. I am a mom of two children one is 8 and the other almost 10. I am 26 years old and i weigh 148. I have struggled with trying to loose the pooch of fat in my lower stomach for so long. I am very obsessed with working out. I spend almost every day doing hours of crossfit and running. In addition i eat very healthy most of my diet consists of organic food. I still can't loose the stomach fat that i am stuck with. I used to be 200lbs and I have lost 52lbs in the last few years and I have desperately been wanting this surgery. Now I can finally do it I am so nervous and excited. I have worked so hard to get my body in the best shape I can and I feel like my stomach does not do me justice for all the hard work I have done. In addition I am getting a breast augmentation which I know my husband will like more than anything. I have surgery in less than three weeks and I am still confused about whether to get a full D cup or a double D cup. I don't want them to get to much in the way of my working out since I like to do a lot of weight training and functional work outs. I will keep you all updated on how my surgery goes.


Hello again today is another day closer to my surgery! I am so anxious waiting for it. I keep thinking something is going to happen and I am not going to get the surgery done! That would be my worst fear. I spend way to much time on here looking at everyone's results and most of them are really motivating and others make me worry that something is going to go wrong. I have my pre-op visit on the 10th and am going to ask the surgeon if liposuction in the moms pubis and inner thighs is included in the surgery. I read that most surgeons do that to make everything look more even. I really hope that's the case because that area bothers me already anyways! I always have such a hard time finding jeans that fit me in the crotch area the right way.


Well just to clear up what I said in my last review I meant to say mons pubis it was a typo! But back to today I have been making sure to exercise as much as I can since I am not going to be able to do much for a while! I honestly don't know how I am going to keep myself sane the whole time during my recovery. I guess that is my biggest concern out of this whole thing. Recovering well with the best results I can get without going crazy lol. Thank you all so far for your encouraging words! I am really excited!

So close to my surgery!

Hello everyone it's been a few days since I posted on here! I had my pre op appointment and it went really well. My surgeon doesn't really spend much time with me but when I ask a question he gives me my answers straight forward. I was still torn on what size to get my implants and my surgeon said he was going to make the right decision for me when he gets in there and sees how they look. I decided somewhere invetween 450cc's and 550cc's so I am define toy going pretty big. I am most nervous for my tummy tuck though because all I am allowed to take for pain is tylenoll apparently ibuprofen and many other painkillers can cause blood clotting. What's odd is that I have read many other people's experiences and they have been prescribed those so I was a little thrown off. I just don't want to be in miserable pain. Usually tyelonol doesn't work as well for me as a pain killer, I mostly take ibuprofen. But all I know is I am going to follow every single step my dr gives me, I want to be as healthy as I can be so I can get the best results. I can't wait to finally have the body I have worked so hard for. It will be so nice to go jean shopping and not worry about my stomach not fitting. Or wear a tight dress and worry about that pooch of fat sticking out! I cannot wait to get a sexy bikini and totally rock it! I am counting down the days!

Nervous and puzzled

Today I have been feeling really nervous about my DR and my surgery. I've done my research and he has had great reviews but he really didn't spend much time talking with me. I feel like when I get to my surgery he won't even remember me. When I was at my pre op appointment I spoke with the nurse the whole time and she was saying I shouldn't have any swelling, I was confused because every review I see on here people have swelling and bruising. They gave me two pages of things not to take and basically I can't take anything except Tylenol. But a lot of reviews I have read say people take ibuprofen and many other pain meds. I am not very tolerant to pain so I am nervous that the Tylenol won't be strong enough. I want to have a very good recovery but I don't feel the DR has prepared me at all. I hope I will feel better about all of this after the surgery. I guess I just let my worries get the best of me sometimes. 6 more days!


Oh I realized I haven't posted pics of my breasts here they are lol!


