34 - No Kids - 36F to Hopefully 34C! Reduction + Chest/back/stomach Liposuction - Columbus, OH

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Today I had my last appointment with my doctor...

Today I had my last appointment with my doctor prior to my surgery on Friday! I have to say, he and his staff have been SO accommodating of me. I'll back up and tell my story. Since my teenage years my breasts have always been slightly on the bigger size but 2.5 years ago my OBGYN put me on Depo Provera after two surgeries to remove uterine fibroids not only did I gain 50 lbs, my breasts got huge! Since then, I have lost all but 10 of those 50 lbs and my breasts have stayed the same size. I always hated how saggy they were to begin with and now it's even worse. In the last year and a half I've really noticed how much pain I'm always in through my neck and shoulders not to mention the headaches. My hair stylist has had a breast reduction through the same practice and she urged me to go in for a consultation - in fact, her before and after pictures are on the practice website. I chickened out and canceled three consultations before I finally went in. At the time I was wearing a 38DDD bra and I went in for a bra measurement and she told me I was actually a 36F. It was at that moment I knew I needed to see the doctor and I set up a consolation on my drive home. When I went in to see Dr. Angelos he looked at me and talked about my health and then took some pictures. I have to stop here and say that I will always be a difficult patient. When I had uterine fibroids, my OBGYN in Dallas put me on birth control pills to hopefully shrink the fibroids prior to surgery. A month after going on birth control I developed DVT and a pulmonary embolism and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Almost dying definitely puts your life in perspective, but now...every surgery means I have to be on blood thinners. Getting pregnant means I'll have to be on blood thinners. It's a huge pain but still being here to tell this story is a blessing. Any who, he told me he thought I was an excellent candidate for breast reduction surgery and he would submit the paperwork to my insurance and I could expect to hear back from them in 2-4 weeks. He told me at the time his goal was to get me to around a D cup and I left. Almost exactly two weeks later his office called me and said my procedure had been approved by my insurance! I was really surprised that it was that easy but I also knew that I have truly world class insurance and I was so happy. Initially Dr. Angelos told me it would probably take 4-6 weeks to get me scheduled and they told me they had an opening less than 2 weeks from when they called me. I was shocked, that date would have been yesterday. I was out of town until last night so we set it up for Friday, June 17th. I told his nurse on the phone that Dr. Angelos had initially said that he wanted to take me to a D cup but I told her I was more interested in being a C cup because my preference on myself and other women is smaller breasts. She set up an appointment with Dr. Angelos so we could discuss it. As I waited for that appointment I started thinking about liposuction. Now that I knew my insurance was paying for everything with no out of pocket expense for myself, I started thinking about what Dr. Angelos and I had discussed. We talked about how the fat pads near my armpits and on the sides of my rib cage would be even more pronounced after my reduction and that was something that would be an elective cosmetic procedure if I decided to do it. I made up my mind that I wanted to talk to him about that and also my back rolls (or back boobs as I affectionately call them) when I went in. When I saw Dr. Angelos I first discussed my preference for being a C cup. I told him, as a plastic surgeon you get people that come in all the time that prefer a smaller nose or bigger butt and my preference has always been that I like the look of smaller breasts. Dr. Angelos said he could absolutely do that for me! He said his goal is to keep me proportional and in that is a scale, from a D to a large C to a small C and he said he could get me to the smaller end of that scale. Yay! Secondly we discussed my desires for liposuction so I took off my shirt and he discussed that there would be two areas. We could do the chest wall which would be the fat pads under my arms and arm pit and the second area would be the back to remove my back rolls. He said we might as well do whatever I want to do while I'm already under but that doing my back rolls means flipping me over which would make the surgery longer. He told me we could do whatever I wanted and left me with his nurse so she could draw up a quote. She gave me a quote for doing just the chest wall and doing the chest wall and the back and told me to think about it and she'd call me tomorrow morning. We were on a time crunch because my surgery was in less than two weeks so if I decided I wanted to add on, I needed to pay and they needed to schedule more time. I went home and thought about it and knew I wanted to do both liposuction areas and when she called me the next morning, I paid over the phone and started to get even more excited for my surgery. Then the weekend hit and I found myself here all afternoon and I started thinking about what else I wanted done. Aside from my breasts, my stomach is the area of my body that I've always hated. I have never had anything close to a flat stomach no matter how small I've gotten and I started wondering why I wasn't also addressing this. Knowing I was being a pain, I sent Jennifer (Dr. Angelos' nurse) an email and asked if I could see Dr. Angelos this week to discuss stomach liposuction. She was again SUPER accommodating and emailed me back Monday morning to schedule a time. This was all incredibly last minute and I felt really bad constantly changing my mind but I knew I wouldn't be happy unless I at least asked. I saw Dr. Angelos today and he took a look at me and agreed that liposuction is the best treatment for me right now. I haven't had kids yet and I plan to and we discussed that when I'm done having babies a tummy tuck is probably the way to go. I told Dr. Angelos that I have realistic expectations for the procedure. I don't think I'll wake up a Victoria's Secret model but I just want to get rid of my lumpiness and I know it'll be more pronounced when my breasts are smaller. Dr. Angelos said that a lot of his breast reduction patients end up coming back months after their reduction to address the stomach for that exact reason. We then talked about liposuction of just the stomach or liposuction of the stomach and the flanks and I agreed I'd want to do both. We then discussed my breast reduction again and I asked him to walk me through the procedure and he assured me that he does everything possible to keep blood flow to the nipple and remove as little duct tissue as possible so that I can breast feed in the future. That did put me at ease and I know that I might have trouble with that in the future and it could have nothing to do with this surgery but I was glad to hear he was so aware of my desires. We then again discussed that my goal is to be a small/medium C and he understands that. Dr. Angelos really put me at ease and I'm just so impressed with his patience and friendliness. I feel as prepared as I can be for Friday. Now I'm just shopping online for some more post surgery bras and trying to make sure I have food prepared and the house cleaned before Friday. I can't wait!

