33 Years Old, Mom of 2, 5'0", 500cc Silicone Implants HP - Columbus, OH

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Hi, I am a 33 year old mom of 2 (both breastfed)....

Hi, I am a 33 year old mom of 2 (both breastfed). I am currently a 32A cup. I have considered a breast augmentation for a long time and tomorrow is the day! I can't believe it's here! I chose 500cc silicone implants (high profile) but after MUCH consideration. I went back and forth between 450 and 500 for quite a while. I looked at hundreds of photos online, read reviews and went to try on the sizers 3 times! I discussed my goals and vision with my doctor and while I liked the way both sizers looked I was still concerned they would be too big. I have heard that nearly everyone who has had this done wishes they went bigger. And my doctor gave me the advice that if I was stuck between two sizes to go with the larger size. She said in her experience I would be more upset if I went too small than too big. I went for it! My goal was to get back what I had before kids, and then some. Why just stop at what I had? I have the opportunity now to choose what I will look like. Why limit myself or be conservative if I don't have to? I felt that (from the sizers) that the 500s would give me a little "wow". The 450s seemed a bit safe. Or at least that's what I told myself. We shall soon see! I'm nervous and excited, and it all goes down in less than 12 hours! To be continued...

Surgery Day

Surgery is done! I woke up from the anesthesia feeling very relieved that it was done! I took a peak at the girls and was pleasantly surprised. I know they're swollen and riding up really high but I'm happy with them! I know they'll keep getting better from here and I think they'll look great! I just home from the hospital. I'm not feeling too bad actually. I feel a lot of tightness in my chest and under my arms. I took one Percocet after eating some crackers which took the edge off the building discomfort. Also feeling pretty sleepy so it may be time for a nap!

Day 2

Ouch! I woke up very stiff and sore. I ate breakfast and took my scheduled meds, which helped, but I'm still very uncomfortable. There's no sharp or intense pain but everything aches. I know that's to be expected. I am just doing my best to heal quickly: walk around the house, stay somewhat active, at the same time get my rest and not overdo it or lift anything, consume 100g protein per day, check my incisions, etc. I can handle this and I will get through it!

Day 3

Ok, so the constipation and bloating have caught up to me! I woke up today and everything seemed to hurt, all the way to my gut! I had to walk around with my shorts unbuttoned 1/2 the day. But that seems to be settling down now.

I was also allowed to take my first shower today! I was anxious to see them without the sports bra. However, no matter how prepared I thought I was I was still surprised to see how high and rectangular they looked! They don't look bad, just a little misshapen. The one thing I wasn't expecting was the numbness on the lower side of each breast (above the incision sites). I was touching the skin with my fingers but could not feel my fingers. That was a little worrisome, but I have heard that numbness can happen. I'll just have to wait it out and see if that goes away. So back on went a sports bra and more waiting...

Day 4

Good news: the pain is going away and I'm feeling less achy. I started back to work today (I work on the computer from home) and for a while I forgot I had even had anything done on Friday.

Bad news: I'm SUPER bloated! My abdomen is distended to the point I look 6 months pregnant (well, maybe not that bad...but it's how I feel)! And I would know! I feel sooo full and everything in my midsection is now swollen. It's almost painful to the touch and very uncomfortable! I read that the bloating peaks at around 2-3 days post op (bingo) and goes away in 2-3 weeks. Yay.

1 Week Post Op

So I made it one week! I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. I have noticed a little difference in the shape but not much. They're still very firm and high so I'm anxious to see what the next few weeks bring. I'm not in pain, which is great, but the tightness is still there for sure.

One new thing that started yesterday is hypersensitivity of my left nipple. They're both sensitive but the left one is painful. It even hurts for my clothes to touch it! I started putting band aids on, hoping that will help. Also hoping that will go away with time (the shorter the better!)

Not sure what everyone else's post op instructions were but I finally get to sleep laying down tonight! Yay! I was supposed to sleep sitting up in a recliner for a week. Since I don't have a recliner that meant sitting propped up in bed. Not fun or comfortable. Here's to hoping for positive changes over the next week!

2 Weeks!

2 weeks and everything seems to be going well. I had my first post op follow up with my doctor and she said they look great and exactly as they should at this point. She was pleased and said everything was right on track. That was a relief! I'm still having the super sensitivity/pain in and around my nipples, which is not fun. But she confirmed that it was normal and would just take time. I feel like they are looking better, shape-wise and seem to be dropping a little. They're also getting a little softer. I have been cleared to lift things again so that helps me feel like I'm getting my normal life back. I can't wait to get back into the gym (it's been a WHILE!) ????

3 Weeks Post Op!

At 3 weeks everything still feels about the same. I do think they have dropped more and softened up a little bit. I think they're looking much better and am very happy with the progress! I just wish so bad the numbness would go away and my nipples weren't still super sensitive!! It is just so uncomfortable to have anything touching them and putting clothes on and taking them off can be downright painful! It's not at all fun but I'm trying to be patient. At least I didn't lose sensitivity completely! I'm starting to get used to the constant uncomfortable feeling when wearing clothes but I'm hoping the nerves get back to normal soon.

6 Weeks Post Op!

I reached 6 weeks today! What a difference a few more weeks have made! The sensitivity is getting a little better so it's not as hard to get dressed or be touched. I had my checkup with my doctor a couple days ago and she said everything was looking great. I was cleared to go bra shopping (yay!!) I'm also allowed to lay anyway I want to now while sleeping. Thank goodness because it was getting uncomfortable always on my back. I went to VS the night after my appointment and had a fitting. I fit best in their 32DDD (woah!!) but the girl said my "sister size" is 34DD (which is easier to find). I bought a couple new bras (both 34DD). I still can't believe I'm that big now. That's exciting! I'm sure that will differ depending on where I shop. I'm super happy with the way I look and I'm encouraged by the progress I've made and my nipples feeling a little better as time goes along. I'm moving in the right direction. I love my girls and I'm having fun wearing clothes to show them off :)

11 Weeks Post Op!

I've been bad about posting updates, mostly because we've been so busy this summer. Also, it doesn't seem like there have been as many drastic changes I need to document. Over the last few weeks I would say the biggest change has been the nipple sensitivity getting MUCH better, which I'm so excited about! What a relief! I sill have some numbness in areas of my breasts (mostly along the bottom) but I can deal with that. For the most part they feel like I never had anything done so I would say life is back to normal. I'm a little concerned with the incision sites (not sure if they're healing as well as they should be) but I have a checkup with my doctor in a couple weeks so I'll ask about that then. I'm definitely enjoying showing them off and I've loved wearing tank tops this summer!

16 Weeks Post Op!

Time is flying! I can't believe I've had my girls this long and that I've come so far. I almost can't remember what I looked or felt like before the surgery. That's how much a part of me they feel. I had my 3 month check up a little while ago and my doctor said everything looked great! The scars will take about a year to look better she said, which is fine. They're not really bothering me. One gets a little sore from time to time if my bra is bothering it, but I just switch to a comfy sports bra for awhile and everything goes back to normal. I feel great (like I never had anything done!) and I'm still super happy with the result! I have been released to do anything I did before the surgery. So I can go in lakes and hot tubs now, work out my upper body (if I could get to the gym!) and anything else I feel like. No more restrictions. Yay!
K. Roxanne Grawe, MD

I love Dr. Grawe! From the moment I walked in for my consultation I knew she was the doctor for me. She made me feel very at ease and she was easy to talk to. She was very helpful and informative but also left a lot of the control in my hands, while simply guiding me (never pushing). I feel like she did fantastic work, I'm thrilled with the results and I would definitely recommend her!

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