Thigh Lift, Lipo, Breast Implant Exchange - Columbus, GA

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I am very nervous, but I am excited at the same...

I am very nervous, but I am excited at the same time. I will update as soon as I am finished. I will have before and after pictures as well. I lost 60 lbs and am ready to be able to wear a swimsuit without being insecure about how I look. This surgery has been long awaited :) I am also going down in implant sise

Before pictures taken morning of surgery

11 days ago

My recovery

I have had someone with me since surgery. You will need help. I researched a lot before doing this. I made sure I could rest the entire time so as to get the best results.

Urinating will be difficult. I used a go girl female urination funnel (bought on amazon 4 for $10). This took a minute to get used to, but kept all urine off of my bandages and I did not have to sit down, which was difficult for me.

I stayed ahead of pain with medication, but now have been tapering off. Ice packs placed in area of incisions help when the itching starts.

I wear my compression garments and binders non stop. This makes me feel better.

I am still pretty swollen, but can already see major improvement. I have not wore shorts or skirts above the knee in 20+ years. This limited me in everything. I was miserable in my own skin. Looking down and not seeing the skin hanging is huge.

I went down in breast implant size. I have been a 38DD -DDD for 20 years. My previous implant size was 610 cc. I received a lift and implant exchange. I now have 400cc and should be a 36-38 D. I am VERY happy with this. I have had almost zero pain with the breast surgery.

My bruising was great, but I took Arnica Montana tablets and drank tons of pineapple juice. I believe this helped with reducing the bruising.

I am still very stiff and have a hard time sitting up straight and bending over. I have rested this entire time so as to not have any separation of the incisions. I have been successful by doing this.

I will post after pictures on Wednesday. This will be 2 weeks postop.

I hope that those thinking about doing this will become educated beforehand. I am absolutely happy with my results so far. This was the best decision for me.

Side by side pictures 11 days postop

I am very swollen, but very excited about the results so far!!
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