Male Tummy Tuck Revision to my Flanks. Making It a Complete Extended Tummy Tuck - Columbus, GA

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I'm having a revision on my my flanks in which I...

I'm having a revision on my my flanks in which I had a tummy tuck but the lipo to my flanks just did not cut it. I wanted to go back to the Doctor who initially did my tummy tuck but he tried to charge me damn near more than the initial tummy tuck. SMDH!! So I decided to go with Cochran I C town (Columbus Ga) I truly pray all goes well with this because I truly did not want to repeat this process. I just was not happy with the results of lipo to my flanks. It didn't make sense to have a flat stomach but the flanks continue to pertrude over my pants. So I have to make it a complete package. My surgery is next month October 12 and I'm already getting back into the panic of going under. He will go from one side of the flank around the back leading to the other side making this an extended tummy tuck after this procedure. So here we gooooooo for round 2.

Received my package for signing

I'm so nervous all over again!! I just truly want my flanks to match my front tummy tuck. So I'm ready!! Lord be a fence :)

No Anaesthesia

Know I'm worried. Why did I not catch this?! He puts you under a light sleep and that's what I'm worried about because they did this years ago when I was a kid in the dentist office and I came out of it fighting the doctor. Uggggggg.... know what!!

Help please!!

I'm having surgery next month and I just found out he does local twilight instead of putting you under with Anastasia. Has anyone been through this and what are the risks?? I see he has been at this for a long while I'm just trying to get clarity.

Lord knows!!

I pray this second surgery goes over well. I need this to be where I desire. Having the sides (flanks) removed will put me at a position to up my game in the business I'm in. I'M READY!!!!

Round 2


Gearing up

As I gear up for my flankplasty next month (revision) I trying to think of what I could do differently. Especially to combat the swelling which lasted damn near 6 freaking months. I know I will definitely try to control the eating while laying up in bed. Anybody got ideas on combating the swelling?


I'm up for it in a couple of weeks and wanted to know does it make the stomach look smaller? I had TT 6 months ago and I just want to know is it really worth it? It would be nice to have the sides match the front.

Anyone know

What this means? I looked at my package that I had to Sighn and it says abdominalplasty and Liposuction. I'm having a flankplasty done and know nothing about the liposuction. Where would they perform the liposuction at in the front on my stomach? I'm confused because I've already had a TT so why would it not say Flankplasty instead of abdominalplasty?? If they lipo my stomach I wouldn't be mad because I actually wanted it done but his coordinator said it would be like 1000 -1500. Can someone help me out?!

All paid up!!

Surgery next week. The nerves.... Lawd please guide me????????????????


That this upcoming flankplasty with Doctor Cochran turns my not so good TT to great. I had TT 7 months ago with another Doc and hid lipo did not cut it. So rewind 6 months up I consult with Doc Cochran and he ask do u want lipo , I tell him no cut it off and well he agreed. My surgery is next week and yes I'm a nervous wreck!!! If I can get my flanks like my front. I will be smiling from ear to ear. I know who's in control tho. :))

(Flankplasty) Who's had it?

Does anyone know about Flankplasty?
29 Sep 2016
•6 months post

I already had a tummy tuck but the flanks sucked so I'm having a revision on flanks. When this is done (flankplasty) does it make your stomach look smaller? Does it make a difference in the look of your stomach. I'm starting to question is it worth it. SMH



4 Days

Coming fast! Revision (Flankplasty)


I'm not sure if I was able to or not but I kinda celebrated Saturday night and my surgery is Wednesday I just hope I didn't go against the grain and am still able to get my surgery done. I gotta start thinking clearer.

Need HELP!

Seems like a cold has come on and my surgery is this week. Any suggestion as to what to take to get rid of it, will they still do the surgery if I have a cold?


Day after tomorrow. I feel sick already! Ugggg!!!


Is the day. I pray this turns out the way I desire without having to go through this again. Glory Father!!!!


I did it through his grace. Im just so sore and in some pain. 2017 LET'S GO!!!

Goooood Morning

In pain but it's nothing me and the pain pills can't handle lol. I absolutely don't remember much After the needle went into the tube on my arm. I can shower today but I'm not I want to do it tomorrow. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good.

Just what the Doc ordered

So far from what I can see, it may be my dreams coming to fruition. I've thought and pondered on the though of having a no sagging stomach for years and years. I haven't taken off the bandages as of yet but from what I can see even with the swelling, this just BE IT!! We shall see the remaining results tomorrow when I shower.

Wow (Buttocks)

I may actually have one after this ordeal. The excess skin that was cut out and stretched and tightened lifting my buttocks. So there may be hope of not having assatall. Lolllll

Looks good so far

Can't wait till the swelling goes down.

I'm itching

Sooooo bad and I'm even wearing a tank top under the binder. Ugggggg!!!! But anyway. I'm looking a Lil better. I just pray I don't get infected I only received 8 pills for infection which was gone since a couple of days ago and all my wounds are still not healed. I put on some neosporine in which I hope that helps with the healing.

Did to much yesterday

I literally heard and felt my incision open in the back. I'm good tho thank god. I put some neosporin on and bandage it up. LAWD I need to heal quick!!

End of two week post

I started light workout. 1 hour cardio. I noticed the cutting of the flanks is totally different from a front tummy tuck, hardly no pain or swelling. I have to get it. These three weeks without working out has drove me crazy and I have gained weight.

No drains

for the removal of flanks. I forgot to tell you all that. At week 3 feeling great back in the gym. I don't want this procedure to be in vein. I started to see a little pudge in my belly so I thought it would be the opportune time to get it together instead of sitting on my ass. I'm already prepping for summer 17.

Rope life thickness (Scar)

How do I get rid of it. I use palmers oil for darkness of the scar but the thickness rope like feeling is still there. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I'm 8 months out and I think my abdomen still swells. Do any of you all still swell up and how many months out is this happening?


My progression is in session and I'm beyond proud of where I'm headed!!! Y'all stay focused and continue to win. GOD BLESS!!


I'm starting to see great results from my training sessions along with my flab removed. Feels splendid to see knots forming.

WOW RIP DOCTOR COCHRAN! Sad damn news!!!!!

Sad news!!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. Very knowledgeable and said he can see why I wasn't completely happy with my results after he literally grabbed each flank from the back and held both hands full of excess skin.

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