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Hello there! I've been on here stalking...

Hello there! I've been on here stalking everyone's stories and photos.. So I decided it was time to write my own! I'm a 35 year old mom of 2 teens. I'm 5ft 2 and weigh 113 and have NO boobs! I have always worn a 32A but really I'm a -A is what I was told today! ???? So I went into meet w Dr Centeno in Columbus! He is super sweet and very informative. After discussing my options and what he thinks is best, I have finally decided on 325cc HPsilicone and scheduled my urgent date for 6/6/16 let the count down begin!!! I'm super excited!!

May 23rd

Dadius at the Columbus office is the sweetest person! I know I have asked a million questions and she is so supportive and is there for all my annoying needs! Hehe.. Got a call back today answering all my questions and even changed my surgery date! Which was NO problem! So far I LOVE my choice in Dr Centeno and his staff!!! Will keep posting updates as I go! Come on May 23rd

Come on May 23rd

Going into the office in a few weeks to play around w the imaging. I am having the hardest time deciding on CCs I'm back and forth. Ahh why is this so hard to do?! LOL

74 days and counting

74 days seems like forever away! I just wanna be like the others on here and be on the other side of BOOBIE land!! Can't wait!! These are my wish boobs!!


I need some opinions ladies... I have uploaded the pics of my images I have my self now, 300 & 325 are they too big.. Not sure why my nipple is pointed out but it's really not!! LOL

Mod Plus or HP

I can't decide on HP or moderate plus implants I have both images I need help lol LADIES input please... I don't want fake looking boobies but I want noticeable bc I have NOTHING right now....

My BOOBIE surgery is postponed..

Ladies I had to postpone my surgery.. I've been really sick these past 4 days and just used my vacation time I had saved for May. :( boss threatened to write me up if I took my vacation w out the hours! I'm heart broken.. No I have to earn my hours back and then schedule my surgery! I'm so dissapointed!! I only had a lil over a month to go! :( waaaaa I'll keep u posted but I'm staying off of here for a bit.. Can't take all your beautiful boobies! :)

It's ON for May 23rd...

My boss came up to me and told me they are going to lend me my vacation hours so I can keep my surgery date!!! I'm so excited!!! I'm back ladies!!!! May 23 bring it ON! :)

I'm officially under 30 days away!!!!!

I am so stinking excited!! I'm officially under 30days until my surgery!!! I start w all my appts next week am getting my surgery clerence and pre surgery appt is on the 10th!!! Come on May 23rd I'm so ready to finally have my boobies done! Not gonna know how to act!! LOL

Just had my pre surgery clearance..

So I'm getting closer and closer to my date! Things are starting to feel real now that I'm going to dr appts getting blood drawn and all that fun stuff!! The dr said I'm walking out of her office cleared for surgery! My blood work will be back on Thursday.. If. Everything's good to go w that I'm getting my tatas done in 3 weeks!!! Come on 5/23 :-)


I called the dr this morning to get my lab results, she said everything is normal and I'm cleared for surgery!!! YAY got my appt time and I'm early in the morning! YAY I'm not a very good faster!! I love my food so she said I can be early so I don't have to starve and become HANGRY! LoL come on 5/23!! :)

7 days to go!!!

Next Monday is my day!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!! Can't wait til I'm on the other side of BA land!! I've done a lot of my shopping so mainly just clean my house til then!! LoL w kids that's easier said than done!!

7:30am arrival time!! Woohoo

I just got the call from my doctors office for my final arrival time! I'm Dr. Centeno's first case in the morning! I have to be there at 730am!! I'm so ready! Sitting at work wishing the time away!! I took all next week off of work and I'm off on Memorial Day, so I'm praying that's the perfect amount of time.. So my final decision is 350HP smooth silicone Mentor with the under neath incision.. Come on Monday! Haha <3

Today's the day!!!

I am on my way to get my boobies ladies!!! I'm super duper excited!!!! My last few hours w my lil tatas!! Bring on the new experience!!

Day after implants

I didn't sleep at all last night! Very uncomfortable! Im exhausted so hoping I can get some Z's.. I felt great yesterday all day! Then the night air hit and I was extremely Sore! I still hurt but it not unmanageable!! I'll add pics soon my phone is full and won't let me take any more! LoL

Before my 375cc HP silicone smooth

Just wanted to post a few of my before pictures.. Sad yes I know!

