32 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 300cc HP unders. Columbus, OH

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I am hoping to finally have breasts! I have been...

I am hoping to finally have breasts! I have been waiting all of my life and aside from nursing, they just never came. I have found a doctor I feel comfortable with after going to a couple consultations and am scheduled for early March. I find there to be quite a bit of asymmetry in my breasts but I can't find a doctor who is willing to use two different sized implants. Right now I am going with 300cc implants, unders, dual plane, silicone.

Torn between sizes

I am not sure if I should do 300 or 325 ccs. I have to do HP due to my frame. I know it's a very slight difference and everyone says to go bigger when in doubt. I liked the look of 250cc sizers and was told 300 would be the equivalent of that in actual implants.

Post op breasts- is incision concerning?

Ok! I had my 300cc HP yesterday early morning and I took a peak and noticed my incisions kind of indent into the bottom part of my breast and the one incision looks like it goes beyond the crease. Does this look ok to you?

Another pic

Day 3

3 days post-op

I was doing the math wrong! Today is actually 3 days post-op, not yesterday. Maybe the meds have had an influence on my math skills. Not much pain, just tightness and exhaustion. Still swollen and my left breast is higher than the right which was how it was before surgery.

In a shirt

6 days post op

Breasts are still high and tight. Left is still much bigger, wondering if I should have talked her into putting a larger implant in my right. Don't mind the stain on my shirt!

8 days post

Well it's been just over a week aince I brought home my new friends. They are still high and firm and the left breast is still much larger but all in all I feel pretty goood. Still having some pain here and there and driving can be a little challenging. I am off all pain meds and today was the first day I wore a regular shirt that wasn't baggy. I feel a little self conscious like people will know but hopefully that's all in my head. Ive posted some pics from today.

Last week to this week comparison

I decided to post a before and after one week comparison. It really goes to show how much difference a week can make. I am having more pain in my left breast today so I'm not sure what that's about but other than that I feel pretty good. I do think I overdid it today trying on clothes. I fit into a 34 C bra today. Not underwire though.

2 weeks post op

It's been a little over two weeks and nothing much has changed. One day they seemed to be getting firmer which I attributed to ovulation time but then they softened again so maybe I had just over worked the muscles. I had my post op and it was very fast and I met with a physician assistant, not the actual doctoe which was a little disappointing.

3 weeks post-op, still not settling

I really saw a lot of change in the first week then nothing has improved since. They are still very high and firm and my left breast is out of control the last few days. I usually do have swelling the two weeks before my period primarily in my left breast so hopefully that's all. I just really was hoping to see them at least starting to drop.

Almost 4 weeks

It's almost been four weeks. Still hoping they settle soon but they seem a little softer this week. I found tat wearing a tighter sports bra seemed to help some with making them feel softer. Ill post pics of my incisions which look really red in thr pic in the surrounding area but in person they don't look as bad

Official 4 week update

Well I finally got my period and I do think my breasts look a little better now. I think some of the swelling was due to my normal monthly fluctuations. I'm still seeing a size difference between the left and right breast and I was a little concerned when I bent over last night and stood up my left breast felt like it gurgled. Not sure what that's about so I may call the doc on Monday. I am so far happy with the size. I was able to still kind of fit into one of my pre augmentation bras, one that I wore when I was nursing and it was a 34A. I am actually not going to be bummed if my bra size isn't much larger after this.

I think my breasts fit my body and are proportional to my frame and that's what I was looking for. I will update with picture naked and clothed. I will add, I found some lighting that makes them look a little more even and closer together than I perceive them to be in person. They honestly look different in every light hah.

5 weeks post op

It's been a little over five weeks post op and I'm feeling pretty good. I've just decided my left breast will always be bigger and that's just not going to change. I'm liking them more and more every week. It seems like they look the best on the weekends when I'm not quite as active. During the week sometimes they feel a little heavy at the end of the day. I have my six week post op this week so I am looking forward to that.

6 weeks post-op

Had my six week post-op on Thursday and have been cleared to buy a bra. So, I went to to VS on Friday and they said I am a 32D. I love how they have such an interesting way of sizing breasts there because I've found at Target I can also be a 34B-34C, and I even still somewhat fit into a 34A cup I have at home. So basically if someone asks me what bra size I am I can tell them I'm an A-D hah! So silly, and this is why I was never hung up on bra size since the beginning. It's more about what looks right on your body or the look you are trying to achieve. I feel good at six weeks, still having some pain here and there but overall feeling good and happy with my results thus far. I am about to enter PMS window again so I am wondering if my breasts will look as crazy as they did last month when I had my period.

8 weeks post

Still about the same as the last couple weeks. I haven't noticed much softening yet so hopefully that will still happen. Someone requested a photo with my hand on my breast to show some perspective on size so that's why I am posting that pic.

9 weeks post

It's been 9 weeks and within the last week I've noticed a ton of softening. It's amazing how one morning they just felt softer. However, I do notice a little rippling now and can feel the implant more than before. I think it's just the name of the game when you have a BA with limited breast tissue. I have a little pain sometimes in the left breast which has been the breast I've had the most issues with since the beginning. Hopefully nothing is wrong and it's normal.

3 months post!!

I'm three months post and really happy. I had my check-up with my PS last week and I raised some concerns about the difference in size and firmness but she said everything looked pretty on track for three months and that they should continue to soften. My left one sometimes just really looks massive to me but no one is perfect right. Here are some recent pics from today.

Couple more three month pics

3.5 months

4 months post

Not much to report just loving them so far!!

5 months post

6 months!

Still liking them! Not too much to report. Left still bigger than the right which I still go back and forth between whether or not to get a revision. Most likely won't just because I could end up worse off

Almost 8 mos

8 months has gone by so fast! I am still enjoying them and don't have many complaints. They are still not super soft but much better than they were.

Almost 10 mos po -diff poses

They seem to be getting a little softer and more moveable. I took some different shots. I think they can look completely different depending on posture, arms raised/not raised, etc. I'm surprised after this long they are still changing!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I had my breast augmentation in March, and I am very, very pleased with my results. Dr. Grawe did a wonderful job answering my questions pre-op and is quick to respond to emails which is great when you have any concerns before or after surgery. I will say that having a breast augmentation is filled with ups and downs and Dr. Grawe has always maintained that time and patience is key when it comes to the settling and final shape. Four weeks out I am loving my breasts and she has given me something that I have wanted since I was a little girl making bras out of tank tops and stuffing them with socks (hah). I would recommend Dr. Grawe to anyone who is looking to have this procedure. Her staff is awesome too and I couldn't be happier!

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