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Like everyone else I have been stalking RS for...

Like everyone else I have been stalking RS for awhile now. In the past I was considering DR but after hearing some not so good experiences and no post follow-up that was a deal breaker for me. Then I had some in person consults locally but those Dr.'s were not a good fit, I then start looking out of state and glad I came across 2 doctors in GA. It was a close call b/t Dr. Cochran and another PS but the other PS was 9K more. Plus after Dr. Cochran, Gail, and Vicki answered my 100 questions I felt comfortable to proceed with Dr. Cockran. I was quoted on TT, lipo on flanks, back, arms, and thighs. I see others have different pricing so I'm uncertain why the inconsistency in price. But regardless its almost 10K less than the local PS's I've consulted with. I'm looking for some surgery buddies for support! I'm excited and trying to prepare myself mentally for the pain and discomfort. I was considering a fat transfer to the butt but I couldn't find many profile pics that displayed his work. I will be traveling from out of state do any suggestions or recommendation from others are welcomed. I plan to share my journey with everyone and pray all goes extremely well.

The Countdown Begins....Time to lose some weight

So I now have less than 2 months to lose some weight. This has been a challenge for me for years because of my underactive thyroid but my weight goes up and down. I will be on a restricted low carb healthy eating and T25 regimen until my surgery date. I started changing my eating this week and I'm already down 4 lbs. So I need everyone support on encouraging me to keep it going until sx day. This means working out at a minimum of 6 days a week. I want to lose some of this fat so my results are better. I'm also will begin shopping for items I will need to take with me on this trip after following DRdolls for sometime now I dont think it will be necessary for me to purchase all the items that they take with them overseas. Any suggestions? Thanks!

SX date changed - Feeling really nervous

My date was changed to Dec. 23 which totally sucks for me. Since the doctor needs to see me atleast a day before the surgery out of towners surgery dates are reserved for Wed. I had to break the news to my parents today to get them to agree to drive me to and from my appointments. I can't believe this is finally happening and I have a bit of anxiety thinking about it. Now I need to make all my travel arrangements. Any hotel recommendations?

Sx Info Received Today

Yay!! I received my surgery information in the mail today. I'm excited. I actually started buying item to prepare myself. I'm afraid I may over spend and not use most of the items. Any recommendations from Dr. Cochran's past patients?

Purchased most of my supplies

Raised toilet seat
Heating massager and heating pad
Marena stage one compression garment and a few other compression garments
Arnica tablets and gel
Vitamin K
Nonstick surgical gauges
Granny panties
Gentle laxative
Antibacterial wash
Night gowns
Stretch pants
Scar away
Benadryl anti itch cream

I'm sure I will add to the list. Better prepared than unprepared.

30 DAY COUNTDOWN!!! Considering switching doctors

RS supporters I'm officially 30 days away from sx. Yay!!! Initially I was deciding between Dr. Cochran and Dr. Davoudi. I decided to go with Dr. Cochran because of the good reviews, research, and his prices were 1/2 of Davoudi's price. However because of the time I'm going and the distance to and from my family's home I',m now considering switching to Dr. Mike Song since he is in Duluth GA. I called today and he has one slot open for Dec. 23rd which works perfect for me. Once I speak with the doctor tomorrow I'm going to make a decision to switch or stay. If i decide to switch I will lose my deposit but save equally that amount on the hotel stay in Columbus. This is soooooo last minute what's a girl to do ;P

I can't understand why I can't attach photos from my phone???!!!

Anyone else has this issue? I only seem to be able to drag and drop files from my laptop but not my cell phone...I've been trying to post pics on all my post.

24 Days!!!!

My sx is around the corner. Omg can't believe its almost here!!!

More Pics

I literally would crop my body out of pics and only show only my face. It will be exciting for once to show my entire body. 22 more days til the flat side!!!

More Before Pics

Question to the Cochran dolls??????

When you were at Dr. C's office did he have pics of his BBL's? If yes, did they look good? I'm really thinking about a fat transfer to the butt since I will have plenty removed. My consults have been remote so I haven't been to his office to see any pictures. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks ladies!


I'm all paid up!!! Blood work completed and faxed, blood pressure information sent. I have 15 days until pain...lol..I pray I dont experience too much pain.


I mentioned in the past that I have been over spending on supplies in preparation for post surgery. Today I came across this Drain Kit that provides carry case, shower bags, and adjustable straps for the drains. Thought it may be beneficial to have when taking a shower and/ dressing myself. I really need to quit spending!!!! lol... Question to all post sx patients, which supplies did you use the most or didn't use at all?