So I got everything ready for my surgery! I got my prescriptions filled and was relieved to find out my pain meds are much stronger then I thought so I am not as worried anymore about not being able to take care of the pain. I am soo excited I am only 2 days away from surgery. I feel better being well prepared. I figure it is not worth stressing about I just need to put my trust in my PS and trust that he will do his best and give me the results I want, but I have also came go the realization that I may not get exactly what I want because everyone's bodies are different. I can't wait to get this done and get healed so I can sport my sports bra and work out shorts lol and be able to not worry about what Halloween costume to get or what bathing suit to wear to cover up my stomach! I'm ready to finally sport the body I have worked soo hard to get! All those days and hours in the gym, all those days of starving myself and saying no to the foods I love! This surgery will be last on my list to hopefully becoming a 10 in my book!! Can't wait!

More pics

More pics

Had my surgery today!!

Well I had my surgery this morning at 7:30am I was nervous but I had an amazing nurse! She made me feel so much better. They ended up putting 435cc's in my left breast and 465 in my right breast. I haven't had the chance to actually see what they or my stomach looks like but from what I see my tummy looks flat and my boobs look decently big. I am worried they are not as big as I wanted them to be though. The nurse gave me a Demerol shot in my hip before the surgery and then started an IV in my neck and then gave me valume in it and it stung so she took out the IV and put it in my arm she said it shouldn't burn when going in so she must have not done the IV correctly. When I woke up in the OR I was in a lot of pain and asked for pain meds and they sai they can't give me any pain meds and I have to wait till my husband gets there to take me home and give me my prescribed pain meds. I slept the ride home which was like 25min and when I got home all I wanted to do was lie down but I was told not to lay down. So I had to sit up in my reclining couch. I've been dozing on and off for the last 7 hrs and my pain meds seem to be working. I wish I had something a little stronger though because the pain is dulled not gone :/ my husband called the dr and they said I could take two pills instead of one so that helps a little more. They had to do a T insison because I didn't have very much skin in the bb area so I am curious to see what that looks like. The pain feels like I did the hardest an workout of my life along with the worst period cramps ever. They removed 7lbs total of skin and fat only 1000cc's of fat was removed apparently I didn't have as much fat as I thought it all was mostly skin. I will maybe post pics tomorrow to let you all see but I can't remove my bandages or binder yet.

Day 1 of recovery

Well I am in a lot of pain today and my pain meds are not strong enough so my PS said to double up on them. Walking hunched over is annoying but I expected it to be like that. My back hurts a lot as well. I just took off my binder to change the pads and got to see my stomach it looks pretty good. I love my BB already :) my surgeon ended up putting the implants through my nipples which I wasn't sure why but they look pretty good. Here are my first pictures.

Day number 2

Well I am feeling alright today. I slep really good last night although for some reason I woke up with my knee hurting really bad! I must have tweaked it getting up and down yesterday. I took a shower today it felt soo good. The part that hurt the worst was the drain. I am still really swollen today more than I was yesterday I have a couple pics I took before my shower today. I get really light headed and weak when my husband helps me take off my bandages I have such a weak stomach for any medical stuff like this, that's how I know I could never be a nurse lol. I am still happy with my results. I have this stupid dry throat and keep needing to cough which is the worst pain in the world. Every time I feel like I am going to cough I drink water so I don't cough because it feels like my abs are going to tear apart! My medicine seems to be working better for me today although I feel a little loopy lol. Thanks again for the support everyone it is nice to hear :)

A little rough today

Well today has been kind of rough. I couldn't sleep really well last night. My tail bone was killing me and there was really no other way I could lay down so that was so frustrating. I woke up feeling like crap and getting up in the mornings is the most painful! My incision always burns like hell wheno get up from laying down for a long time my right breast does that as well sometimes. My ps prescribed me Vicodin since I am already finishing up my other pain meds. My hubby had to go back to work today so it was just me and my kids but they are 10 and 8 so they are a big help. The only bummer is that my 8 year old woke up with a fever this morning so my poor son has had to basically take care of both me and my daughter today. He has been such a trooper I know he would rather be outside playing enjoying his summer. I pretty much feel the same today I don't really feel any better. I still have to walk all hunched over, I can't wait to walk upright again. I'm looking forward to seeing my ps Thursday to see how much progress my body is making. Everything looks good to me so far. I wish my boobs were closer together though, they are so hard right how I can't even try to push them closer together. I was bummed to see that he didn't make them closer like he said he would try to. In fact now that I think of it he pretty much ignored everything I had requested and did it the way he wanted to :/ I didn't want my implants through the nipple, I wanted liposuction under my armpit area, and I wanted my boobs closer together all of which he did not do. I'm looking forward to hearing his explanation when I see him Thursday.

