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I had implants put in '00 (at 18 yrs old) going...

I had implants put in '00 (at 18 yrs old) going from an a/b cup to 32DD, however I was likely even bigger than that! They were silicone, 600 cc's. After 9 years, the left side bottomed out and was uncomfortable in bras and especially odd to look at, so I had a revision in 2009. I asked for smaller implants then, and my PS said 500 cc would be the smallest I could go without needing a lift then. So I took that as fact, and now have 500 cc's- still a 32DD or DDD depending on bra.

The left side has begun to bottom out again, and looks so different than the right. I'm done with this cycle of revisions. I no longer need the attention or validation of having larger breast to feel like a woman. I'm ready for people to notice me for my personality, smile and charm, not just my big chest.

I am having them removed, with no lift right now. I want to give my body time to heal, the skin to contract naturally - which is a BIG question since its been 13 years! But I am hopeful with taking good care of mind and body that it'll work out beautifully!

24 hours post op

I had them removed yesterday morning and all went very smooth! It took less than an hour under IV sedation. I woke up in recovery and looked down immediately- they were cute and tiny! I felt so much lighter! I was surprised how the natural fold was back, as you could see the fold from where the implant used to be. I'd still have perky boobs!

No pain at first, but emptied the drains around 3 pm and the right breast began bleeding at the incision site/drain. I called the physicians office and they told us to come in - Dr. Grawe gave me immediate attention and treated me in-office. I couldn't look, but she had to open the site up and locate the cause of bleeding. She used local numbing so I couldn't feel much except the pressure. The bleeding stopped and even then, the pain was only a 2 on a 1-10 scale.

Just woke up (slept in same position all night not to move with the drains) and feeling sore near the incision areas. The compression bra feels good. Going to take it easy for another day and heal.

Emotionally, it is such a relief! Yesterday I had a moment of tears, simply because I had done this to myself so young and for all of those years I let the attention of having large breast validate myself. Who I am internally now matches my natural self and it feels AMAZING! I'm looking forward to the day here in the near future when I get ready for work, wearing something fabulous that I don't have to squeeze my breast into and confidently going out.

Drains are a pain

3 days post-op and feeling pretty good! Went and got my hair cut to match the new me! Can't wait to go shopping after the drains come out, as shirts now have to cover up the drains and it's hard to conceal!

Showering for the first time was..scary. I was nervous to get them wet and overall I'm just sore, nervous to touch them, too! Keeping them in compression (surgical ones - you can buy on eBay for $30 each) all the time except when showering. Also, i use a stretched out elastic headband in the shower aroind mu waist to attach the drains to.

Besides the drains, I feel great and completely satisfied with the decision. I look more thin and younger, I think!

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