Full Body Lipo and Breast Implants with Dr. Jose Leon in Dominican Republic

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Hello my real self family. When I say family, I...

Hello my real self family. When I say family, I really mean it because I feel a connection to every review of your journies that I have read and there have been hundreds! Thank you to each woman that has provided so much crucial information along with photos for me to help make an educated decision on choosing my doctor and knowing what to expect during recovery.

I am 37, 5'3", about 165 lbs, and no kids. I live a little north of Atlanta. I got married this past October, but I have gained about 25 pounds since meeting my husband in October of 2014, so a little over a year. I think it is the reason he does not have a "sex drive" now. We have only had sex twice since we have been married, which he did not seem into, and he never tells me I am pretty or sexy anymore. That being said, I am doing this surgery for me, not him. I have wanted lipo as far back as high school.

I have always been the bigger girl in my group of friends ever since I was a little girl. I could never trade clothes like all my other friends that were naturally skinny. I will never forget my dad telling me to suck my belly in when I was about 7, and I have ever since. My weight has fluctuated so much from a low of 120 (on phen phen back when it was legal in 1996) to 190 (when I was with an abusive ex). I really try to eat well and exercise, but then I have days where I can literally eat probably at least 8,000 calories. I know it is a self destructive behavior, and I need break the cycle prior to surgery on order to get and keep the results. I know I am not a skinny girl and am not meant to be since I do have big bones and muscles, but I really want to get rid of the fat that I know I will not be able to even if I exercised and starved myself.

So that is a little or a lot about me. After all the research/cheating I have done due to all the amazing reviews I have read on this website, I chose Dr. Cochran in Columbus, Ga to do my surgery. I am getting lipo of tummy, back, flanks, arms, inner and outer thighs, under my chin and a fat transfer to my butt for 5400 total. I sent my photos and questions in for an estimate since I did not want to take a day off work (I am over two hours away), and received a call back about a week later. I was concerned because the quote did not have tummy tuck, so I was told Dr. C would call me to discuss it the next day. After talking to him, I am going to trust him that I can get a similar result with lipo on my tummy only. I put my deposit ($250) and scheduled my surgery today for March 23, 2016. I will do my preop appointment the day prior. I will need to have cbc, pregnancy test, week's worth of blood pressure recordings, and remaining balance paid off two weeks prior to surgery.

I will document my journey as thouroughly as possible to provide anyone needing it the good, bad and ugly my surgery and surgeon. I pray it will be 99% good, and not bad or especially ugly. Thanks for reading this and if anyone has any input/information to add that can help me or others, please do not hesitate to comment. Xoxo

Never been so excited for mail!

I got my pre-op info in the mail with my surgery date confirmation. I am so excited! I really want to try my hardest to lose at least 10-15 pounds before surgery, so I really need to get in the gym more and eat better. I want the best possible outcome I can get. I hope you all are having a great new years so far!

Wish Pictures

I know I posted two wish pictures initially when starting my review that show a front view (hourglass shape) and back view (a beautiful full perky butt) that I wish I could achieve with my surgery. The work "wish" is the main word here. I know that I will not look like this after my surgery. These girls I have photos of are the elite few who either by genetics or multiple surgeries have "wish" bodies. I only included them because I think the female body is beautiful and should be appreciated when it is at its best. I really only "wish" for a successful surgery, recovery and love for the body God has given me that I am only trying to improve a little. I do not want to attempt multiple surgeries to achieve these looks, as even that could be impossible. I have faith that Dr. C can help me get rid of some of this fat suit I have been living in for what seems like my entire life. Have a great day ladies!!

More before photos and such

Hello ladies! It is a Friday night and where do I find myself once again...on this website. What is a girl to do? How many reviews can a girl read? Is it ever enough? I really do love the support we give each other. It is a reassurance that we sometimes cannot find from those closest to us.

