25 Years Old Petite 102 Pounds 5 Feet Tall - Columbus,

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Currently one day post op and loving my new body....

Currently one day post op and loving my new body. Had lipo and butt implants with the fat bring grafted around the implants giving me also more waist. I chose aart 550 round mostly because I was afraid of the ovals rotating. As of right now I have no pain in my behind area mostly very soar around my stomach.

Post op day 2

Currently I'm not feeling much pain mostly just when I have to get up from bed my stomach where I had the fat taken out hurts a bit. Since I been sleeping on my face a lot my face is super swollen which I don't know if that's normal.

More pics from surgery day

Day 3

I hate sleeping on my stomach I feel like I'm not getting a good rest, my neck hurts from the pillows and the drains are so annoying but other than that I'm doing okay can't wait to be able to sit on my butt again. I took a shower yesterday and was able to get a better look at my butt it looks big and exactly how I wanted it,

Post op day 5

A little TMI but I've been a bit bloated and haven't had a bowel movement since the day before surgery. I'm kinda scared to have one because my incision is between my butt cheeks. At the same time I been really feeling like going. Other than that butt still looks good and love seeing myself naked.

9 days post op

I'm feeling okay just anxious to get the drains removed. I also can't wait to be able to sit and sleep normally again. My drains still are releasing that liquid so I'm not sure how will I know that it's okay to get them removed if the liquid stuff is still coming out. Also I'm really glad I decided to go with the 550 instead of the 450 because it's really not that big and I'm a small girl but it still doesn't look toooo huge. I'm not sure if it's because my doctor put fat around the implants or that but they don't feel hard like I imagined, I read so many posts about it feeling like rocks, my butt feels just firm not too hard.

9 day post op

Laying on my stomach

Day 9 post op

Day 10

I've been having my sister help me clean the incision area, everything looks fine no type of opening or anything the only problem I've been having is that my incision site is soooo itchy! Like I've been dying to scratch but I've been controlling the itch with ice packs. I'm thinking of going to get some Benadryl too, it's really so itchy I'm not sure how normal that is, I'm going to call my doctor Monday to see what she recommends for the itch. Any suggestions or idea if it's normal for the incision to itch?

Post op day 13

Finally got my drains removed! It was such a weird feeling but not painful. In regards to my itching the doctor recommended placing a gauze in between my butt Cheecks because she said possibly the rubbing together could be making me itch and it being a moist area, as of right now it's been working. Now I'm just waiting to get to week 3 so I can start sitting a little at least. Does anyone know at what point it's okay to have a drink, I been wanting to go out and show off my new body but I don't want to harm anything. Also would like to know when does the scar start to fade away?

2 week post op

So unfortunately I have a opening in my incision, my doctor said its nothing to worry too much about since its superficial on the outside and just told me to keep the area clean and put a gauze in between. I'm so afraid of infection I've been changing the gauze and keeping it clean I haven't noticed any drainage or anything so I'm praying it resolves and doesn't get worse. Anyone know how long it takes for things like this to resolve.

Almost three weeks post op

The incision has been finally closing up and looking better day by day. I will be three weeks on Wednesday and on Thursday I have a post op appointment to check on my incisions. I'll try to start sitting after that. I really can't wait to be able to sit.

20 days post op

Just an update with pic tomorrow I'll be three weeks post op, I actually had sex yesterday wich was a bit of a mission but I can't keep my bf away ever since I got my donk. As for my incision I been putting neosporin and changing the dressing twice a day.

22 days post op

I had my check up today and Dr.Grawe said my incision is closed, and I can start sitting and laying on my butt so I'm super happy :-)

26 days post op

My swelling has gone down and I'm sleeping on my butt and sitting on it more but it's still somewhat uncomfortable. My butt is still big and nice but I wish it would of stayed a little bit bigger like when it was swollen. The incision looks closed. I don't want to lay on my sides because I don't want to kill the fat, my hips look so good I just don't want to lose them.

4 weeks post op

Went shopping today :)

6 weeks post op

So today I'm going in for my 6 week post op and my butt is great, it's dropped and not as high anymore, it also jiggles and is softer, it's actually starting to feel a lot more like a real butt.

