23 Years Old, 5'9 125lbs 400cc Silicone - Columbus, OH

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I am so excited for my new boobies Friday! I am...

I am so excited for my new boobies Friday! I am currently a full A looking to achieve a full C. Not really worried about surgery but more so how I will be feeling post op. I get married next year so I'm glad I will have these suckers for that :) I would love to hear from the September surgery girlies out there so we can support each other through our journeys!

Pre op. 4 more days

Current size 32A and boob goals. Surgery this friday 400cc HP silicone under muscle

I accidentally made my first review under implants...

I accidentally made my first review under implants with lift but, I'm just getting implants. I am almost 5'9 125lbs athletic build. I have chosen 400cc HP silicone under the muscle to achieve a full C (maybe small D). My surgery is in 36 hours OMG the day is so very near. I played sports my entire life and even did so in college a couple years. I also have a very fast metabolism so Ive maintained an athletic build around 13-15% body fat. This means no boobs, I guess it was one or the other in my case and my body chose butt. I decided I wanted to have the cake and eat it too. I'm so excited for my surgery, I have wanted this for many, many years. I'm loving all the support and help from Realself so I hope my journey will help other fellow IBTC friends looking to resign from the committee. lol.

14.5 hours until Im at the hospital!

So I have to be at the hospital at 630am with surgery at 830am, ugh so early but I'm glad bc I hate going too long without food. Im just too excited I can't stop thinking about it. I have so much prep to do after work. I love shopping so that will ease some anxiety. I'm staying super hydrated today (help prevents feeling sick after surgery) and making sure I get lots of yogurt for recovery which is supposed to prevent nausea from pain meds by coating your stomach! I can handle pain but I hate being sick and after surgery that sounds awful. Ill probably just sleep all day :) almost time!!

Today the day!

I was a little restless last night but I got more sleep than I thought. I just showered with skin cleanser, got my comfy clothes on, bag packed, jewelry off and out and now I'm ready! Heading to the hospital in 10 minutes ahhh hope they can get me in for surgery sooner than 830am.. 2 hours waiting is a long time and my excitement will make it longer. For those who also have surgeries today, may the boob force be with you XOXO will try to update later! Thanks for all the support and tips ya'll have given, its been so helpful and encouraging. I'm ready :)

Enjoying the new view

They are in!! I just got home, I went in at 830am. It was so quick and easy. I feel great, not tired or nauseous.. just hungry. The pain isn't bad either just tight. I am loving them. Excited for these next couple weeks for them to drop and fluff! To recap, started at 32A, got 400cc HP round silicone implants. Hoping for full C and some change. Looking at them I think it when pretty well :) my fiancé is awesome and took the day off, such a sweetie. Welp, time to eat! More updates to come

Not too bad

Okay. So Ive had these bad boys in for about 10 hours now and I feel pretty normal beside the tightness which has not bothered me with minor pain killers. I haven't needed the extreme pain killers (tip: take pain meds after some yogurt to avoid nausea and upset stomach) but I'm not tired, Ive been so bored walking around the house, online shopping etc. If this is the worst then I think this recovery should be a breeze! Ill update y'all on tomorrows pain level.

Day 1 post op

Today has been a breeze. Not in pain just a tight chest. I went shopping at the mall earlier to find a dress that covers up this ugly sports bra for a wedding I have to attend tomorrow. Yay. As of now, I'm laying in bed until a baseball game that my fiancé just won tickets too. I know, GREAT timing -__- hopefully no baseballs to the boobs lol. I'm so bored laying in bed. I hate not being able to do much. I am a fashion blogger so I really just want these bad boys to drop so I can take pictures of clothes again!! Hope everyones labor day weekend is as pain free as can be :) XX

Day 3 post

Not much change so this is going to be pretty short. I'm still feeling great! I went to a baseball game and a wedding these past 2 days and had no pain.. not really needing any pain meds anymore which I only took bc the tightness. I think the more you're up and moving the better it feels (or maybe thats just me). Haven't lost any sleep either so I'm surprised about that. Hope all my friday girls are feeling better today, Happy labor day!!

Week one with the Boobers

Dang one week down!! I'm so excited. I have a couple vacations coming up so I hope they drop a little by then. I'm pretty happy with the size. When they D &F I'm sure they will be what I was going for... I'm impatiently waiting haha. Stopped taking pain meds after day 2 with no issues. Tightness feeling has been dwindling down. Andddd. . thats pretty much it. I will update on week 2 or if something changes. Hope my fellow Boobitas are coming along in recovery just fine :)

2 weeks PO

First off, I can't believe Ive had boobies for 2 weeks! I have finally been cleared to workout a bit which is exciting because I love doing ab and butt workouts. Doc says everything looks good, they are still high but will be dropping over the next few weeks :) I cant help but to try on all my clothes and see how much better they look filled out! Haha hope everyone is feeling good about their new additions. Will catch up soon xx

1 month PO!

I can't believe it's been a month. I was trying on swimsuits and I am loving the results thus far. It's so nice to feel like a women in a bikini. I've been using a scar gel that my doctor gave me for a week and a half now and they are looking better..just a little glue still stuck around the scar as you can see in pic. ANDD Finallyyy dropping except one faster than the other.. not too noticeable though..I just stare at them all the time so I can tell hahah. I'm very happy I chose 400cc silicone. Hope you ladies are doing well and to those waiting for an upcoming surgery it will be here before you know it!

2.5 months PO

It's been a while but just wanted to do a quick update. I'm 5'9 125 lbs got 400cc silicone HP. I started as a 32A and am now a 32DD. I'm so happy with the results :) They have dropped a lot since getting them done which makes me love them more. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
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She's great! I can't wait to see the final results :)

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