I am posting a few more before (aka ugly) photos. I do want to also brush through some of my thought process that led me to Dr. C. So, I first came across JaquE who reviewed a doctor from Costa Rica. I was really loving this man, and if/when I get facial surgery, he is the man I would go to, but for the immediate need of lipo, I moved on. Next I was loving Dr. Leon of the Dominican republic, but ultimately I was just too hesitant to go out of the country for this type of surgery even though I think those doctors do give the best results. Then I looked into the Miami doctors, mainly Dr. Fisher, but I just do not want to be that far away just in case something happened. Knowing I wanted a local doctor, it came down to Dr. Curves (Jimmerson), Dr. Song and Dr. Cochran, with Dr. C being the furthest away for me. I ruled out Dr. Curves because I really think he is all about that money really. I have read reviews that some women do not even get pre op time with him. They see him day of surgery and then if issues come up, it is hard to get a call back. No thank you. Dr. Song seems to do amazing work and seems to really be top notch, but I do not think he would do the amount of lipo I want in one surgery. My only worry is that Dr. Cochran will not suck out as much as I want. I have heard he is not aggresive or women do not think he even did lipo on areas they paid for. That is not going to fly for me! I want what I pay for.

Anyways, I am going to stay the night before surgery down in Columbus since I am over two hours away, and I am the first surgery of the day. I booked the hotel today with a no cancellation policy in order to know I am not backing out. I keep reading that lipo is the devil, and I do not want to meet him! I have also asked my boss of for 12 working days off. He did not ask what it is for, so that made me happy. I would not lie if he did, but I would prefer to not be judged. I wear a lab coat all day, so I am not really worried about people noticing.

In addition, I have decided with the bbl that I am not going to stress about sitting on my butt. I see a lot of the DR ladies getting bbl an tt at the same time and not having an issue. I do have sleeping issues, so I know I would never be able to sleep on my stomach. My main concern is wearing a compression garment for 6 weeks. I really do not know if I will be able to. I have been trying to lose some weight too, but it is not working. I hate the scale. Today I had gained, so I was depressed and she badly. I do not know why I sabotage myself like that. I know I need to lose 10 more pounds to get near the results I want, so wish me luck. I have a little over 2 months now. XOXO

Will I really be able to give up my yoga pants for jeans or dresses after surgery??

Hi ladies!! I just wanted to check in. I hope you all are having a great start to the week. I was just thinking about not having to wear yoga pants every day after I have surgery. They are my go to because I am so uncomfortable in pants or jeans since I have gained weight. Yes, even the stretchy ones, haha!! I mean I do not even do yoga, so why are they called that?? I used to wear jeans every day when I was smaller. I had like 50 pairs that are now in containers in the garage. I wonder if they will ever be allowed back in my dresser drawers again...please baby Jesus, let this surgery work!!

I have been good with my diet for almost a week straight now. I am averaging about 1500 calories a day and burning about 700 calories a day. I am the birthday girl here in my department (meaning I buy the cake, pass the card around for everyone to sign and decorate their desks with banner and balloons, which if you know me, does not sound like something I would ever start doing, but I cannot stop now, right??), and we are celebrating February birthdays tomorrow, so there will be yummy cake that I have cannot eat. The bad thing about it is we all stand around awkwardly eating cake in our hallway as a group, so if I do not eat it, everyone will be asking me "Why?". I wish I could skip the whole thing entirely so I do not have to explain that I am on a diet. Half of my group are girls in their 20's that cannot gain weight if they tried and believe me they try because they can eat!

I digressed, haha! So, I have made an appointment with Dr. C for Monday, Feb. 15th because my company decided to give us Presidents' Day off this year (not sure why). I am taking my husband to Callaway Gardens for that weekend since it is Valentine's Day as a surprise since he has never been, so I called to see if I can get a consult with Dr. C on the Monday we come back since Columbus is pretty close to there. I really just want him to physically touch my skin to see if I would benefit more from a tummy tuck and then get a revised quote. I did not want to worry about waiting until the day before surgery and then needing to make sure he has enough time to work the TT in to the surgery time and pay more money then. I want to have everything squared away before then. I will let you all know what he says after my appointment.

Just a little side note. I recently (over two weeks ago) had Belotero injected under my eyes to fill in the dark circles that I hate. Well, the doctor caused that area to be bruised for over a week and it looked like I had been punched in the eyes. I was literally waiting to be pulled into my boss or HR office to be asked if I was being abused by my husband. The doctor said the swelling could take two weeks to go down. I feel like I look worse now then before! I have never had a filler placed there before and it was not cheap, so I am really upset. I get botox regularly and Juvederm for my lips too, so I really thought this would work and look great. Now I am considering adding it in to my surgery with Dr. C and just be done with it because I do not want to try it again. Let me know what you ladies think please...

