I Will Be 30 and Want my Body Back from my 20's. Columbus, GA

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I am traveling to GA from KY. I did an online...

I am traveling to GA from KY. I did an online consultation. The lady Gail always seemed in a rush but Vicky always took her time and answered every single question with patience. My surgery is next week. I am soooooooo nervous. I know everybody body heals differently but I am worried about going back to work with the drains. I am an RN so I am on my feet 12 hours a day. My job only has me off for two weeks. Was anybody able to go back to work after two weeks?

Tomorrow is the big day

I finally met with Dr. Cochran he seems very nice. I am excited and nervous. I am scheduled for my surgery at 7:15 am tomorrow morning!

Day 3 Post Op

Hello ladies! I am doing a lot better. Day 1 I was so out of it. The nurses prepped me for my surgery and they couldn't find the vein in my neck for the IV. So I felt a lot of uncomfort in the beginning. Dr. C decided to just put the IV in my arm. When I woke up they were done. I didn't feel anything, I was drowsy vision was blurry and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Day 2- Dr. C called me to see how I was doing. I so appreciated that. I asked him questions about positioning myself and showering. He answered them all with patience. I decided to take a shower ( I posted pics of day 2, before shower) I have a follow up with Dr. C Monday morning. My stomach looks great it's so smooth, no stretch marks, NO LOVE HANDLES which was my biggest concern. The only thing I'm curious about is the scar. It looks like he cut me up to my back instead of it being from hip bone to hip bone like he stated during the consultation.

Day 3- I'm still in a lot pain. My drain is draining really slow. I am getting around a lot better. I'm still taking things slow. I'm not able to eat a whole meal. Yesterday I had to split my salad into 3 servings.

Day 5 Post Op

I am wondering if it's normal to have large air bubbles in the drains??

11 Days Post OP

I am still very sore! Dr. C told me not to remove the tape to let it fall off. I particially think the tape is the reason I'm still slumped over a little. I can not wait to be able to walk straight up again. I drove my car today and was so happy because I feel like I'm getting my independence back.

15 days Post Op

Every time I try and straighten up my skin breaks and start bleeding. Has anybody else experienced this problem? I am happy with the overall result so far but this open wound above the incision is a bit irritating.

On a more positive note. I was able to take my daughter to the park today. After an hour I was so tired and in so much pain we had to leave.

I have never spoken to Cochran. I have always dealt with Gail or Vicky. We will meet the day before my surgery.

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