Day 4 pics

One breast dropped what about the other?

My last few days have been rough. Today was much better I haven't needed much pain medication today so I must be healing. I have my post op appointment tomorrow. I am scared to have this drain taken out it hurts me already having it in. I can't handle seeing wounds like this. Everytime I shower or take off my binder I get really lightheaded and feel like I am going to pass out. I am definitely looking forward to being healed!! I noticed last night that my right breast was hangin lower than my left. I think it finally has settled into place but my left one hasn't. Anyone have this issue? I am curious to find out what my ps says about it.

Got my drain out today!!

I got my drain out today which was scary for me. It was quick and slightly painful. My stomach is swollen right now and feels kind if squishy, I am a little worried because I know that could mean that I am still building up fluids! My stomach feels funny to so I am waiting for my ps to call me back. I hope it's nothing! I have been much more active today walking around a lot and doing some light housework so maybe it is just swollen because of that. Idk just a little worried right now :/

Got a call from my ps

I got a call I guess it is just swelling. Probably because I've been doing so much today. I've also been trying to walk straight up which is soo hard my stomach still feels so tight.

Good day :)

Today has been pretty good. I was able to walk almost straight up all day until tonight I think I might have done to much walking lol. My breasts are both still really hard and have no natural movement to them yet. It's hard to go anywhere, I went to a 4th of July event today and just sat the whole time, it was so nice to get out of the house. Trying to figure out what to wear was really hard though. Nothing fits me right now! With the binder and the swelling in my back and lower stomach area I can't wear anything that is not stretch so I just ended up wearing a dress. What was nice about the dress was I didn't have to wear a bra and I filled it out nicely :) aside from my boobs feeling super hard lol. I'm definetly looking forward to being able to move around normal again and go back to wearing my clothes.

Not a good day!

Today has been rough! I've been having pain, cramping, and twitching in my abs all day an it sucks! I have been trying to get off of my pain meds and switch to Tylenol and the Tylenol has not been doing anything for me. I fear I am going to have to go back on my pain meds :( I wish I could just take ibuprofen, it always works for me when it comes to pain. I'm bummed because I was hoping I would feel better today :/ I feel like I've taken a step back :(

Almost standing straight

Well today is day number 10 post op and was probably my best day yet. I went for a check up with my ps he said I look great and he doesn't need to see me now for a month. My breasts have both softened and look even and fantastic aside from some nasty bruising on my right one. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep on my side and it was wonderful. I went all day with only taking 2 pain pills and I only took them because I was up walking around target school clothes shopping for my kids and and was so swollen by the end of it that I needed some relief lol. I got myself some spanks today a size Small :) woop woop lol and bought a comfy bra and some cute tees which were XS thanks to my now small waist lol. I am really looking forward to a quick recovery and the days of finally being back to normal are within sight. The ps took out my stitches on my bb today also and he told me to wait another week before I can do any light walking. I would have to say I miss the gym soo much, I am so addicted to crossfit that I have dreams that I'm working out! I know it's going to be a loooong time before I get to go back to doing my crossfit exercises but I have to do something soon even if it is only walking. I might sneak in a couple leg workouts as long as I am not using my abs to do them :) here's a couple photos from today:)

Swollen today

Well I'm pretty swollen today! All day long and I woke up feeling like I took 2 steps back :/ I guess my days are up and down! Really looking forward to being able to go shopping and try on clothes with this new body! If only my swelling would go down and my body would heal! It's all about playing the waiting game

Victoria secrete shopping

So I went and true on bathing suits today and my husband loved it! He thinks I look soo sexy now, he loved them so much that he bought me 2 bathing suits:) and Victoria secrete is expensive!! Shopping there was about all I could handle though I was ready to go back home and lay down I was so swollen after only being there for maybe an hour. I came home and passed out lol. But I am so happy with my results I feel so confident now I can't wait to be healed all the way so I can really sport my new suits and shop for new clothes lol. My incision looks to be healing alright. I still have a lot of the tape on, my ps says they will come of on their own. I am definetly going to take it easy tomorrow I am really feeling it after my shopping trip today!


