Lower Eyelid Surgery. Columbus, GA

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Ok, so I've decided that I'm tired of looking...

Ok, so I've decided that I'm tired of looking tired! I have bags under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get. My dad has them pretty bad and I have them as well. They're not super bad, but I don't want them getting worse. I usually get fillers, but the bad thing about that is it wears off. I figured I'll just get the surgery and in the long run it will save me money from having to get fillers every time they wear off. I decided to go with Dr. Cochran because I had a tummy tuck with him over the summer and he took really good care of me and I trust him. Surgery is set! I just have to get another CBC test and pregnancy test. I'm sure the CBC will be fine like my last one was and I'm definitely not pregnant.

16 days to go!

Here is a before pic. I can't wait to get these eye bags removed! I've tried every cream out there. Nothing works except for fillers. Unfortunately those wear off. I'm starting to get exited thinking about this surgery!

After fillers

This photo was taken after I get fillers. It takes away my bags, but unfortunately they wear off.

One week left!

The closer I get the more excited I am when I think about it! Only a week away and I will no longer have this tired look anymore!

Got it done!

Everything went well. Still a little loopy, but that's about it. I actually was up for this whole procedure! I can't wait to see my results after they heal.

What a difference.

I'm still swollen, but I already see a huge difference.
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