Male Tummy Tuck Revision to my Flanks. Making It a Complete Extended Tummy Tuck - Columbus, GA

I'm having a revision on my my flanks in which I...

I'm having a revision on my my flanks in which I had a tummy tuck but the lipo to my flanks just did not cut it. I wanted to go back to the Doctor who initially did my tummy tuck but he tried to charge me damn near more than the initial tummy tuck. SMDH!! So I decided to go with Cochran I C town (Columbus Ga) I truly pray all goes well with this because I truly did not want to repeat this process. I just was not happy with the results of lipo to my flanks. It didn't make sense to have a flat stomach but the flanks continue to pertrude over my pants. So I have to make it a complete package. My surgery is next month October 12 and I'm already getting back into the panic of going under. He will go from one side of the flank around the back leading to the other side making this an extended tummy tuck after this procedure. So here we gooooooo for round 2.

Received my package for signing

I'm so nervous all over again!! I just truly want my flanks to match my front tummy tuck. So I'm ready!! Lord be a fence :)

No Anaesthesia

Know I'm worried. Why did I not catch this?! He puts you under a light sleep and that's what I'm worried about because they did this years ago when I was a kid in the dentist office and I came out of it fighting the doctor. Uggggggg.... know what!!

Help please!!

I'm having surgery next month and I just found out he does local twilight instead of putting you under with Anastasia. Has anyone been through this and what are the risks?? I see he has been at this for a long while I'm just trying to get clarity.

Lord knows!!

I pray this second surgery goes over well. I need this to be where I desire. Having the sides (flanks) removed will put me at a position to up my game in the business I'm in. I'M READY!!!!

Round 2

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. Very knowledgeable and said he can see why I wasn't completely happy with my results after he literally grabbed each flank from the back and held both hands full of excess skin.

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