Another pic

When does the swelling go down in the lower tummy?

Does anyone know when the swelling starts to go down in the lower stomach area? I feel like I never got rid of my pooch because it still feels like I have one! I know I don't and it is swelling but I was curious when I will get to see what it actually looks like when it is flat there. Right now it feels like I have a pooch of water strapped around my waist :/

Standing straight today

So I woke up this morning and stood straight up for the first time in the morning. It was nice :) today is the closest to normal I have felt yet. I just wish the swelling and numbness in my lower stomach would go away so I can wear whatever I want and go do what I want. I am anxious to get back in the gym now that I'm feeling a bit better this lounging around and not being active is really starting to wear on me. I should be able to go walking this week according to what my ps told me. It is going to be hard for me to just walk an not want to run and do my crossfit workouts. I feel like I am loosing all of my strength and conditioning that I have been training for for the last few months. I was popping out pull-ups like no other and making great progress on my run times. I was benching 125 which took months to get up to. I am so worried that when I finally get back into going to the gym that I will be back square one. My butt is definetly getting dimples which is always where I see them first. I just want to go and do lunges, squats, and flip the tires soo bad!! I keep telling myself, I have gotten in shape before and can do it again! I just don't look forward to having to put in that much effort and training again.

Finally see my arch

First work out

Today was the first work out I have been able to do since my surgery. It's been a little over 2 weeks and my work out was pretty good. My surgeon said lite walking so I climed to 1400 feet on the treadmill which was a little over 2 miles and took me 35 min. To me this is a lame work out but compared to being stuck in the couch this is so much better. I just got back home and I feel good, a little nauseous but that's normal for me after a workout. I did have a little cramping in my upper right side at the end of the workout but I tend to get a cramp there when I run really hard. I was thinking of doing some arms but I was worried I would use my abs to do them so I opted out if that. I still have the surgical tape on and noticed that where my T incision is the tape seems to be a little indented into the incision. I want to try to pull it off but since my surgeon said it will fall off on its own I guess I
better leave it alone.


Did anyone have one side of their stomach stick out a little more than the other? My right lower part of my tummy sticks out more than my left. I hope it evens out. The right side is where I had my drain

Worked out again :)

So I worked out again today and it was so wonderful to be able to go back to the gym :) I walked for an hour and traveled 4miles on a 12-14incline. I ende up climbing the whe mountain on the treadmill. I hope this isn't overdoing it. I feel good so I figure that I didn't. I have a really hard time going to the gym and just walking! That is probably one of my weaknesses but strengths. The second I step foot in the gym I get so pumped and motivated that I want to go all out and do all my hardcore workouts! I can't wait to be at that point again when I can do that. Then I will really feel complete.

More pics

Most of my tape has fallen off so here are some more pics. I am definetly more swollen then usual probably because of all the walking so I am taking it easy today. Now that I can see my incision it looks alright. The right side is more raised than the left. You can see where my old bb was, I had those two big stretch marks coming off the top of it and the scar from it being pierced. I really hope that fades more. My sides look like they have more strech marks than before but that's probably because my skin has been pulled together more I guess

Good day

So today I went back to the gym after taking off yesterday. I climbed the Jacobs ladder and then did the bike for 25min it went really well. I can tell my cardio is definitely hurting compared to where I was:/ it is so frustrating to work for months to get to the fitness level I wanted and then to loose most of it in just a couple weeks! My butt is definitely showing it I have a bunch of dimples in it now whereas before my surgery I had almost none! I worked so hard to get rid of them I really hope I don't have to work that hard again ugh! Anyways other than that I have felt really good today. My stomach looks less swollen and is feeling a little less numb. I was able to go all day with only resting for a couple of hours. The other was out running errands, working out, and cleaning the house. It feels good to be able to do normal things again haha :)

Super swollen!