Have a great rest of the work week and happy healing to all the ladies in recovery mode! XOXO

I got to meet Dr. Cochran for my consult!! He is so cute with his cowboy boots!!

So I had my appointment with Dr. C on Monday, Feb. 15th to go over everything I am wanting to have done. I was really wanting him to touch my stomach to make sure lipo would be good enough. He did and he tested my muscles for separation. I did not have any separation because I have not had any children. He said the tummy tuck would give same result as the lipo. I am trusting him on that! I mean he could make a lot more money to give me a tummy tuck, so I would think he is being very honest about it. I cannot imagine that he would not want me to walk out not happy with the result. He also went over the other areas I want lipo on. He does not think I need bra roll done, but we are keeping all others and adding my knees on the inside part too. I also asked if he could fix the bags under my eyes, but he said they were not bad enough to warrant surgery on and he would do a chemical peel there for free!! He had a chemical peel done to his whole back and it looked awful. Poor guy! I hope he is recovered from that by the time my surgery comes around because it will probably be itchy soon. Right now it just looked raw. He was so nice though and did answer all my questions. I know he is a busy man for sure!!

Since I was there, I went ahead and went across the street to get the CBC and pregnancy test done for $40 total. I just called the office to get my hemoglobin results out of curiosity, but the only person in the office that receives them will not be back until tomorrow, so I will call then. I asked him about if I should stop taking my birth control pill, and he did say that I should stop because of risk in blood clots. I read a lot about that and there are differing opinions on it, but I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to not have any complications. If you read my initial post, then you know I am not really getting any on a regular basis anyways unfortunately. My quote stayed the same price, and I will pay off two weeks before surgery (cash). I did ask what type of liposuction was used and he does do the gold standard using the tumescent fluid, which makes me happy. Also, he does treat the fat he collects from the lipo used for the fat transfer to butt. I have read on a review that he used to not treat it. Also, since I did go in Monday, I do not need to see him the day before surgery, which is great because I thought I would have to take a half day off of work for that. I am planning on taking two weeks off, so any extra time I can save is great. Now I am just still trying to lose some extra weight before surgery. I am working out almost every day, even though I did indulge over Valentine's day weekend and ate poorly and did not work out at all. I started the fresh n fit cuisine that is 1200 calories/day on Tuesday. It is expensive, but I need the easiness of it being all prepared and they use all fresh ingredients, so it is healthy. I do not cook, so at least this way I am not eating processed foods high in sodium or fast food, which is even worse. I am hoping to extend this meal plan until I can start working out after surgery, which I am hoping will be 6-8 weeks or sooner hopefully! Almost one month to go for me, so it really is starting to feel real. Talk soon! XOXO

Change of Date, Supplies and other info

Hi! So, I was so prepared to have this surgery as seen in my "recovery room setup" pictures attached, but I did call and reschedule for December 14th. I have been stressed out with asking for vacation days off that I have not accrued yet, so I changed it to the end of the year so I can take as many days as I need (plus I get 3 extra days for the holiday too). I have literally ordered anything and everything you can think of that I might need to recovery. I have spent way too much money on this stuff! I had my prescriptions filled, my blood pressure readings recorded for the one week required before surgery, but I could not get this 15 pounds off before the scheduled date, so in order to have best results possible I felt the change of date would be more beneficial for that too.

I have also been so nervous about this surgery. I knew Dr. C prices were a lot lower than other doctors, and I did not really question this until a few weeks ago when I got the paperwork I need to sign off on. His prices are lower because there is no anesthesiologist present during surgery. This makes me so nervous! I know it is not a general sedation, but even with IV sedation and being flipped around from stomach to back just makes me feel like how can my airway be monitored thoroughly without an anesthesiologist. I was reassured by Donna that they have not had to call 911 or take anyone to the hospital in all the years they have been doing surgery there, but I was still having these nightmares about it. The anesthesiologist is just as important as the plastic surgeon I think. I guess I just need so extra time to process and really decide if saving a few thousand dollars is worth it or not too. What do you guys think about this? Am I just being crazy??