Feeling overwhelmed

I spent all last night reading reviews on here about breast reductions instead of cleaning out my closet like I wanted. I can't seem to think about anything else and getting through these next two days of work is going to be torture. That's another thing. I originally only took a week off of work because Dr. Angelos told me some people return to work in a week but my co-worker's wife also had a BR at this same practice years ago and he told me she took two weeks and was really surprised when she heard I was only taking one. This got me thinking so I called my HR line and started the process for short term disability in the event that I'm not ready to go back after a week. Which it really sounds like I won't be able to from reading reviews. I don't have a strenuous job but it's also not a desk job and I don't want to push myself. What did the rest of you do about work? How long were you off?

Cleared for surgery!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Today was super hectic. My phone just kept ringing all day while I was trying to wrap up my last two days of work. First the anesthesiologist called to collect payment for my liposuction and then my survey center called also wanting money. Fun times! Then the doctor who did my pre-op appointment called and I was holding my breath. They said they were just barely able to clear me for surgery but that my hemoglobin levels were lower than they'd like, just as I told them they would be. I'm currently at 10.5 which for me is pretty good. The doctor wants me to double up on my iron supplements prior to surgery and during recovery - fine. Done! I'm just so happy I was cleared! I've been having nightmares that I'd get a call saying I couldn't have my surgery. Lastly my work disability provider called and I was on the phone with them forever going through my procedure and recovery and what I'd need off from work. Again, I work for an amazing company with killer benefits. It's so awesome! I did tell my co-workers last week that I was having a breast reduction and today I told a couple of my employees too. What did you guys tell your co-workers? Were you open about it or did you just come back and everyone asked you if you lost weight? Haha! As I was walking around the mall today I was walking through Von Maur and looking at myself in the mirror. I can't believe I only have one more day of seeing this body in the mirror. It's hard to believe! I've included a couple of current pics to see again what I look like pre breast reduction. T-1 Day!

Today is the day!