I am so swollen today! I was on my feet most of the day cleaning and shopping so that must be why. I have gained some weight too :( I really need to get my diet back on track! I swear when I'm lazy I crave the worst foods and when I'm active I crave foods that are good for me! Ironic lol! I have eaten so much junk probably more junk than I eat in a whole year! Definetly getting back on track this week! I can't let this get out if hand. I hope all my fellow real selfers are doing good :), I know some of you are a few days into recovery!

Well even more swollen today

Ugh I feel like a balloon! I went to a pool party today and sat in my suit (no swimming) but I was out sitting for about 4 hours without wearing my binder. Huge mistake! I feel soo uncomfortable and look soo swollen

Housework all day long

Well with all this resting my house has gone to crap! It is a complete disaster and desperately needed cleaning so I was proactive today and did some major cleaning! I feel pretty worn out after all of it but I am not feeling to bad physically! I'm even making a great dinner! Salmon asparagus and quinoa!

Not feeling happy

So I don't know why but my boobs look a lot smaller! I don't know if all of the fullness was swelling or what but I definetly am disappointed with my cleavage! You can really feel my implant under my left breast as well it feels really weird but I have felt that for the last week or so. I wish I went bigger. I made am appointment to go in and see what my ps is willing to do but I am very hopeful he will let me go bigger! Does anyone have experience with this? I don't want to live the next few years wishing I had gone bigger! Does anyone know if surgeons are likely to let you do that without having to pay for it all over again? I am just a little over three weeks in healing

Appointment tomorrow

I have my appointment tomorrow! I really hope my ps considers making my implants larger!

Went to my appointment today

So I went to my appointment. My ps was very happy with my results he said I have amazing results :) I talked with him about increasing my implant size and he said I had such a good result and that they are a great size that I really shouldn't change them. He also said it would cost a lot to do again because I have silicone. He looked like he was considering increasing them until he realized they were gel. So oh well I will have to be happy with what I have. Really there isn't anything to complain about they do look really good I just guess I got booby greed haha. He told me I don't have to wear the binder anymore and I can go back to running lifting weights and all my other workouts. That was a shock I was anticipating him to say I needed to wait to do all that for a long time. At least that's what I have read on everyone else's profiles on here. I feel like I can start working out again just not like before, but I assume that he knows I will listen to my body and he gave me no restrictions. The only restriction he gave me was not to do full sit ups just half. I'm probably going to wear my binder when I'm at home still too because when I don't I feel uncomfortable and swollen

So swollen today

Well I haven't been wearing my binder when we go places only when I'm at home and everytime I have t worn it I get so swollen! My back especially! I am so ready for my back to be back to normal. I didn't realize how long the swelling would last there, I figured it would last in my tummy but my back? I am starting to question if my ps was right about me not needing to wear my binder, I am worried I won't keep my hourglass shape if I don't wear it :/

Did a crossfit workout today

So I did a crossfit workout tidy and it was so refreshing to be back to my workouts. I can't do pull-ups like I used to because my abs can't support me hanging and then pulling up, but I did use the bands which relieve some of the weight and I was able to pop them out again :) my tummy def bothers me throughout my workouts. It is hard to do things that I have to fully extend for and use my core for but I am so happy to be back that's all that matters lol. My sides and back are still pretty swollen and numb but my tummy has gone down a lot, by the end of the day it is pretty swollen though. Yesterday I had to run a bunch of errands and do a fundraiser so when I got home I was so swollen and uncomfortable. I've found that I can only go half the day being active then I need to lay down and relax to keep from being really uncomfortable. I am really looking forward to the swelling in my back and sides to go down so I can go jean shopping! It's weird my waist measures the same as it did before surgery but it looks sooo much thinner. My shorts and jeans fit me a little looser in the waist but not as much as I anticipated. I am 4 1/2 weeks post op so I guess I still have a while before I will have no swelling. I will post some pics later

Here's some updated pics

New pics first thing in the morning

I noticed I looked like I had almost no swelling thismorning when I woke up so here's a couple pics. I wish it would last all day lol.