7 Days Left

Wow can't believe I'm only 7 days away from a new body...I think I have everything I need from this point and will pack it all in my suitcase when I get home...I will meet Dr.C for the first time on Tues during my pre-op. Would it be a good idea to bring pictures to show Dr. C what I want? Not sure if doctors get offended when you show other doctors work but I want to make sure he know the shape I'm going for especially when he lipos my entire thigh. For the ladies who has had arm or thigh lipo, how do you like your results?

ATL bound....Now on my way to Columbus

Pre-op Visit

I finally met Dr. Cochran. The visit was quick but he answered my questions. When I asked about risks with the amount of procedures and IV sedation and his response wasn't quite assuring just that you you have risks with anything. Well dammit I'm here so the show must go on. Surgery tomorrow at 7:30.


I initially booked a suite ay Country Inn & Suites based on the reviews I found online. Well the hotel was filthy!! After changing rooms 3 times I decided to demand s refund and left the hotel. I moved to one of their sister companies Home 2 Suites by Hilton and their suites were a huge improvement.

Made it fo the Flat side

I'm in extreme pain and these drugs barely working. Dr. Told my mom the sx was successful and he took out way more fat then he expected. Now I'm trying to get my body temp up because I been extremely cold even while covered in a blanket. The weather here was bad so the drive was long. The body garmet that goes down my leg doesn't fit and I'm too weak to even attempt to pull it up. On top of that my stupid menstrual period started which is going to make my bathroom trips horrific..my arms bleeding like crazy but the pain is bearable. Please pray for me a speedy recovery. Thanks everyone.

Post Op Day 1

Update. Today I can't say I gave much pain but I'm feeling tho horrific burning sensation when I stand. I really hope tho goes away soon. The doctor prescribed me Narco and am antibiotic the Narco really hasn't helped much but put me to sleep. No bowel movement yet I will take something tomorrow to help with that. I'm been drinking lots of water and Gatorade along with eating proteins and soup. I have this crazy headache lingering since this morning and eating hasn't helped. Also when I walk to the restroom I get really light headed. The garmet they provided goes to me knees and this thing doesn't fit up my thighs so its been a pain. I'm about to take it off and put on thus Madera stage 1 compression garmet I purchased. The doctor called to check on me unfortunately I didn't get to speak with him but there isn't I think I'm doing okay. One I the arms I had lipo in keeps bleeding and hasn't stopped that's prob why I have the headache. I'm limited to the first floor and haven't been able to go up the stairs for a shower so I haven't seem my stomach yet. Hopefully I will get to see it soon. Any recommendations for the burning sensation"

Happy Birthday to me!

Todays my birthday and I'm restricted but blessed and thankful to have gone through with the Tummy Tuck. Thank everyone for all your encouraging words and support. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Post-Op Day 2

The recliner us my best friend but my back has been hurting since I sit and sleep in it. I've been moving around alot, drinking plenty of fluids and eating for strength. I still haven't has had a bowel movement and I've taken Duralox and stool softner. I've had my first shower yaayyy! It felt so refreshing but was a pain taking off the bandages and putting them back on. I'm a lil disappointed in the garmet that was provided because it doesn't really compress my stomach and does come all the way up mu thigh. I'm leaking blood from 3 areas 2 areas near my tummy tuck and my arm is really leaking. I haven't been on any pain medicine today just fighting through the soarness. Any suggestions on having a bowel moment? Also so I need to rebandage my entire body or only the areas leaking blood?

Day 5 Post Op Update


I can honesty say each day gets a little better. For the past 2 nights I tried to lay in a bed and it feels like gravity moved all my flood to legs and arms and are really swollen and feel extremely weird. So I think I will be back on the recliner tonight.

I really haven't had pain after Day 2 (been off all meds since day 2), the excessive bleeding from my arm has dissipated (however I very bruised and tender). I still bleed a bit from the belly button and the drain incision site. My thighs are completely swollen and black and blue (I'm sure this small garment that cuts off my circulation in the legs is the reason). My left post thigh is numb and I still have a slight burning/tingling sensation. My knees and upper arms are extremely tender but most of the aches have subsided. I'm going to ask Dr. C for another garment in my follow-up visit tomorrow. I hope he doesn't charge me for it.

