28, 475CC Under the Muscle - Columbus, OH

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Hello! I kept meaning to start a review but never...

Hello! I kept meaning to start a review but never did. Here's my rundown:

I'm 28 years old. Stats are 5'8', a 34b in VS (generous sizing there) with a 33 inch chest, 29 inch waist, 38 inch hips. I weight train with a coach so have lean muscle (and still working towards building more!)

I've been researching and considering a BA seriously for two years, finally finished grad school and decided to do it! Why not, right? I love my body the way it is but wanted bigger boobs. No real underlying issues so I knew I was in a healthy state of mind for it. I say this because after reading a million reviews, I've decided it's so important to LOVE YOURSELF before a BA because, like a baby doesn't fix a ruined marriage, a BA can't fix serious body dysmorphia. *drops mic* love yourself ladies, you're probably already slaying it.

I chose my doctor for years of experience, personal reviews from friends and most importantly because I felt super comfortable with him and staff. We decided on 475 CC mentor silicone under the muscle. My bwd was 12.8. I say all this with a grain of salt because every body carries everything so differently. The doctor should take everything into consideration: your height, your shoulders, your hips, your badonk, your torso, your right toe, and your lifestyle. Mine did. I also asked things like: rate of complication, why do you use mentor, infection rate, use of funnel, etc.

Anywho, I was the first case of the day on 8/4. Got to the surgery center at 6, was taken back by 735, vaguely remember climbing onto the surgery bed and like that I was out. I'm a nurse and have medical knowledge and knew that being a healthy person, I would likely react to general anesthesia with nausea and vomiting. I'm sure the anesthesiologist and crna expected that, but for my peace of mind I requested some anti-emetics during procedure and in PACU. Nurses tend to know the balance of asking for what they want without being pushy, HAHA. I was back there for about 45 minutes and in recovery for 1 minute 15 before I came to. I got fentanyl x3 and zofran. I did have a small emesis, just a little one because I remember asking "why is there broccoli? I was npo after midnight!"

It wasn't until they started dressing me and booting me that I felt the wave of "oh shit." Color left my face, I was clammy, needed that peppermint smelly thing and whimpered the whole way home. Bumps suck. Got home, probably griped at my mom, got my Percocet and zofran in and was fine.

Today is the end of POD#2. I last took my Percocet Friday, am now on Advil and Tylenol and weaning. I feel tight and a couple tinges of discomfort but no outright pain, mostly numb actually. Shower today was amazing but I was glad to put a bra back on. I put on the fruit of the loom front clasp sports bra while my surgery one was in the wash. I'll probably wash my band tomorrow. I've been icing with bags of pees on and off. I'm to the point that the weight of the peas on my chest actually cause a little more discomfort.

I thought I was ready for most things... My boobie Blues came on hard and fast. I just couldn't believe I spent so much on my body that I love so much. then they were too small. Then I was going to lose all my muscle Ive gained. Then they were never going to drop and I'd be stuck with these rocks forever. Then I would want them removed and my remainder boobs would be ruined. ROLLER. COASTER. I already take maintenance Prozac so i was probably more prone to it. I'm back in my own apartment today and the change of scenery already makes me feel way better. I plan on taking a little walk tomorrow morning if I can. I still tire easily.

Things that caught me off guard (though they shouldn't have):
--Antibiotic related GI distress. Taking these for another 7 days makes me want to cuss a little.
--also heartburn/weird feeling I get when I eat. Chest is so tight that I feel like eating is a chore. Probably also atb related. I have to sit upright or walk around for a while if I eat.
--the discomfort from all the abdominal swelling and tightness. I knew I'd be bloated but it's painful.
--the crepitus!!
--fhe back and lat discomfort. Almost worse than the front half dicomfort! I've been trying to stand up straight so they're not as strained but dang. Sore!

Sooo. That's that! I'm too early to have any offer opinion.
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