Haven't updated in a while

Things have Ben going pretty good. I mowed my lawn last weekend and that was a lot of work on my abs because I had to yank the string to start it quite a few times. My right side of my stomach had been sore for a couple days. I went shopping yesterday and bought two new bras from VS so I love them :) I still wish I had gone bigger with my implants. They look good I just kind of wanted that really voluptuous look. I am really swollen today maybe it is from all that shopping yesterday. I bought a pair of size 6 jeans from American eagle yesterday too it was exciting to not only finally fit the right way in a pair of American eagle jeans but also wear a size 6! That size will probably go down in the next couple of months because I have some serious exercising to do :) I have had to take the last week off because I have my kids 24/7 because my husband went off to do some military training for a month. No contact with him has been really hard for me that's for sure. And having the kids all the time is stressing me out. Then to top it off I can't go to the gym which is my sanctuary lol! Next week the kids start school so I will finally get to get back into a routine. I need to get my butt back in shape, I mean literally! It is looking all dimply and starting to blend back in with my legs! No I can't let this happen I worked so hard for that booty I had before surgery! I am looking forward to recovering that lol! I am definetly starting to feel more back to normal every day, except today I was so swollen I felt like I took a step back. I think that today marks my 6 week mark as well so I heard people really start to be back to normal around now.

Updated pic

Here is an updated pic of me that I took yesterday. I am pretty swollen because I spent the whole day the day before at the beach in the sun. You can't even see my incision scar on my breasts where my nipples are, I am very pleased with that. My TT scar looks red here but it looks lighter in person. It looks a little funny because of my tan line lol. The great thing is I was able to wear the same bikini bottoms I wore in my first pics before my surgery and you couldn't even see my scar. My scar is continuing to fade each day, if I would stay out if the sun it probably would be lighter lol, but I make sure to put on lots of sunscreen. The good thing though is that it isn't really raised. I did a full crossfit workout yesterday, and my abs couldn't withstand the whole workout, just the first two rounds. I got to about 50 sit-ups and 40 push-ups before I had to cut them out of the rest of my workout because I started to get pain in my upper left part of my abs. It felt good to be able to do some normal workouts though lol even though I only got to do the first two rounds that way.

A pic from today

Worked out all week

I worked out really hard all week this week for the first full week straight. I have been very swollen and weigh more because of it. I can only assume it is because I have been working out so much. I wish the swelling would just go away so I can feel consistency in how my clothes feel on me. I can't wear certain things due to it which is frustrating. I just feel fat lol. It's hard to keep my eyes focused on the fact that some day I will be where I want to be

My BB scar

I have noticed my bb scar is pretty red and raised is this normal at 7 weeks post op? I have been in the sun so maybe that's why, but I am worried it won't go away :/

Healing good

I've been feeling very good and healing nicely. I feel like I'm at about 80% back to normal. I can physically do about everything I used to do before and I have been able go go right back into my crossfit 5 days a week. I can still do pull-ups and handstand push-ups and my core feels strong. I do although still have a hard time with a lot of sit-ups and push-ups, I get a sharp pain sometimes in my upper left part of my abs. I also have a hart time running, my liposuction areas tingle and feel uncomfortable when I do. The lipo areas around my sides and back still swell as well as my lower stomach by the end of the day, especially when I work out. My breasts are great they feel fine when I work out and look nice in a sports bra lol. My scar is slowly starting to fade but it is still red as well as my bb scar. It is looking better each day though so I am still so happy I made this decision. I'm looking forward to being able to wear any Halloween costume I want this year lol and not have to worry about my tummy looking fat in any of them.

