21, No Kids, 34a Ready to Fill out a Bikini! - Columbus, OH

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Went for my very first BA consult today and...

Went for my very first BA consult today and honestly I think this is the doctor for me. I was immediately put at ease with him, he seemed very educated, experienced, and professions. Not to mention all of his before and after photos were perfect.

I had initially gone into my consultation with the idea that I was going for somewhere between 375-425cc, my surgeon, however, thinks that even 375 would be too big on my frame. I know exactly what I want but that threw a curveball into the situation because now I feel so confused about sizing. The wish photos I have are exactly the size and shape I'm looking for but I don't know how many cc's I would need to achieve that. I seem to be doubting that 350cc HP silicone would give me that look based on other girls photos with the same implants. It's so difficult, everyone's results are so different even with the same cc's.

Another thing that he had told me was that although I have asymmetry we would be doing the same size in both breasts. I don't know how I feel about this, the asymmetry is never something I've really noticed or that has bothered me but I do know it's there and just curious as to why you wouldn't correct that to make them 'perfect'.

The price came in a lot higher than I was quoted but they were generous enough to extend a discount to me because I was misinformed over the phone and had traveled a few hours to get there.

Though I do feel confident in my surgeon I guess I have a little more research on sizing to do before my big day!

Trying on sizes!

Trying on the implants was a lot of fun actually, and I'm glad I brought my boyfriend. Besides laughing along with me he was very helpful in selecting a size proportionate to me. In all these photos I have Mentor HP silicone either 350cc or 375cc. PS said 375 would be too big for my frame, but all the photos I've seen of girls starting with my size that got the 375cc HP unders look amazing.. He said to stick with 325-350, not sure what I'm going to do yet...

More photos from trying on implants

Still undecided on size

I added some full body shots which might help if anyone has any recommendations on sizing... Though I was torn between 350 and 375 I'm starting to think 350 would be best. I like my small frame and really don't mind my current size, I'd just like to feel more bikini confident and especially ore confident when I'm undressed. Just hoping 350 will give me the look I really want!
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