Decided to have weight loss surgery (will start a new review)

So I have decided the only way to have the fat I need removed is by weight loss surgery because I cannot seem to get my diet under control and do not have confidence in myself to have liposuction with the ability to maintain the results if I cannot get my eating right first. I am actually very excited, but incredibly nervous too. I have gained about 10 pounds since first starting this review when I was about 165ish. I have a BMI of 31 when I went to the doctor this week. I had my physical and got my results yesterday and I am perfectly healthy. I guess it is because I exercise so much because the way I eat, I would not be surprised if I had high cholesterol or even was pre-diabetic. Since my BMI is on the lower end, I will be going to Mexico for the gastric sleeve single incision surgery. I will be starting a new review on that, so if you want to follow me, I plan on providing lots of information and details on it. I will keep this review open because I may still do this for the stubborn fat that might remain after the surgery, which I will need a year to recover from. Have a great day and happy healing to all you dolls! XOXO

Full Body Liposuction and Breast Implants with Dr. Jose Leon in Dominican Republic

Full body Liposuction and Breast Implants with Dr. Jose Leon in Dominican Republic review:I am going to DR because I want to obtain the best results possible in the most cost effective manner. I have researched and know that I want full body lipo (full stomach, flanks, back, inner/outer thighs, arms, chin, back and knees) and breast implant (high profile gummy bear silicone under muscle implant). I have also chosen Dr. Leon's recovery home (DR care home, see attached photos). My husband (bless his heart) will be coming with me, so I will be staying at the recovery home for the entire stay after surgery, which will be 6 nights total. The first day we will arrive and get picked up by their driver, taken to the clinic and have all testing done. We will stay the first night at the Embassy suites in Santo Domingo. The next day will be surgery and we will stay the night at the hospital. The following day we will go to the recovery home for the duration of the stay. Dr. Leon requires one week/ 7 nights from surgery for people with direct flights of short length. I am coming from Atlanta, so the flight is only about 3.5 hours. The cost of flight will be about $1,000 for my husband and I. I will arrive on a Monday for the testing to be done, and depart on the following Tuesday after my final follow up with Dr. Leon. I believe he sees all departing women in the morning and does surgery in the afternoons. He usually only does one person per day unless you come with a "surgery buddy". He does not work weekends either, which I think is good so he is not overworked or money hungry. He said my surgery should take about 5 hours. I have spoken with him (free phone consultation after you send photos), and he speaks perfect English. The recovery house will provide a hospital bed for me, regular bed for my husband and private bath. I was told they will put a desk and chair in the room for my husband and that the wifi works great so my husband can work from this room (again, bless his heart). I am hoping I will be well enough so that we can go tour the town some (go to the mall, maybe a movie, see Columbus's house, etc.). I will definitely go get my hair washed since I will not be able to shower the entire stay due to their water. I am very nervous because I have heard that you cannot get out of bed once you are out of surgery until 6am the next morning, and I have very bad anxiety so I am not sure how I will manage this. I have an appointment with my PCP next Friday to get CBC done (to check my iron level since it needs to be good to have surgery in DR) and hopefully some pain meds since the Dominican Republic does not use any strong pain medication. I think they are like Mexico and tramadol is the strongest thing they have. I did have gastric sleeve (that is in another review) in Mexico over a year ago, so I am just wanting to get rid of the fat I cannot loose with diet and exercise. I have gained and lost weight my whole life so my breast are not as perky as I would like and am hoping a small implant will make them look nice again. I workout a lot, so I am not going to go bigger than 300cc. I know the DR is very popular for BBL, but I am not really interested in that anymore. It is only $100 extra, so it is a great deal, but I want to be able to sit on my butt without pain. I will be in enough pain from all the lipo! I am also doing this because my friend went to Dr. Leon and had the same surgery (with BBL and breast lift added), and her results are incredible. I did start a review for Dr. Cochran in Georgia, but that was when I thought I needed a tummy tuck. He said I did not when I went for my consult, and I just do not think he can contour my body like DR doctors. Dr. Leon has never had a death from infection either, which is very important to me. For reference I am about 150 lbs, 5'2" and have an athletic build. 
I paid my $200 deposit through paypal (the rest will have to be in cash given when we arrive at the clinic, which my husband is not too excited to travel with that much cash in hand) and included a copy of my quote below (it does not include flight, travel around DR and hotel first night). I will also purchase a second garment for $140 before I leave in a smaller size.Thank you for your request for quote. The package consists of surgery forLIPOSUCTION, BREAST IMPLANTS AND RECOVERY HOUSE FOR6 DAYS for a total of US$5,890.00 YOUR HUSBAND STAY WILL BEUS$390.00 FOR 6 NIGHT.His surgical package includes laboratory tests, cardiologist, medical fees,clinical and anesthesia costs, all medications, the driver to pick you at theairport and take you back when you leave, 10 massages, 1 compressiongarment, 1 bra.When you're ready to book your surgery date you send your photos byemail, so that way Dr. takes a look and give recommendations for yourprocedures.To book your surgical quote you must make a deposit of $US200.00deductible from the total price, and can be made by PayPal, just let meknow when you be ready make your deposit, to send by email the link forthe PayPal account.Please take a moment and get CBC (complete blood count) to asses yourhemoglobin level, and send me the result to check if there is need to takeiron for your surgery. You can however star using Vitamin C1000mg one aday and 1 tablet of B Complex per day, this you can get at any pharmacy,Wallgreen, GNC store,etc. As soon as you have the result, let me know tosee if you need to take iron tablets before coming down.For your combination of procedure, you should stay about 7 days after thesurgery and arrive 1 days before surgery, or the day before no later thannoon.It will be a pleasure to guide you through this journey. If you have anyquestion, please contact us.