Moving Around:
Day 1- 2 I needed to use my walker it was truly helpful. I could not get up from the chair without help, I pretty much couldn't do anything without help. I would try to move around every couple of hours. I could not stand on my own without becoming very winded. Also taking a shower was a job in itself. It took like an 1.5 hours to take off the bandages, take a shower( which I sat in a chain in the shower), and then re-bandage my entire body. I could not stand long because I wasn't getting circulation to the legs. It was a task might I say. By day 3, my mom and I came up with a system to help speed up the process of bandaging and I think we are pro's at it now.
Day 3-5 I walking up and down the stairs now but immediately have a shortness of breath when I reach the top. I can use the bathroom on my own and can push myself up from the recliner. I went to the store on day 4 and my circulation in the legs were so bad that we had to leave shortly afterwards. On day 4, I could finally get up and fix my own food (although I do enjoy my food being fixed and brought to me) My parents are awesome!!! Don't know how I could have done this without them.

Dr. C called on day 1 to see how I was doing. Unfortunately I missed his call but he manged to reach my dad so he told him I was fine. Their office has been closed since my procedure so I called today to make my follow-up appt for tomorrow. Since ATL will have bad weather the remainder of the week I really can't go back to see him any other time. I still draining a lot so I don't think this drain will be coming out tomorrow.

My tummy tuck looks awesome and I'm amazed my huge pouch is MIA! I honestly do not see the results in the back, arms, or thighs. My back looks the exact same as before sx so I really hope its swollen right now because I will be extremely disappointed. To recap I had the following procedures: Tummy tuck, lipo to entire upper arm, lipo to upper stomach, back, bra rolls, and flanks, and lipo to entire thigh mainly inner and knee area. Since this stupid drain is in and I'm bleeding in some area its really had to measure and see my results but I will keep everyone posted.

1 Week Post Op Pics

Review to follow....

1 Week Post Op Review


I had my follow-up with Dr. C 2 days ago. The visit literally lasted less than 10 min which I'm not too happy about. He looked only at a portion of the incision near the drain and said I was healing good but didn't look at any other area. I mentioned to him that my knee was extremely swollen and black and blue and he stated that was normal. He mentioned to wear my compression garment for a few weeks and swelling will go down. I asked for a longer girdle and he mentioned they did not carry long girdles..smh...i would think they would have a girdle for all procedures they perform. He suggested that I could pick up one from Walmart. Then he quickly showed me how to pull out the drain and take out my stitches. Hence I'm traveling back with this damn drain. I'm still draining over 75cc a day so I hope this well dries up quick so I can wear normal clothes. Upon leaving I asked for my records so I can travel back with them but they didn't have the operative notes prepared yet so I asked for them to email it.


The garment Dr C provided came mid thigh and cut off my circulation so it was imperative that I purchase a long compression garment ASAP. I went to Walmart and of course they didn't carry any long garment. So I wan out to this outlet mall in the area and purchase Lipoexpress Faja. It cost $130..The garment is tight, itchy, and uncomfortable but it had to do for the meantime. After being uncomfortable to 24 hours I logged online and spent another $130 and purchase a long girdle from Marena group. This is the 2nd I bought from them and I know that its comfortable to wear all day. I hope to have it by Sat and I will wear this faja only for waist training purpures a few weeks down the line (only while home cause its tight). I can say sitting elevated, wearing the faja, drinking water, and walking every so often brought down the swelling a bit.

Operative Notes

I received an email with the operative notes. The notes were incomplete and missing information about the lipo to my arms. I emailed them back to inquire and it was hand written that they had no additional notes and they too 450cc out the left and 350cc out the right...wtf...how lazy for them not to type that up...Anyways the notes also mentioned they did majority my anterior thigh and slightly the inner. This is not what I requested. As you can see in the pics it doesn't look like any fat was removed from the inner. Not happy ay all????. I will be patient and give it 2 months to see if it gets better. The same with my back, flanks, and bra it barely looks lipoed so I will wait and see.


So far so good. Each day gets better. I only bleed or leap near the drain site. My bruising almost cleared except for the knee area. My swelling has gone down quiet a bit so I'm happy about that. The aches and pains have almost dissipated. I still have some soreness in my arms and thighs. My tummy tuck hasn't been painful whatsoever????...

Office Experience

Everyone was correct on the doctors bedside manner he isn't personable at all but he is nice and limited with words. My first impression with the staff, I found them willing to answer questions over the phone and through email. I felt Gail could have read over some of the information with me instead of having me read and sign for myself. I literally had to ask for everything even to see pictures. If you dont ask you will not get. I could say the in personal office experience has been the worst compared to all the other consultations I received. However I chose to go with him based off my own research and you wonderful ladies here on RS sharing your journey and results!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Cheers ???? to everyone that is going through this journey!


