5'5" 125 lbs HP Silicone 425cc's..1 year post op

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Hey everyone! Been lurking for the past couple...

Hey everyone! Been lurking for the past couple weeks since locking in my surgery date. I will be getting a Breast Lift with an implant on 08/27/14. My PS and staff have suggested between 400cc and 450cc (closer to the 450 end), below the muscle, silicone to get my desired look. I would really like to be a small D. I don't want to get into the DD range since I think it would look too big on my frame. I'm 5'5" between 120-125 lbs with a small frame, 24 inch waist and 34 inch hips.

I had thick meaty C cups before I had my son, but after having him and breast feeding for 8 months, I have lost mostly all my breast tissue. I also started working out 6 days a week about 3 years ago, so during the toning and losing 10lbs, I lost even more breast tissue. So they are saggy and teeny. I am currently wearing a 34C, but the cups are no where near full, so I'm probably a B cup. I am so ready to let my boobs and my belly button get a divorce!! (someone else said that in one of their posts and I thought it was just hilarious!!!)

Anyways, excited to take this journey with you ladies! I'm a little nervous, but reading everyone's stories has made me feel better!! 8 days! Counting down!!!!!

Wish pics

Wish pics taken from other places here on the site

More before pics

I'm soooooooo excited about next week! Counting down the days!!! But I'm starting to get nervous. I don't want to go too big, but then I don't want to experience boobie greed either. Wondering if the 400-450 ccs will look good once in. I tied on sizers, but just wondering...just like everyone, questioning the size, but ultimately I trust my PS. 1 week to go and the girls are here!!!!!

2 days left!

Getting nervous! Only 2 days left til surgery time!!! Having anxiety over it this morning. Just nervous about the change, I guess. Still 100% committed to doing it, just having some nerves creep in. I really have never had any type of major surgery before (ony childbirth and that wasn't surgery or anesthesia), so that adds to the anxiety. Still couting down though! Good luck everyone especially those ladies who are counting down to Wednesday as well!!!!


Surgery tomorrow! 7:30 am!!!! Can't wait to get it done with and start recovering! Hopefully the girls will look great!!!!!

On the other side

Hey ladies! On the other side and besides the fact that I feel like I just a massive chest exercise routine, I'm feeling great. My PS ended up doing high profile 425 cc silicone implants. They are high and tight right now, but haven't taken the bandages off to fully see them.

And thank you everyone for the outpouring thoughts and support. Y'all are awesome!!! Ill post more tomorrow!

1 day post op

One day post op and I'm actually feeling really good! Pain is not bad even when the meds wear off. Took my first shower this morning and unveiled the girls. They are very high with hardly any volume in the bottom, but I know they will drop.

They are looking bigger than I thought they would. Hope they don't end up too big. How do you ladies think they look? When they drop do you see good things?

Thanks everyone for the support! It's weird and exciting looking down and seeing perky boobs!!!

Little bit of boobie blues

Morning ladies! They are still so high and tight. And it is giving me a little blues looking at the being frankenboobie. I know it is to be expected but sometimes you can't help how you feel! :(

They stick out soooooooo far and look so ginormous right now. I suck at being patient. I'm so glad that so many of you have been through this and I can remind myself by reading and looking at your reviews.

Honestly, how are they looking 2 days post op? Ok you think? Thanks again gals! You are lifesavers!!!

3 days post op

Hey ladies! Still high and tight. Not much different from yesterday but I'm feeling a little more optimistic. They may turn out slightly bigger than I wanted but I think ill like them. It will just take some getting used to.

Worried a little about stretch marks cuz they are so tight so I have been rubbing Bio-Oil on them like crazy. Now just a waiting game for them to drop baby, drop!! :)

First work out

I know, I know you are supposed to wait, but I was getting stir crazy! I did a small work out this morning (no chest of course) and it felt awesome! I feel great! Except for the tightness still in the girls. They are still high and haven't changed much from yesterday, but my mobility is almost back to 100% and I feel really good physically. I think it really helped with recovery that I have strong ab muscles and such to help take the load while my pectoral muscles heal.

Hope everyone is still doing good!!! Healing thoughts coming everyone's way!!

