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I'm 23, 5'5, 137 and my current bra size is 32FF,...

I'm 23, 5'5, 137 and my current bra size is 32FF, but I've gotten bigger because lately my bras have been feeling a little tight. I think I started to develop these huge melons back in 9th grade. Before than I always had on a sports bra to cover my little nubs. It was like these suckers developed over night and continued to grew. I always played around with the idea of a Breast Reduction but never gave it much thought until recently. I always had a little soreness in my back & shoulders but I always thought it was from my bad posture. Over the last couple of years, my back pains have intensified and i find it very hard to sit up without leaning on something or folding my arms to lift my boobies up. It is such a relief off my back to hold these things in my hand. Sometimes I find myself doing that at home when I can't take it anymore or sometimes I will do it in the bathroom stalls at work.

I had my consultation on May 29th and I'm anxiously waiting for my response from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The PA & Nurse mentioned BCBS is pretty good when it comes to Breast Reductions. During the consult, the nurse came in & took several pictures. It was a little awkward but it was necessary for the pre-authorization letter and the surgeon. The PA later came in and asked me a series of questions about pain, rashes/skin irritation, headaches, shoulder grooves, daily activities, etc. I told her about how I wear a bra and sport bra when I workout and how on a daily basis I like to wear the cami w/ the built in shelf bras for extra support. She was super friendly and gave me a lot of information about what to expect before & after the surgery. She did mention that BCBS would probably recommend taking a pound off of each breast, but they will aim for a pound & half off each. I hoping for a C, but honestly I want to be as flat chested as possible. I really scared about them growing back She said based on the information I am a likely candidate and the insurance can't come back & say i'm over weight bc I'm within the normal BMI.

I forgot to ask about the price but I can always call back and find out. Regardless of if the insurance pays for it or not I will be having this surgery if they offer some kind of payment plan.. I really need to call them.

I hope I hear from them soon.

I tried to take some pictures, but im not the best photographer .

Still Waiting for Approval

I've read other story of ladies saying the waiting is the worst part of the whole process. I haven't been approved yet but I already agree. The 3 week mark hit last Wednesday on June 19th. I should hear something from them any day now and I can't wait!! I keep telling myself if I get approved it would be the best birthday present ever (My Birthday was 6/21). I did contact PS office to find out the price without insurance and they said it would be $5,300 for the whole procedure which I don't think is that bad.They would have more information on that after I heard from BCBS.

I also reached out to my BCBS to make sure I wouldnt have to resubmit anything or start the process over again because my insurance is about to end on June 30 and renew itself on July 1st. I spoke to the representative and she said everything was fine and that my new expiration was on July 2014. So that is one less thing I have to worry about. She did also mention that she said that something had been sent in and that they were trying to tie up the loose ends to get it approved. ( FINGERS CROSSED)

Lately, Ive been obsessed with this website and BR surgery videos on YT. I also started a wishlist on VS website. I started to tell friends and family member that im interested in BR. A lot of them are very supportive and happy that I am making the decision to do it.


LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN.... I got a approved on Friday, June 28th . The office called and I was so excited I screamed YAAAY all loud on the phone and the lady just laughed a way. It took them about a month to give me response. They actually had to reach out to BCBS about a week ago for an update. My official day is September 5th. I asked for late August, Early September. And the best part about this who scheduling and being approved for the surgery is finding out IT'S A 100 % COVERED. I was preparing myself to pay roughly 20%. The PSA must've wrote the most convincing letter ever.This probably is going to be the longest 2 months of my life. NOW THE PLANNING CAN BEGINS ... who will be here, how many days should I take off of work etc... Although, I already know my Mother and Grandma will be here for 1.5 weeks. The also mentioned my pre-op appointment is on Aug 23rd. By then I will probably have a million and a half questions written down.

The waiting game is no fun!

Its only a month until my pre-op appointment. YIPPE! Everyday I find myself on this website. Its so addictive. Ive decided that I will take a week off of work and work from home for a week. Im a programmer analyst so my days at work consist of me just sitting front of a computer, typing. Ive been thinking about making a Youtube channel. I enjoy watching videos as much as I enjoy reading the reviews on here. If I do I will wait until Im closer to my appt so I can have consist videos. Ill keep you all posted on that, if the site lets me.
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