I'm at the surgery center with my mom. I got about 2 hours of sleep last night so getting up was not fun this morning. It's 6am and now the nerves are starting to set in. My biggest worry is that I'll wake up and my breasts still won't be small enough. I know I'm annoying but I'm again going to make sure that my doctor knows I want to be a small C!

I'm really thirsty and I feel dehydrated right now which is awesome. I'll keep you posted.

I really don't want my mom in the room with me when I'm getting marked up but I think that'll work out because she's going to go get breakfast.

I'm rambling...

Starting to feel better

This afternoon when I got home was rough. I was in a lot of pain and I mostly just slept between eating until almost 10pm. I woke up then and felt a lot better so I had my mom relocate me to my family room and I watched junk television with my mom and sister until almost midnight. When I woke up from surgery I was really emotional. I started crying because I though my breasts were the same size and my mom had to calm me down and explain that there was a ton of gauze in my bra. She assured me that my doctor said he got me down to the size I wanted and I would be very happy with the results. That was a mess! I'm feeling a lot better now. A little more mobile and like my personality is coming back. Just took two pail pills and hopefully I'll sleep well. I'm a side sleeper but sleeping on my back isn't really bothering me so far which is good. See you all in the morning!

Finally got to see them and I'm in love!!

Today I finally got to take a shower and take out all the gauze and I'm really pleased. Even with the swelling I think they're the perfect size. Exactly what I wanted. I know it'll take a bit longer to see the results of the liposuction but I can tell my stomach is flatter and he's smoothed out my back rolls. Excited to see the final product!

OMG what is that sound??

So today I noticed that I have a TON of fluid under my armpits. When I move my arm up and down, I can hear it sloshing around. When I press on it, it's like jiggling a water balloon around. What is this? Should I call my doctor??

Apparently the sound is "normal".

I sent the video today to my PS's nurse and she had him listen and he said there's nothing to be concerned about and my body will absorb that extra liquid. I hope so. I'm still so incredibly swollen. Anyone have tips for getting rid of the swelling? I have so much swelling on the sides where he did the lipo that I can't even fully put my arms down or reach behind me. It's really uncomfortable.

Unnecessary trip to the ER yesterday

What a nightmare. So I noticed a lot of drainage yesterday so I removed the tape. I wasn't sure if I should tape it back up or not and if so, what kind of tape to use so I decided to call United Healthcare's nurse line because they've been phenomal for me in the past.

After she asked me a bunch of questions she suggested I seek care within 8 hours because she was worried about infection. I really didn't agree with her because I'm on antibiotics and there was no foul smell but I decided better safe than sorry. Because it was already 9pm at this point, my only option was the ER.

After 5.5 hours I finally saw a doctor who seemed terrified to have to look at my breasts. He looked at the incisions and said there was no sign of infection and the drainage he saw on my dressing was totally normal.


So right now I'm all gauzed up and spending another weekend indoors. I feel better and the liposuction areas are definitely starting to be less painful. Sleeping has been pretty awful for me since my surgery but it's finally starting to get a little easier. I'm taking another week off work and I'm hoping to be ready to go after that. I miss real clothes and washing my hair and being part of society. Haha!

It's startling the difference side by side!


2.5 weeks post op

Feeling pretty good. I went back to work and everything was fine. The biggest challenge I have is the binder I'm supposed to wear. The one the doctor gave me shows through my clothing so I can't wear that. I've ordered some different ones from Amazon and hopefully some of those work.

My breasts are starting not to feel as hard and now my nipples itch like CRAZY! The doctor says I'm healing well and I see him again in about 4 weeks and he said he'll be able to release me to full activity then!

Loving my new body. Shopping is now a problem for a different reason. Instead of nothing fitting, everything fits perfectly and now I want everything! Haha! Good problem to have I suppose. Attaching some current pictures.

Some new pics!

A week after my surgery I started Whole 30 and I just completed it the other day. I lost 17 lbs on Whole 30 so that, plus my reduction/liposuction means I'm feeling pretty good about my body for the first time in a long time. Going in for my 6 week appointment this morning and I should be getting cleared for all activity. That's great because I'm feeling very flabby and need to hit the gym hard!
Dr. Tyler Angelos

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