28 Mother of 1 - 36DDD/E - Columbus, OH

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Like most people here I have been very busty since...

Like most people here I have been very busty since I hit puberty. I was a DD by the time I was a freshman in high school and quickly grew to a DDD. My breast size didn't increase much when I was pregnant with my baby, but when I started breastfeeding, they grew to 36K. I am 5'1" and 140lbs. I am really looking forward to reduced back/neck pain and feeling more comfortable in my own skin! I am anxious but mostly excited - this has been a long time coming and can't wait to experience what life is like with a more manageable bust.

Counting down

21 days until my boobs don't disappear into my armpits laying down!

2 weeks pre-op

Tomorrow is officially 2 weeks pre-op and the realization just hit me like a bag of bricks. I received my consent paperwork from the surgeon in the mail yesterday and signed/sent it back today. Even though I've dreamt about having this done for over a decade, now that it's happening I'm starting to get scared and maybe a little sad. I can only imagine what it will be like to look at myself with smaller boobs since I've had these ridiculous things since I was 14. I'm super excited for all the good things to come but really bummed about not being able to pick up my daughter for 6 weeks. I know it will all be worth it but I am definitely going to miss giving her baths and putting her to bed for so long.

8 days until surgery

Last night I was trying to fish laundry out of our washer to put into the dryer. My breasts kept getting in the way and I had to lift them so I wouldn't flatten them against the washer. I am hopeful that after this procedure I won't have to move them out of the way so much.

I am looking forward to being able to take my exercise to a new level too. I love jump rope and high intensity workouts but don't participate too much because my breasts hurt so bad when I jump around.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter!! 8 days until DDD-Day!

Two days pre-op

Two more sleeps until surgery! Ah! C'mon Wednesday!

On the other side of surgery!!

Hey ladies! I had surgery yesterday morning at 730am. It lasted about an hour and a half. Doctor said everything went very smooth. I woke up from anesthesia crying which is fairly typical for me. I wound up getting sick from being dizzy but felt much better afterwards. I've been taking some percocet for the pain but it really isn't too bad without it. The meds just help take the sharp pain away. I have a small amount of drainage. Follow up tomorrow to see my doctor and finally see them without the bra on! Not sure how much was removed yet but I already feel much lighter!

Some pictures

One day post op

More photos

Day one post op

Sharp pain

Has anyone experienced more pain on one side than the other? Left side is a but more swollen and the incision still feels like its burning a bit.

Tingles and tickles

I stopped taking the pain meds early today, they've been messing with my stomach and making me feel like garbage. Tylenol and staying off my feet more than yesterday and I'm feeling much better. Yesterday when we changed my gauze I checked for nipple sensation. The left was sensitive but the right was numb. Sitting on the couch earlier I felt a twinge that almost tickled underneath the right breast. Since then I've felt little twinges heading towards the nipple - maybe a good sign of things reconnecting?! :) not in a hurry to take the gauze off again - I'm a little queries staring at wounds than I tho if and it just feels much better to have the support of the bra. Hope everyone is healing well!

Feeling better!

I've been off the pain meds for over 24 hours and feel much better. My appetite isn't back to normal yet but I've been drinking plenty of water. My husband washed my surgical bra today and I took a nice shower - didn't almost faint this time so we're making progress! Incisions are itchy but I expected that and am glad they are healing.

New photos

Swelling seems to have subsided a little and I'm able to manage pain with just Tylenol still which is great. Bruising still looks terrible but is feeling better. My nipples both feel numb for now. Really hoping sensation comes back!

One more

Right side

Pics taken a day apart. Looking good so far!

Soreness and bruising

I have been feeling great until yesterday. Not sure if I overdid it or if it's because my period is starting, but the swelling and soreness seemed to have increased again. I never used to have any increased sensitivity during my menstrual cycle before surgery so I'm not sure if it's related. Has anyone else experienced this? I am back in the surgical bra instead of the sports bra as it is a bit more comfortable.

Couple more pictures

3 Weeks post

Feeling pretty good! Some itchiness, occasional zingers, some sensitivity coming back in both nipples. I am able to go for longer walks and lush the baby in the stroller. Here are some updated photos. The right t junction kind of looks like new skin is going to grow over the scab that's already there. Will keep an eye on it. Bruising is finally starting to go away!


I am feeling much better in the last three days - swelling/soreness has gone down tremendously. I am able to pick my daughter up with no pain as long as I don't press her into my chest so we are finally getting to snuggle again! I am also now able to sleep on my sides, hallelujah! Stamina is coming back and am starting to feel more normal. Still have the tiniest bit of drainage from the right t-incision. Still putting gauze/pads on to protect the incisions as those are still a bit sore. Scabs are still clinging on for dear life in some spots but have started falling off in others. ZERO back/neck pain since surgery!
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