32 with 3 Babies

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Hello Everyone! I'm 32 years old, 5'2, 153 lbs...

Hello Everyone!
I'm 32 years old, 5'2, 153 lbs with 3 children. My goal is to be more proportionate with an hourglass shape. My flat buttocks has always been an insecurity for me paticularly after having children, as it left me with a bootydo! Not a good look. I have been wearing padded undies for years and am so sick of them being a joke for my friends. Infact, my bestfriend is so entertained by my padded underwear, she was going to mention them in her speech at my wedding! Thankfully she came to her senses and did not.

After researching bbl for months, I've decided to go for it, regardless of the risk of loose abdominal skin, and the possiblity that the fat could reabsorb. I had 3 consultations and the third one was the charm.

The first dr insisted that i have a tt, and discouraged bbl because there is no guarentee it will last; even though I was willing to take the chance.

The second dr was willing to perform the surgery without a tt, but had minimal experience with bbl and wanted $15,700.

The third dr had more experience with bbl and thought that my expectations could be met with the bbl. He was very knowledgable and made me feel comfortable. I scheduled my surgery the next day for June 12, 2014. Now I'm just super nervous and am counting down the days until it's over. Just hoping for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.

Wish pic

one week count down...

Dr. Shah

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