Surgery Day

I arrived on Monday August 28th from direct flight from Atlanta into Santo Domingo at about 1pm and got a tourist card and went through customs. If you re on the back of the plane like me, you have a long wait for this process. I had one checked bag, and after picking it up, walked out to find my driver (Neper) holding a sign with my name on it. He drove us to the clinic (about 30 minutes away), and I had to wait about 4 hours to get my consult. There were 4 other ladies waiting to be seen for follow up appointments too. The waiting room is small, so my husband had to sit in the hall. While waiting, the cardiologist came and did an EKG (equipment was way different than in US). He did not speak English. I also had my blood drawn and hemo was 13.7 and all was cleared for surgery. I discussed wanting over the muscle implants since I lift weights and know that under the muscle causes implants to move while doing chest exercises. He agreed that I have good tissue to do this and did not need a lift. He uses polyurethane implants for over the muscle, which are the gummy bear implant with a textured covering over them that re the most successful implant to use for over the muscle. The US does not use these yet. We then discussed areas of lipo. He agreed on chin, armpit, flanks, full stomach, inner, outer and back of thigh and inner knees. He did not think I would be successful with arm lipo as it would look worse. The driver then took us to the grocery so I could buy a bunch of water, protein drinks and snacks before being dropped off at our hotel (Embassy suites). The hotel room was great. One side was couch with TV, small kitchen area and dinning table no he other side was 2 double beds and TV. There was plenty of storage space for everything I brought as I overpacked of course. The bathroom was huge no had 2 entrances for both sides of the room. They have an Applebee's on first floor and a movie theater too. They also have room service and free hot breakfast. I hired a nurse/ masseuse for my stay and they will need her information on check in. I was told to be t he front for pick up at 6:45am the next morning. So no food or drink after midnight.
We were picked up right on time and brought to the clinic. Dr. Leon came to mark me up, the anesthesiologist came to ask questions and put my IV in. I waited for a while and then came the blue pill (midazolam) and got wheeled off to the OR. I had discussed with Dr. Leon that I would prefer general anesthesia and he agreed. They also give epidural with general anesthesia so the patient does not remember anything. I remember waking up to a bunch of people putting my faja on. I was so thirsty, but thy will not let you drink or like 4 or 6 hours after. My AC in the room was broken, so they had to switch me to another room. There are about 6 rooms and 3 were being used. They have a doctor and nurses there to check on you, but you do not get a call button. I hired my nurse for that night and so my husband had to go back to the hotel before 9pm, which is about when all hell broke loose for me. Dr. Leon checked on me around 7pm when he was heading home, and he was very nice and that I did well in surgery. So, when the anesthesia wore off, I immediately was in panic mode. My surgery was about 3 hours, so I got back to my room about noon. I would say around 10pm is when the catheter started to feel like a needle in my bladder. It was killing me, so I begged to get it removed. They called Dr. Leon and he agreed thank goodness. Then I had to pee in a bedpan about 5 times throughout the night, which was awful since everyone was asleep including my nurse. I have insomnia, so I knew I would not sleep that night even with all the pain medication. It was an awful night. You cannot get out of bed, they only had a couple channels in English, and the faja was way too tight for me. I had to wait for Dr. Leon to arrive the next morning to be able to leave to go back to the hotel. I did have one drain from lipo in my backside. You have to carry around or clip the drain to your faja. They call it your baby. I get back to the hotel and take my sleeping pills and sleep for a couple hours. I will update the rest of my journey in my next entry as it is a long story. Thanks for reading and ask any questions you like!!