5 days post op

Feeling great from the surgery but my darn sinuses are acting up so my head feels terrible. Ugh! Hate sinus colds. The girls haven't changed much. Still high, tight, and lots of side boob. Have my first post op appt tomorrow. Happy healing girls!!

First day back at work and first post op

First day back at work. I only told a couple people about my surgery so those that knew of course noticed. Didn't catch anyone one else checking them out though!! :) I felt good all day. The ladies were very tight and it felt like I needed to breast feed on and off, but that hopefully will start decreasing soon.

As for the post op appt, it went great. He cleared me to do light exercising as long as I don't get overheated. He said that is his main concern with exercise after surgery. I also am cleared to not have to wear a sports bra all the time. He said to try some days without any bra and see how it goes and also suggested to wear camisoles with shelf bras too. Yay!!! Like some sports bras, but was getting sick of some of them. And he said I can sleep however I'm comfortable, back or side (which of course is not yet on my stomach which is how I love to sleep). :(

But very good day!! Hope everyone is healing well!!!!!!

1 week and a day post op

So decided to compare them today to what they looked like 1 day post op......and have to say I'm a bit disappointed. not much dropping has occurred. I can see a little, but really not much. :( what do you ladies think?

Otherwise, I'm feeling great. Back to 100%. My chest of course is still tight because the implants were such a tight fit. What is everyone doing besides Bio-Oil for stretch marks? I'm worried about those!

Happy healing!!

Comparison Pictures Day 1 vs Day 8

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op and still feeling good! Back to a completely normal routine with cardio for exercise (no weights yet :( and those are my favorite). They are dropping slightly. I can see it better when I like my arms up. That's when I see the nice round shape that they will eventually be all the time and that's exciting.

They don't exactly feel like mine yet. I'm still surprised to see a large chest when I look in the mirror and some days I like then, some days not, some days I want to show them off, others not. I think it's because you need to relearn how to dress your frame. I'm used to being skinny and flat, but now I have to account for these boobies, so some of my clothes look sort of like ponchos whereas before with a flatter chest they looked good.

So I've come to the conclusion that I may have to have a lot of tops altered to fit now and have to change up the style of clothes I shop for once I go shopping. I'm waiting to supplement my wardrobe until they drop and fluff cuz I know their look will change over the next few weeks and months.

Hope everyone is healing well and getting along with their new girls!!

3 weeks post op

Hey everyone! 3 weeks post op and had my 3 week appt on Monday. PS said everything is looking good and to start the scar treatment, so I'm using bio-oil and mederma. The girls are looking better and better and dropping. They are getting softer also..the left more than the right but I'm right handed so I expected that one to take longer to drop and fluff.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

4 weeks post op

4 weeks and just a couple days short of 1 month and everything is going well. I'm keeping them well moisturizered to prevent against stretch marks and to help heal the scars.

They are starting to drop decently and soften. I definitely have morning boob when I wake up somedays but they soften back up when I massage them.

Back to working out fully, started weights just this week but I'm still staying away from chest exercises as the chest muscles are still a little sensitive. Gonna wait probable another month or two before getting back to chest work.

I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I tried on a 34C bra that I had and it is too small!! :) they appear they will be a nice D or DD. I don't want to get sizes for a bit yet until they drop and fluff more. But I will take perky D's over deflated C/B's any day!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and healing nicely!!!!!

Tried on some bras

So I decided to just try on some bras for kicks. I know the girls are not done settling and not their final size but wanted to get some idea of where they are at......

And we'll the are big! Tried on a 32 DD and they were way too small. Then tried a 34D and it was too small...so I'm guessing that they will be around 34DD. Little bigger than I originally thought I wanted but I like them so far. Still trying to figure out how to dress them but getting there. Love the cleavage in tank tops!!! :)

Hope everyone is healing and feeling well!!!

Clothes shopping :(

Okay ladies, need some help. I am not used to dressing large breasts and a lot of the clothes I used to like and looked good on me, no longer look good. Since I'm thin with the wonderful girls now, I have to re-learn how to dress them and what type of tops look good.

