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So yesterday I went to Columbus Ohio and met Dr....

So yesterday I went to Columbus Ohio and met Dr. Grawe for my consultation for a butt augmentation. I have decided on getting implants, with lipo on my flanks and fat grafting into my hips and butt to make it look more soft and natural. I am super excited for surgery and glad I met such an awesome doctor. Right now I'm just trying to decide what size implant to get, I've already tons of reviews and looking at lots of pictures to get a good idea. I am 5'7and about 150 pounds, I have an athletic build and just want a bigger booty. I have been squatting and lunging for years and none of that will give me what I want. Any comments or opinions are appreciated on choosing my implant size.

Limitations after

Just wondering if I'll be able to workout a month or so after surgery? I don't want to hurt the implants. Also, I'm a dancer and I'm nervous about the implants shifting when I'm dancing

Fat grafting or no?

So I was given 3 different quotes, one was for just the butt implant procedure, second was for the butt implants with lipo of the flanks, and third was butt implants, lipo of the flanks, and fat grafting into butt & hips. I originally went with the 2nd quote but then from reading others experiences I changed to option 3 as I heard that the fat grafting will make my butt look softer and more round. Is this the right choice? Is fat grafting necessary?


So I finally decided that I will be getting just implants and lipo of the flanks, no fat grafting. I took some pictures of my backside today and I think the lipo will give me the perfect shape I want. So my total will be around $10,000. Surgery date is Jan. 6. I go in to see the doctor 2 weeks prior to pay and pick the right implant size. Still deciding on that. Thinking 548cc or a little smaller. I don't want it to look too fake.

Implants or fat transfer?

I am so torn between which procedure to do. As I do more and more research I'm afraid that the implant will shell and I'm considering trying to just transfer a fat into my butt instead and see how that works. Has anyone gotten fat transfer and was it successful?

Anyone gone to dr. Fisher in Miami?

I'm getting nervous about getting implants and I'm kind of leaning more toward just a Brazilian butt lift. Just worried the implants are going to affect my work too much considering how physical my job is. One of my friends Ryan to Dr. Fisher in Miami for a BBL and she looks amazing. I'm considering going to him for my Brazilian butt lift but would like to get some feedback if anyone knows how he is. It would be weird to travel to Miami and get surgery from a doctor I've never met but all of his before and after pictures look amazing. I always thought I didn't have enough fat for a BBL but now looking at these pictures I definitely think I do.

No more implants decided on a BBL

I am too afraid of the outcome of kidding but implants. I'm frayed it's going to affect my work way too much and I don't want time to shift in the packet when I dance. So I've decided to just get a BBL. I am going to Dr. Fisher in Miami. I have been doing a lot of research on him and love his work. I spoke with his surgery coordinator who is helping me through the stops are scheduling and paying and all of my presurgery stuff. It is different because I'm going to be flying to Miami to get this done and staying at a recovery house. I am thinking of staying at Keylas recovery house, so far I have read good things and the prices seem reasonable. My BBL cost $5000 and the recovery house will be around $1400 and that doesn't include massages. Plus my airfare will be about 2 to $300. I feel a lot better with this decision.

Fisherdoll 1/17/17

Paid for my surgery today, I am so excited to be getting a BBL from Dr. Fisher. I am flying to Miami in January 16 and staying through the 25th. Still deciding which recovery house but leaning toward Miami Escape. My surgery coordinator told me to stop working out prior to surgery, and as a person who loves to work out daily it is the hardest thing for me. It's been four days and I have been doing some long walks for about 45 minutes to an hour each and I think I'm gonna do some yoga tomorrow. it's just weird to not be trying to lose weight and stay so tight.

Which fajas to buy????

I have surgery with Dr. Fisher January 17 and was wondering what kind of fans to get. I also was wondering about the different fajas I need for each stage post surgery.

9 more days!

Only nine days away till surgery. I am so excited but honestly nervous which I guess is normal. This week needs to go by fast. Can't wait to be in Miami

10 days post op

So I am 10 days postop from my BBl with Dr. Fisher. I love my results. And I love the shape that he gave my body. I have a great butt with hips and a tiny waist. A lot of swelling has gone down in my waist. I have been wearing my garments and lipo foam 24 hours a day. I hate how the lipo foam makes me look so bulky, but I know they will help with the swelling. How long do I have to wear the lipo foams? Do I wear them with my stage 2 garment?

Dolls recovery getaway

I stayed at dolls recovery getaway for eight nights and seven days. I highly recommend them to anyone getting plastic surgery in the Miami area. Very reasonably priced and includes all meals transportation as well as 24 hour nursing assistance. All the ladies that work there were very nice and helpful. They really keep track of your anabiotic's and will help you with your garments. I felt very safe and taken care of while staying there.

Tomorrow marks two weeks postop

Time is going by fast. I am moving around so much better today, the only problem is bending down which honestly gets easier and easier. I'll be enough I feel a lot of the swelling has gone down in my midsection. I've been wearing my garment, foam, and just started wearing an ab board today. I do feel like my garment is getting a little loose in the waste especially. I am currently wearing my Diane comment that I got at the surgery center. It is a size 42, I also have a Vedette faja size 42 that gives me more compression in the waste so I am going to start wearing that. The doctor said not to switch garments for three weeks but I know I need compression on my midsection. Sense it is the same size if it's the same in the butt. I hate getting afraid it's gonna be too tight on my butt and well hurt the healing there but it is not. I eat a lot of protein and pineapple which I think helps with the recovery. I haven't lost any size in my butt. It seems to be softening little by little. My waist is coming in a little more every day. I'm getting another massage this Wednesday and I started using bio oil on my skin under my tank top which I wear under my faja. I also use Mederma on my incision marks.

3 weeks post op

Already made it to three weeks, I am allowed to start sitting and driving but I have not done either yet. I am nervous. I'm getting a massage later this afternoon so I don't think I have much swelling. Looking forward to changing into my stage 2 garment next week. I really want my waist to get more snatched

Working out three months postop

Will working out affect my results? Can I do squats and work on my legs and butt? Will I still maintain my size?
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