The days following surgery and important information

So the first night t the hotel was awful. They had me in a size small garment stuffed with lipo foam on stomach and both sides, so it was just too much compression no it was hard to breathe. I am a side sleeper, so sleeping on my back elevated was very difficult. It was hard to get in and out of bed not using my arms. I had my nurse (see photo) named Ana stay with me 3 additional day no nights and then just days for the remaining time. I went back for a follow up visit to Dr. Leon on Friday (3 days after surgery) and he could tell from my drain that I was bleeding too much. I did not think anything of it, but he met morning I was o weak and dizzy when I stood that I could not even go down to the free breakfast and get my omelette and fruit. My nurse called Dr. Leon and he said I needed to start strong iron supplements 3x a day and he sent hi blood guy to draw blood in my hotel room. I was t a 7 hemoglobin. Very low for me going in at 13.7. He sent the blood guy every day until the day I left and it raised to 8.4, so he said I didn't need a blood transfusion thank goodness! He said I did not bleed much during surgery, but that the combination of the heparin shots and me being very vascular caused me to lose too much blood. He stopped the heparin shots too, but I did get one before my flight.
On my last appointment before flying out he gave me a letter to fly, a warranty for my implants and removed my drain. I only had 3 massages before becoming anemic and 2 before I left. My nurse was able to do them. She had me buy a few tubes of this cream for bruises (see photo). I also want to say having a nurse is so important because sHe had to get rid of so many blood clots in my drain. Back to the garment, m friend flew in who had surgery with Dr. Leon 3 months prior, and thankfully she brought her garment which was a medium and I could handle wearing that. I am still struggling with garments as I have bought like 4 more and none fit right to be comfortable with popular compression. Not being able to bathe was very difficult too. I just felt dirty and oily even with wipes. My nurse washed my hair once since I was not strong enough to go to a salon. She was amazing! I will say too that we probably spent like $400 in pesos too that was needed for pharmacy and other things along the way. Also, I had no appetite while there, but forced myself to eat and drink a lot of water. Now, I know everyone heals differently, but my experience was one of total regret. I had really wished I had never done the surgery and cried so much. My friend did not have any issues like me. I posted some pictures of my body while down there, and I will update with more information soon on my return home. Thanks and I hope this helps!

Getting home and more recovery!

So, I was still weak when I got to the airport, so a man helped fast track us to get a wheelchair no fill out all the forms. Then this amazing airport employee wheeled myself and another man all the way to the gate. We tipped him very well! I did not have first class seating, and I was on the aisle. I will worn that I did get bumped by a woman on my implant and it hurt so bad I almost cried. Landing in Atlanta there were no wheelchairs outside the exit of the plane, but we walked down the ramp and there were a couple by an elevator. There was one employee and a few elderly women that did not have anyone to push them. Luckily my husband pushed me. It is a 12 minute walk to exit the international terminal, so I highly recommend a wheelchair!! It was nice getting home, and I started lymphatic massage immediately. I am doing cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy too. I take arnica pills and still use the cream. I am about 2.5 weeks out of surgery. The feeling goes from pain to numbness to stiffness. I have not taken pain pills for about a week or more. I have very hard lumps on my whole stomach, sides, back inner thigh. They re painful and I have an exercise roller I use to roll them. This healing is a process for sure! Everyone heals differently and every day gets better. I attached photos of my note for medical travel, my warranty for my implants, photo of the garments thy use here (I would suggest buying one and trying to wear it before going to get used to I and it is helpful to have a second one while the other gets washed), and photos of my body. I can sleep on my side now comfortably thank goodness! I did go back to work exactly 2 weeks from surgery and the first day was tough, but it really helped to get back in a routine and not be in the house anymore. If you have any questions, I am here for you! I am trying to be as detailed as possible. Thanks! Xoxo
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