My new twins

I only have taken a few pics so far! This recovery process has been easier than I was preparing for! I'm sore and tight but not in pain! I'm loving my size so far! I'm a little on the big side right now but I'm still swollen and high and tight! Will take more once I stop looking like square boobs! Lol

Protein protein protein

Hey ladies! I'm healing extremely slow. Went to my PS for a follow up since my incisions looked as if they were opening up. They did but not enough to put stitches in. He uped my antibiotics which have been making me so sick to my stomach, and told me to up my protein intake! He said I was healing extremely slow to him. So I went out bought pro town shots and have been scarfing down meats w high protein! So needless to say I'm so sick of meat and slow healing! I'm just ready to be back to normal! My right breast has dropped way faster than my left and I'm a little concerned! What is bottoming out? My left has a crease where the incision is and its tucked up and my right u can clearly see the incision w no crease.. I'll post some pics of them after I get home from work! Also I see on some of ur pic u can put smileys over ur nipples what app do u have so I can block my nips!! :)

Pictures as promised

Here are my pictures! I just took these.. I'm extremely sensitive to tape/band aids so I'm red all in-between my boobs and on the side but there's nothing wrong my incisions opened a little but bc my skin was so irritated he couldn't do them. So I'm to keep them covered and used Neosporin. He said a moist wound is better to heal than a dry wound. So I've been following instructions to a tee!! Uping my protein intake..

I'm feeling back to normal! :)

So I'm going on 4 weeks Monday, and I'm feeling pretty much back to normal! I am only sore on my incisions but there doing really good! Had another check up w Dr Centeno! I've seen him once a week since my surgery if not twice a week! LoL he's an excellent Dr making sure no infections and I'm getting enough protein! I go in again Tuesday and he going to clip my stitches so I can be comfy and continue my healing process! Just wanted to give u ladies an update w a few pictures! I still have dropping and fluffing to do but I'm in LOVE w my new boobs! I bout a wireless bra from Victoria Secret(ok so I bought 3 of them lol) and as of right now I'm a 32D... So we shall see what I go to the next few weeks!! :) Happy Healing ladies!

Stitches required! :(

Hey Real Self ladies! I had another follow up appt today w my PS, and like I already knew he had to do stitches on my right incision. That was so painful. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but that brought me to tears! Not just tears but like the sobbing ugly cry! I managed to hold the ugly in til he walked out of the room! So glad my husband was there he let me sob into his chest and just held me softly! But I'm back on my Percocet's due to how painful it was/is! PS said he numbed me but I felt EVERY needled poke and the string pull thru my skin he did a total of I think 5 stitches.. I stopped counting once he did the 3rd one! That's when my tears cameith running down my face! I know it had to happen for it to heal properly but WOWZA that was the most painful part of the entire BA experience so far! I don't regret my decision to have my BA at all! I LOVE my new boobs they feel like a part of me they're getting very soft and squishy! My left one is a champ and healing perfectly doesn't hurt at all if I can just get my right to follow protocol(haha) that would be great! I have another follow up on Tuesday the 28th so I'll post more then! HAPPY HEALING LADIES!!! :)

MIA... So sorry...

Hey ladies!! I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately! I have been so busy w family life and work I barley have any time for me!!! Anyways it's been just past 3 months for me and I must say for as much crap as my incisions gave me the entire BA process was nothing like I thought it was going to be!! I honestly thought it was going to be one of the most painful and uncomfortable things I would ever go thru! I was so wrong! My process has been pain free besides my incision stitches 3 weeks in. My breast look and feel great! My husband loves them and I LOVE them! I chose the perfect size for me! Looks very natural! Wouldn't change a thing I love my silicone, can't feel any ripples or my implant for that matter! The only time I can feel something not normal is when I take my hands place them on both boobs and push up too make major cleavage I feel them. I only wear VS & PiNK bras and there all 32D, my push up bras are a lil small, I think I'm more 32DD in those! I have put on weight more than I'm comfortable with! I weigh 123 right now! So I'm on a mission to loose this weight. I'm short so it shows way more! But any who... I'll post pics when I'm feeling more confident in myself! Til then!! I'm looking at u beautiful ladies! :) I couldn't be happier w my Dr!

I love Dr. Centeno! He is the most understanding patient Dr. He doesn't rush u listens to all your concerns questions and honestly cares about u as a patient! I'd recommend him to any and everybody!

Gotta go talk soon!!

One Year

Still the best decision I've done for myself. I absolutely love my breasts now.. I had nothing before seriously, wore 32A but too big.. I'm the perfect size and loving the new completed look. Im currently a 32DD from Victoria Secret. Anyone in the Columbus Ohio area looking for the best Dr, PLEASE go see Dr Centeno.. he is amazing!! The only Dr that will EVER do any procedure on me in the future!! You won't be sorry! I'll add photos once I get home tonight from work!! ??????????

It's my Boobiversary Today!!

It's been 1 year today since I got my new girls! I couldn't be any happier w them!! The BEST desicion I've made! I feel so good about myself and didn't do this for anyone but myself! They feel like I was born w them! lol im back to normal the only thing that's still funny feeling is any workout involving my chest muscles.. strangest feeling! Other than that! Good to go
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr Centeno is the ONLY doctor I will ever go to.. I've said it before he is the BEST surgeon I've been to and seen! His manner and work is amazing!

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