22 YO MOM 0f 2! Considering BBL/ Tummy Tuck - Columbus, GA

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I am a work in progress my plan is to lose approx...

I am a work in progress my plan is to lose approx 50 lbs prior to the surgery so far I have lost 8. I'm currently on appetite suppressants to help control my need to over eat. I know I will need a tummy tuck this belly is hardly going anywhere even with extreme exercise. I'm considering BBL bcuz I used to have a butt but now it's gone ????. A lot of ppl have mentioned I still have a butt it's just the fat around me that's hiding it. That is true but I think I would like a lot more Volume to it and have a more rounder shape. Mid weight loss I will consult with my idea plastic surgeon.


I confirmed that I would like to have my bbl around this time 2016. Why the wait? I still would like to be as close to my weight goal prior to my sx.

Just because

Just wanted to add pre op pics of my progress. 5'2 189 lbs today!

Decision Made

so I think I have made my decision!!!..... I want to be a patient of Dr Medina in the DR. I've spoken to my significant other about it and he's decided to come with me :) now we just have to find a baby sitter lol. Of course this isn't for another year or so however I just wanted to make sure I have my Ducks in a row but I am very pleased with my decision. I have not heard anything bad about Dr. Medina and I love her work and price that's all I want in a dr ( plus board certification). I have 30 lbs to go but this makes me more motivated than ever!! Keep u ladies posted ????????????????

What I want done

tummy tuck
Inner thigh
Arms lipo
Side of breast and lift (previous reduction)

My current Measurements are:
Chest 43
Waist 37
Hips 43
Thigh 42

Note to self...Prices

Haven't received any quotes but my plane ticket is $325 round trip passport $135! So $460

Time off

So I've decided to stop stalking realself so hard for a while. My sx is over a year away so right now I need to focus on getting the extra weight off and get down to at least 165! Ladies good luck with your journey's and will stay posted when I have major updates!

Delayed until 2017

After battling to lose weight I decided on WLS ( weight loss surgery). I was doing well in the beginning but now I'm at 210. Unhealthy eating habits and minimal exercise did it. Anywho I plan on going to Dr. Carlos A in Tijuana Mx. I have already paid my deposit and am booked for Feb 20!... I will have my TT and BBL in 2017 now. I am still undecided on who to go to so for now I will just keep watching reviews until at least 3 months prior to sx. Well wishes to everyone on your journey!
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