I'm still draining over 100 cc a day and I'm really tired of this things hanging from my side!!! The drain has been a pink/yellow for the past few days. I'm afraid it will continue draining and I was hoping to have this out by week 2. I had a minor snag where the drain almost completely pulled out but I managed to push it back in. Its still draining but to be on the safe side i called Dr. C's office and was told I should be fine. Has anyone exceeded 3 weeks with a drain? What's the best way to click it under clothes without it being noticeable? Thx!

Need Advice!!!! Calling all my Cochran Dolls!!!

I'm still wearing this damn drain!!!!! On Thurs and Fri. I was draining 25 cc's. I spoke with Dr. C's office yesterday and they said if by morning I was still draining low then I can remove it. Well this morning I was still at 25cc and I emptied the drain and suctioned it. In less than 5 min its filled to 75cc's. I emptied it again and now its been about 5 hours and I'm like at 30cc's. Its now been 17 days wearing this thing so my question is. Do you think its safe to pull it out? I can imagine anytime I suctioned this thing its will drain but I'm just not too sure. I need some advice. Thanks everyone!

Drain Out!!!

Feel relieved ???? to have this drain out!! I put on this tight faja to help with the compression. Now I can stand completely straight...So happy now I hope this small opening heals quickly so I can start my scar therapy.

Setback...Why Me???

So this past weekend I was contemplating about removing the drain based off the discussion I had with the nurse. The drain had been in for over 2 weeks and the plan was if I drained no more than 25cc by Sat I could remove it. Well Sat rolled around and I was at 25cc. But when I suctioned the drain I immediately drained 75cc. Then I waited another day and it was less than 50. So I removed it Sunday. Well just my luck I'm still draining!!! I called Dr C this morning and he advised me to find local doctor to drain me and he will speak with them. Well I was at work and very very busy so I called one PS and they said that could get me in today and it would cost $350 to drain me...Then they irritated me with the question why didn't I get the procedure done locally..Well the answer to that is I can spend my money where I like to spend it and I didn't find and surgeons here that I liked. Long story short I left work to get drained, paid them my $350 and the PS tell me that I will continue to drain and I need to go back to GA and have my PS place a drain back in me. I if he could do it and did he speak with Dr. C because I specifically requested that when I made the appointment and I know Dr. C's office tried to call him. He said "no" he didn't and that its a liability to place a drain in me because they don't like to work on other surgeons patients. WTF!!! You just took my $350 barely drained me cause I still feel a little fluid and refuse to put a drain in me. I called Dr. C afterwards and he thought that that was ridiculous for them to request for me to travel back to GA to get a drain put in. He mentioned he would call him and recommended I wear a extremely tight garment and place a towel inside on the bottom of my stomach so that can help close the space inside. I think if I would have had a binder instead of a girdle my drain would have been out sooner. But since I had a girdle that was limited on how tight you can pull it this is prob why I'm still draining. I plan to give him an update by Monday but right now it seems like fluid has shifted to my lower back. Again if dont think that stupid PS I went to today drained me well. So I'm highly frustrated right now!!!

New pics

Here are my results at 3 weeks. I still have fluid in my stomach so its puffy at the bottom and on my sides. Dont mind the marks on my stomach its from the towel the doctor asked for me to wear under my garmet for tighter support. Also my scar is healing pretty good I haven't started my strips yet but plan to once I'm finally drained for good. In the meantime Im putting cocoa butter skin therapy on my scar.

Down almost 20 lbs

Since surgery 3 weeks ago I'm down 20 lbs. Whooohooo!!! I know most is from the fat removed and then I been trying to eat a high protein low carb diet.

Draining Update

As of Monday, I'm still producing fluid inside. I need to be drained once again! I spoke with Dr. C and he helped me locate someone that can place a drain in me. But I havent been able to reach the scheduler to set up an appt. I did however find another PS that will be willing to assist with draining or placing a drain in me. She charges $94 to drain...So pissed that other jerk charged $350 t0 drain me. Dr. C was also surprised that he charged that much. However if this Dr. has to place a drain in me it could cost up to $500..smh..Highway robbery!!! I tried finding last minute flights to Atl but I can't find any straight flights and it would cost just as much to fly there any just to pay it here. Lesson learned I should have kept that stupid drain in. But I just ready to get this excess fluid out of me and this healing process to end...On a positive note my scar is really thinning out and getting lighter so I'm happy about that. My clothes are fitting better by the week and I hope to start back slowing working out in 2 weeks. Today I'm officially 4 weeks post with of course some technical difficulties going on with the drain but its minor.

