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I had my consult in July for both a butt and...

I had my consult in July for both a butt and breast aug. The cost was sort of discouraging so I didn’t schedule right away. Last week Oct 15th or so I applied for care credit and alphaeon and was approved for both (shocking as I’ve heard care credit can be really hard to get approved for and alpha eon originally said they review my application and mail me a decision and that usually what happens when you’re denied). I called as soon as I got a card number and scheduled for 12/21 as soon as finals are over. I’m hoping that bedrest or limited mobility between that time and the start of spring semester is enough.
Kind of nervous about having both boobs and butt done at the same time. How am I gonna sleep?! I’m still thinking I might break up the procedures.
Currently I’m scheduled to have butt and boob implants, lip of flanks and fat grafting around the implants and hips. I don’t have a lot of fat though and I’m thinking it might be a waste to do the fat grafting so I might take that off the list. What do you guys think?

Wish pics

Not much has changed....
Having some issues getting an appointment with my primary care doc for clearance. Hoping I don't have to push things back.
Included some butt wish pics...

Less than a month now......

It's officially less than a month until my surgery. My pre-op is 12/8 and thats when I get to pick out sizes.
So far I'm thinking the 548 rounds, that seems to be what most of the ladies around my height and weight got and they look great!
What are some of the extra after surgery things/tips that would be good? so far i have these on my list:
-arnica montana for bruising
-compression socks
-peroxide, bacitracin ointment, gauze for wound cleaning
-liquid iron or iron tablets (I'm usually border line anemic so I've started that now)
-protein shakes, hummus, chicken, etc for more protein for healing
-bromelain for protein digestion
-scar therapy gels and sheets (whats recommended?)
-fanny pack (for drains)

I know there should be more but that was all off the top of my head I have a list written down somewhere, but anything anyone can think of would be really appreciated :)
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I loved the atmosphere of the office. I loved even more that Dr. Grawe did my consultation completely (at my other consult the doctors nurse did the majority of everything and I only saw the doc for maybe 5 mins when the measurements were taken). She was very personable and answered any questions that I had.

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