Favorite jeans pics


Well it's been a while since my last update. I haven't seen much progress in the swelling. It's pretty much all the same. My BB scar hasn't improved either so I'm kind of frustrated. I have to wait for my next appointment next month to find out what he can do to fix the BB scar. Most people's bb I noticed don't show a scar at all so I'm frustrated mine still shows.

It's been a while

It's been a while since my last update. I am still having swelling especially when I work out. I've gained a couple pounds due to not being able to work out like I used to. I work out very often but running is quite painful still so I can't do much running just crossfit. I will upload some photos later. Really no change since my last ones. Oh and my BB scar still is red! It's a little frustrating but I'll talk it over with my PS on my next appointment

Doing great

It's been a while since my last review and I am still so happy with my results. I can pretty much wear anything I want now, and shopping is so much fun. I just bought a gorgeous dress for my next military ball in February. I'll post a pic. My bb scar is still pretty raised and red but time will tell how it will look. I still get swelling in my lower stomach as well as my sides. The sides are the worst and most uncomfortable. My ps said that it takes up to a year for that numbness and swelling to go away. I guess the only frustrating thing about that is my sides sometimes hang over my pants when I am having swelling. My boobs are sooo awesome and exactly what I wanted, I am glad I didn't go back and get them bigger. They are perfect for my size.


Some other pics

Working on a six pack

Hello everyone it has been a while since I have updated. I am feeling great and am very happy with my results. My bb scar is still kind of funny looking but it's getting better so progress is good. My swelling still comes and goes but my swelling on my sides is soooo much better now. Now my kids can squeeze me around my waist and it won't hurt lol. My breasts are actually a little bigger, I wear a 36DD or 34DDD. I am very satisfied with my implants they are perfect. I have been training to get a six pack and starting to see some good results, on days I'm not swollen my abs look so good lol. I am def training for the summer bikini season, I'm hitting the beach this summer so I've got to be beach ready. This procedure has changed so much in my life and it was the best decision I have ever made.

10 months

Hello everyone it's been a while since my last review. My BB scar was still raised so my PS injected something to smooth it out. It's much better now however I feel like my scar is still very noticeable there. Especially compared to most peoples scars at this point in their recovery. I still get swelling in my flanks and lower stomach but not very often. I don't have any troubles though with pain in my lower stomach when I run like I used to. A lot of women on here seem so obsessed with being a size 1 after their surgery. I however am perfectly happy with being a 9. I like to have a curvy hourglass body. My husband is obsessed with it now. He says I'm a 10!! Since my surgery I have definitely put on a little weight in my butt and hips. Which is a good thing because I didn't have to much there before. I've always been pretty wide in the hips but now at least I have a butt that sticks out as well lol. I still work out and do crossfit to keep everything toned. My abs look amazing, it's so nice to see all the hard work I put in on my stomach. I am going to continue to keep up with maintaining my body shape while always improving on my fitness. I would love to train to be a fitness model one day. I know my body is already on it's way. This truly was the best decision I made and it really has changed my life so much. I am so grateful for my husband who let me do this and for such a wonderful plastic surgeon. I'll add some photos later when I get the chance.

Photos at 10months

One year!

I'm late doing this review because I have been on vacation for the past month. I still love my results and I am so glad to be at a point in my life where I feel so confident. My insecurities are minimal. I have a lot of veins in my breasts that I eventually want to get Minimized but for now I'm very happy. I still have numbness in my lower stomach and my scar is still pretty bright but I know with time it will fade. This surgery changed my life and made my marriage so much better. Not because my husband wanted me to get the surgery but because of my own insecurities. I now feel so confident when we have sex and to be naked around him. I don't feel like I need to cover up my stomach or keep a bra on.

Dr Cochran is great. I am extremely happy with my results so far. He gave me exactly what I wanted. My tummy looks amazing so far and my bb looks exactly how I pictured it. My breasts are perfectly proportioned to my body and are settling nicely. The only thing I would say that was a negative was that Dr Cochran does not spend much time with me, he is in and out in like 5min during my appointments. But he is quick and to the point and has answered all of my questions. I am very pleased and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get cosmetic surgery in the Columbus area.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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