4 weeks post op

I'm officially 4 weeks post of and almost normal but not quite there. I got drained today the doctor mentioned she could only insert a drain via laser since she does stainless surgery. I'm annoyed because I been speaking with the office since Monday and they assured me the last 2 days she could drain me and/ place a drain in me. Anyways I pray no more fluid develops!!! She told me to wear tight compression on my girly parts. So I'm pretty compression I have on a panty girdle and the Ardyss body magic girdle. I'm starting to walk longer without being winded and can do more around the house. I can't wait until I'm able to workout. My results will be even better. I'm still a little numb in my left thigh and lower back but some feeling is coming back.

Hi Dolls!

Hey dolls! I been a M.I.A. but my life has been hectic these past few weeks at work and trying to move. Anyways I think the drainage has subsided at this point but I still have a little in my stomach the the other PS I went to failed to get out. She poked me like 5 times trying to find the appropriate area to drain me. Dr. C however was very helpful with trying to find someone in my area to assist me and he offered to have his friend in TN place a drain in me for free. I wanted to avoid having to travel and take off work again so I decided to just see how my body does this week. So far so good just need the little extra fluid out of me. The other PS I seen a week ago only charged $92 to drain me so hopefully she can get this last little fluid out for similar or less the price. If not, I will find a cheap flight and try to head to Dr. C for a follow-up appointment and just have him do it. I didn't expect my job to stress me the hell out seeing how they knew I just came back from surgery but I feel like I've been punished for taking time off. So right now I'm extremely stressed the hell out not to mentioned I have a whole house to unpack....My results are coming along really good, my stomach and waist looks better by the week. My scar is also looking very good. I still have some numbness in one thigh and lower back but the feeling is coming back. I will post pics once I get drained again. TTYL!

Preowned Surgical Garments For Sale

Hi Ladies, I have 3 pre-owned surgical garments 4 sale. These are stage 1 garments except for one but I literally only got 2 weeks of wear out of them so they are in great shape. The size is XL and they were purchases from Marena Group so the fabric is excellent quality nylon. I provided more info on the pictures. These garments cost me from $98-$110 but since they are top big now I'm will sale for 50% the price. Inbox me if interested and I can invoice you through Paypal. Thx

6 Weeks Post Op

Here are some pics.

Updated Aftercare and Followup

I had to update Dr. Cs after care to a 5. Since I had this issue with the extra fluid he called several times to check on me and even offered to have a friend in TN put a drain in me for free. Thank God it didn't have to come to that but I appreciate him personally reaching out to check on me. The fluid has dissipated at this point. I'm a bit scared it will come back so I wear a waist trainer/ girdle 24/7. I feel 95% back to my normal self but I still have numbness and tingling in my thighs and arms so it feels weird working out.

Some pics

Excuse my crappy camera. I will post more pics soon.

More Pics

Here are some more pics. Showing my belly button and how well that has healed and the dog ear. Keep in mind that big ugly scar on my stomach was from a surgery I had 10 years ago so dont mind that one.

Swell Hell

dolls! I have been doing quite well its a great feeling when you start feeling normal again. However my upper abdomen has been swelling like crazy and it feels weird...i know this is normal and I will eventually get through this phase. I think I'm at my final results. My arms still have excess skin ???? and my thighs could be better. But that's okay because I'm pleased with my results. Maybe in the near future I will have Dr. C complete an arm lift. I dont recall seeing any pics in his office. I'm posting a recent pic. Excuse my crappy camera. I can never get the back angle right.

I had my consultation over the phone since I'm out of state. It was a quick conversation with the doctor because I was at work. Vicki and Gail have been able to answer every question I have had. I feel comfortable with moving forward with Dr. Cochran. Update post surgery - I met the doctor and staff in person. The staff was very nice but I soul have like to see them be a little more helpful and detail oriented when explaining the post surgical procedures instead they left it to me to read all the paperwork myself. Dr. C was in and out in less than 10 min. I felt rushed. The office experience could have been better. I love my tummy tuck he did an excellent job! However I dont feel I received the maximum results I'd requested on my lipo. Overall his work is good and I'm glad I moved forward with this decision!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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