So what type of tops do y'all like? And that reflect your new shape well? And that are appropriate for work? I work in a business casual environment and am having a hard time finding tops that don't fall straight down from the girls and then give me a larger, thicker appearance...you know what I mean? So I need ideas and thoughts about work appropriate shirts.

Help ladies!! :)

6 weeks post op

6 weeks post op already...time is flying. I'm still not 100% used to my girls yet and so do get surprised at times when I look down. I also am obsessed with toughing them and the curves they have. Got sized at VS and right now I am a 32DD or 34D, so they definitely are not small! :) Still trying to figure out how to dress them, but it is slowly coming along. Hope everyone is healing well!!!

2 months post op

Hey all! 2 months post op (well in 2 days it will be) and doing great. I went back to VS as the 34D they said I was just wasn't fitting. I was getting the 4 boob look and so I went up to a 34DD and it is a much better fit and my true size, so WOW! I didn't want DD's when I went into this but I have to say I like them. They are hard to dress some days, but they look good in the proper clothes and I love touching them.

Never thought I'd like boobs so much, but it is great looking down and they are there. I have a follow up with my PS on Monday, but have no worries or complaints, so I expect it to go fine. hope everyone is well!!

3 months post op

3 months post op! Wow! It went fast. Still love the girls, but sometimes having a hard time dressing them still. I'm wearing 34DD and 34 DDD VS bras unlined and lightly lines fairly comfortably...like the unlined better. Kind of bummed about some clothes I like not fitting nicely anymore, but I like having the girls and the cleavage. And I really don't mind the attention and looks they bring sometimes!! :)

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Comparison photos

Some comparison photos from pre op to 3 months

4 months post op

5 Months post op

Hey ladies! So it's 5 months post op for me and I simply love these girls. LOVE wearing tank tops and have the beautiful cleavage (as you see in my pictures). Found that sports bra I'm wearing at Wal-Mart of all places. It is a yoga push up sports bra and I have several of them, love them and how they make the girls look in tanks! Even though its cold, I'm sporting these tanks around the house...no complaints from hubby.

Exercising is great. I am back 100% of everything even chest exercises. I can still feel the implant move slightly sometimes, but not much and it's not really bothersome. No pains or anything. I will get minor twinges every so often, but nothing major or really even worth mentioning too much, but it just reminds me that they are still healing on the inside.

Along my incision lines (which can I say are awesome and nearly invisible...go Doc!!) there is a bit of numbness...not a whole lot and not bothersome, but just wanted to mention it in case anyone else had it. I'm sure it's 100% normal and comes back slowly just as the nipples did. But doing really great, hope everyone else is!!

Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone!!!

6 months post op

6 months post op. Everything is great. Get small twinges now and then in the nipples and along the incisions, but it's just the internal stitches dissolving and such. They get softer and softer each day and they are feeling more and more real even when I touch them!

Can't lie that I am having a hard time finding bikini tops for the summer that I like, but I'm not sure it's because I'm not used to having the girls, or them being on view or what. But the ones I do find, I must admit look dang HOT! :)

I hope everyone is doing well. I am going to try to continue to post monthly updates just so there are some longer term result pictures for those who want to see.

Happy healing ladies!!!

1 year later

Hey ladies! Long time no post. Just wanted to give a 1 year update. I am in love with the girls. They have become an official normal part of my body now and I love how they have settled and the final size. The surgery was definitely worth it and I would do it again!
My scars are very minimal so I'm very excited about that. The summer has been awesome as bikinis look amazing now! I hope everyone is doing well! And those at the beginning of the journey know that it is very worth it in the end! Everything will even out and settle and you will be in love!!!
Happy healing!!

Final stats

425 cc's silicone under the muscle
Started 34B saggy
End 34DD perky ????
37 years old
125 lbs
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wilson is an artist!! My surgery went flawlessly and easily and the scars are going to be practically non-exsistent. Even with a full lift and an implant his work on my breasts is going to be utterly beautiful! I am very pleased with his work and the results. His staff, especially his operation room nurse, Laurie, were amazing! Nurse Laurie was sweet, helpful, and sooo great before and after surgery! I felt very cared for and secure before, during, and after surgery! Anyone who goes to Dr. Wilson should feel secure and confident in their choice. He is an excellent surgeon and will take care of you well!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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