I was a small 34 B weighed 145 5"7. - Breast Augmentation - Columbus, OH

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I was a small 34 B weighed 145 5"7. Then lost 25...

I was a small 34 B weighed 145 5"7. Then lost 25 pounds and my boobs. Bras became too big. I'm 48 years old exercised to lose weight and a mail carrier so was kinda muscular. Had 421cc under muscle as recommended by ps. Was in a lot of pain after BA. They still sit high and are firm and very worried

Been told have capsular contracture

Little over 4 weeks PO and just told by ps I have cc in both breasts worse in left than right. That they won't drop and soften. I'm really freaking out!

5 weeks post op. I want these out!!!

I think I'm going crazy. I can't live with these hard things in me. And now I think one has bottomed out. I don't want to go back to my original doctor. I didn't do any research before BA. Now I can't seem to find information to find a good ps to remove them. So scarred what I'll look like when they come out. Was small before don't want to be left with nothing. If anyone knows of a good ps in ohio to remove these Please let me know
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