7 week post op

Some things I would say about this surgery is that it is definitely worth the pain and the 3 weeks of not sitting. The day I got out of surgery I was like omg I couldn't even go to the bathroom to pee alone I was super nauseas (thank god for my sister) who took care of me like a baby. Now I get compliments on my butt every time I go out and I love it. The biggest concern I had before getting it was that I would look weird if I went too big but I would definitely suggest any of you girls to go with the bigger one of your choices because I got 548cc round and the projection is good, not too exaggerated, I think I could of even gone a little bigger but what I have for my small frame looks normal. I've seen a lot of girls who get under 450 and the oval ones specially in my opinion you can't see a big difference with those, the good thing about my doctor is if you want ovals she can get them custom made so you can get the projection of the round ones but I'm glad I just went with round. So if your undecided like I was with the 450 and 550 go with the bigger size I'm glad I did. Today I been feeling my butt and it feels way softer a lot more like a real butt.

3 month update

In officially three months post op, my butt is a whole lot softer it feels to me like a normal muscular butt. The implants have dropped into place and it's still big and fabulous. My scars are darker now but Dr Grawe did say they would get darker between 3-6 months and then lighten up. One horrible thing is that I got a couple stretch marks on my butt cheeks but I guess thats just because my butt did a lot of stretching out, I have been putting lotion but i don't know what else to do I've never had stretch marks before, any suggestions ?. My stomach is still a bit lumpy from my lipo I'm hoping it evens out soon because I want to start wearing bikinis.

Three and a half month update with pics

Some pictures of my butt while laying down, I was too lazy to get up. Here you can see some of my stretch marks also lol. I'm still very much in love with my butt results and I can't stop buying clothes everything looks soo good!

4 month update

My implants are still lovely, they continue to only feel like firm muscle at the very top of my butt cheeks at the bottom it feels like normal fat. They jiggle all you want like a regular butt, I feel like I can actually twerk now lol before I think my butt was too small to twerk.. My bf loves it ahd I can't get over how much better my clothes looks With everything I wear.

Over a year post op

So it's been a while and I just scheduled a follow up with Dr Grawe because I'm starting to consider a revision, I got the implant size 548cc and I'm starting to think that was too big for me. I'm a petite girl and my legs are super skinny. I've been working out at least three days a week on legs trying to get my legs to get bulkier to match my butt. Buttttt it's not really working and since my butt dropped it just makes my legs look too skinny for my butt. The first couple of months before my butt dropped it looked great but now I'm noticing my legs compared to my butt too much specially with all the pictures of kim k on ig lol I just feel like omg do I look like that. If there was a way to get my butt to lift just a tad bit it would look great or if I could get fat grafted under my butt so that the area from where the butt ends to where the legs start wouldn't be so noticeable. Any who I'm scheduled to see Dr Grawe June 15th and living in Columbus I wish I could just drive to see her tomorrow lol I still love how it looks from behind but from the side really don't like how it looks in anything besides dresses it looks saggy but lets see what she suggests hopefully I can avoid a revision and there's something else she can suggest otherwise I'll be saving again to go to a smaller size. If a smaller size is even possible because since a pocket is created for the bigger implant I wonder how a smaller one would sit in there? Would it move around or what ? I want more of the Kylie butt with less projection but smoother transition into the leg.

Kylie butt ??

Follow up

I went to my appointment on the 15th and Dr Grawe gave me a few options. One, I could have far grafted under the implant, only prob is I don't have any fat for that. Two I could just go hard in the gym to build legs which I'm trying to do but is very very hard. Three I could just go down a size or two in implants which would cost me an additional 6k, the recovery would be a lot easier and the procedure would be a lot faster. I'm planning on working out for another couple of months before I consider replacing my implants with a smaller size.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

After spending months looking for a doctor I was thinking of going to Stanton in California but after my consultation with him decided not to because he wouldn't go bigger than 400cc on me and wouldn't fat graft. Once I met dr Grawe she assured me she could do exactly what I wanted she was absolutely amazing, very nice, patient and always smiling. I definitely recommend her.

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