32 - 3 Kids - Tummy Tuck - Lipo Back Flanks, Inner Thighs, Bbl - Columbus, GA

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I am so excited to be 26 days away from my surgery...

I am so excited to be 26 days away from my surgery date.

I'm nervous about what to expect as far as pain, and I really hope that my body comes out the way I am imagining it to. I love the work of the Brazilian docs, but honestly afraid of going out of the country when I have a blood condition that causes my blood to clot. I chose a local doctor that's only 2 hours away that had great results and reviews, and I have spoken to enough people that had great experiences with him.

I got my consultation in June of last year, but finally put my deposit down in December.

I went back today after deciding to add a BBL to my surgery date. I have not seen any pics of Dr.Cochran's BBL but I'm confident it would turn out fine. He did say he does not think I need one due to the fact that when I get my lipo and tuck it's going to push it up some. I said if I'm going to go through with this I want it all Boom, Bang, Pow body lol

Surgery Complete

I completed my surgery yesterday. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am and soon as I arrived we got right to it.

I took my clothes off and changed into a gown, then u go to a small room to take a few photos of your body. Dr Cochran came in marked my body.

I then went to the surgery room where an IV was placed in my neck. I am a big chicken when it comes to needles but the thought of this sounds worse than it actually is.

I was out cold and woke up thinking I was still waiting to go to sleep for surgery to begin lol. The rest was a blur as I went home. The furthest I was able to make it was my couch chaise where I have been every since. I have went to the restroom a couple times and that's the only time I really feel pain. The pain really is not that bad.

I am all bandaged up so I have not seen my results yet. I have the wrap Dr Cochran provided around my stomach but plan on putting on the garment I purchased tomorrow after my first shower.

I had my mom snap a pic of my but in my sweats when I went to the restroom. I can see the roundness that haS come. I only had 40cc put in each butt cheek. My butt was already big but I needed some filled in right in the middle of my butt.

Can't wait to post pics tomorrow.

Also the nurses gave my mom all the instructions on what needed to be done with my bandages, so she was an expert when I got home on what to do next. They told me before surgery but I could not remember,

Sore day

Day 2 I felt airless more sore. I finally made it upstairs to my bed which feels great. I got the itches people have described, so it's a little annoying right now at 3am. Dr. Cochran called to check on me today, which was great. I noticed my inner thoughts were not lippoed, I mentioned to my mom who was at the surgery and he told her for some reason he couldn't. I will ask during my follow up appt more details. My scar looks great. Very low and the tummy is so flat. I can't wait to really see it while standing up.

Some new pics

Was able to sit up today and feeling alloy better. My drain stopped working though the night and I drained out on my clothes. So I took all the bandages off and gave it a nudge inward then used the bulb to suction it back through. This fixed it and I did not have to drive back to Columbus. Wooohooo! I really like my results. Im still swollen but I can see my new shape coming along. Sorry for all the boobs in my pic, but don't have time to try to crop them out correctly. Just happy to share my results. I know how anxious I was to see everyone else's.

Crouching Tiger

Not really in pain but just tired of crouching when I walk, I just want to stand up straight and take the drain out. Ughhhhhhh. I can't get comfortable and I'm just having a sucky day lol. I am going to try to sleep!!!! Someone asked for some side pics, do I took some earlier,

Hey hey hey

Slept horrible last night but I think it was my skin stretching a little from a lot of moving around again. I took a shower this morn and was able to really get up straight and I was feeling great. Then I sat back down and after a while tried to stand straight again and I was back to crouching tiger lol. I am going to start doing 2 showers a day BC it really just had my body feeling so good. I was able to get a good pic and I am loving my new body. HEY HEY HEY lol


Some days are better than others.... I finally figured out how to lay down comfortable. It's been a long road to get here. My sides kept pulling when I sat down and it felt like I was getting new stretch marks near my incision on the sides. So now I place a throw pillow under each butt check with some new methods to prop up my back and I'm feeling great. Now the problem is walking. It is still very painful. I'm getting up every hour but I'm still so hunched over like a cripple full of discomfort. I just want to walk normally or semi normal. I'm trying not to worry but I secretly want to just cry.

It's not really painful but it's pressure on my drain leg that cause a lot of discomfort walking and I can't stand upright because my skin is pulling,

But I look great lmao

Hoping for a better week next week. Maybe when the drain is out.

Loving Me!

Sorry for the lack of updates and responses but had to get back into the swing of life. This week I'm finally almost standing straight. I still have a slight hunch over and it's partially because of something pulling in the crease between my leg. Seems to be a stitch that hurts like hell. I will ask Dr C to look at it next week. My results are freaking amazing, I really have no complaints.

In the beginning I was worried about how my incision looked but it changes and flattens and is pealing to where it's getting less noticeable.

My belly button had it's moments. When I went to my follow up appointment Dr C cut some stitching out to let it open up some and it felt weird and drained a little over the next 4 days. It's still healing.

No real pain, but at times I feel stiff. I fell asleep one day without my binder and woke up looking a little saggy like my belly had fluid in it. One day with the binder back on it was back to normal.

I think that's it ladies... Hope you enjoy the new pics, as you decide your own path for the right doctor.

He was great! Quick and straight to the point.

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