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I have always been a confident person. I have a...

I have always been a confident person. I have a wonderful family that loves me and has helped build me up and have given me that confidence. However, since I was a young teenager my breast have always been something I have pinned over. I compared myself to other girls and dreamed of having bigger breast. I meet my husband when we where very young, 16/17. We were married at 22/23. He has always been very supportive and loves me just the way I am, but, he knows the struggles I feel internally when it comes to the size of my breasts. I am now 33 years old two children later and not planning to have any more. This is my time to finally get my bigger boobs!!!

I researched my doc, was recommended by some friends of friends and had two separate consultations with him. I feel he is the best doc that will give me the results I want.

My surgery date is aug 22 once we made the decision to do it I scheduled surgery right away. I had my pre-op yesterday and surgery is less than a week away.
Currently I am a 34 A I am looking to be a D, a small D. Im 112 lbs. 5’8. I feel a C cup will be fine but I dont want to go through this big change and have surgery to still be in the back of my mind wish I went bigger. Because Im tall and thin I feel I can pull off a D cup, and look great without looking to much like a porn star ;-)

I came to the decision of a D cup by going to Target getting a C up bra that I would normally buy, and the same bra in a D cup. I tried both of them on (stuffed of course) put my regular t shirt back on and evaluated my results. I felt with the C cup bra that there wasn't much change in the way I looked when I wear my padded bras. The D cup bra was fuller and gorgeous but still fit my regular T-shirt just fine without stretching it out.
At this point Im extremely excited to have my surgery but I do have moments where I get anxious about the results, will I be to big? Will there be complications? how will this affect my family? How will this affect my daughter (5 currently) when she is older and understands what I did? I would love any input and encouragement you women have. My husband and a close friend are the only people that know I have surgery scheduled.

My surgery is in three days. Yikes! I'm have...

My surgery is in three days. Yikes! I'm have serious second thoughts. I can't stop thinking about size. I really liked the way 450 sizers looked with the bra and under my t- shirt but really wondering if it's to big for my body size frame. 5"8 112 lbs. Anybody else had this issue?

I'm almost 24 hours post-op. Feeling very sleepy...

I'm almost 24 hours post-op. Feeling very sleepy and groggy. I have pretty much just been laying in bed all day all night. I'm keeping ahead of the pain by taking 2 pills percoset Every 4 hours. My plan is to start taking one pill every 4 hours. It's pretty hard to do much for myself right now. My husband is being awesome keeping our two year old busy getting our daughter ready for school and picture day and taking good care of me. I haven't really seen what in look like I have not taken off the bra yet. A little later today I will change the gauze and get a good look. Thank you everyone for your good thoughts and well wishes. I'll post after pics as soon as get some decent ones and when I feel up to sitting at my computer.
oh yea! The doc ended up putting 450cc in my left 475cc in my right. (silicone) I learned that my mild case of scoliosis made my chest bone stick out slightly so in order to compensate he needed a slightly bigger implant.

Post op day 4. Well I must say I'm feeling pretty...

Post op day 4. Well I must say I'm feeling pretty good. Still taking it very easy. My awesome husband has really stepped up and has really made this proccess so much easier on me. The hardest thing I'm struggling with now is just getting comfortable. I'm not in pain, I just have tightness. I would love to just curl up in bed and get some good rest. My right side is definitely more sore, from what I have been reading on other stories is that it might be because it's my dominant side. I'm also still very high and hard. I'm wondering when I can expect to start seeing them soften and lower. I know I need to be patient with this whole proccess. I'm just anxious!!!

Hi all!!! I haven't updated because I have been...

Hi all!!! I haven't updated because I have been doing very well and feel almost completely recovered!! Im back to being super busy army wife and mom :) about day 5 post op I got a pretty bad fever, 101. We were concerned about infection, but it turned out that that I was probably coming down with cold/ :/ Post op day 4 and 5 were my hardest. With the combination of flu like symptoms, being very sore, being constipated, and taking care of two young kids it was rough! Hubby took care of the kids though, they just wanted to cuddle all the time which I was in NO mood for.( poor babies, im making up for it now) One week post was when I really started to feel MUCH better. I really could do everything on my own. I even went to the commissary on payday! which for those of you familiar with the military shopping that is a feat!!!( full discloser I did have a friend help tug my cart)
I went back to my PS on post op day 8. He wanted to make sure I was feeling better and that it was in fact NOT an infection starting. I do have some redness and tenderness on my right side around the incision sight, he says it is probably irritation form the steri-strips and not be alarmed unless pain starts or I have another fever.
Now on to my results, as of today Im 15 days post op. So its still very early to say how I really feel about my additions. I LOVE that i finally did it! however im concerned that my implants might be to big :( my main request was to have as natural and big as I could go. It is VERY important to me to have the natural slope/ teardrop look after its all done. Im just hoping they drop significantly and enough to give me the look I want. Im posting new pics now, I would love to hear what you all think.

Today is post op day 40. And to be honest the look...

Today is post op day 40. And to be honest the look of my breast augmentation has not changed much at all since just a few days after my surgery. Im feeling pretty disappointed about it all. I dont have any tightness, or pain. But they are still very firm and riding very high still. I wear a regular bra to try and "round" myself out when wearing normal shirts. But im not to sure if that actually works. If I dont wear any bra its looks very odd, to much upper pole fullness, and my nipples are still low. I do massaging but Im sure I could do more, sigh...Tomorrow I go into see the doc so I hope he can give me encouragement. If this is my end result, then I will have to change my rating to not worth it :((

Yesterday was my 6 week post op. my doc says he is...

Yesterday was my 6 week post op. my doc says he is not concerned with my progress as much as I am. I am un happy with my results, I feel like they are just too high still, and no progress is being made. He said if I got a smaller size I would not be having this problem. My immediate first question was an almost a yell, then did I go to big?!?!?!
The assistant and doc both replied in perfect unison NO!!! He did not recommend the strap mainly because he knows how uncomfortable it is. He did not even have one in the office to let me try. He recommend I lay on them. He said this is essentially the same thing with same result. The trick is to have a rolled up towel underneath me pressing on the top of the implant down toward my incision. He said to this 10 min a day. I'm really stating to wonder if this will be enough. I wish I had the strap to wear at night and then I could do this exercise different times of the day. I'm just getting anxious for results! Has anybody else done this technique and have it actually work? Also any good recommendations on a good scar cream?
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