Up next! Arm tuck and fat transfer to the hips!! Columbus, GA April 21,2017

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Hi Everyone, I am new here. I am so excited to be...

Hi Everyone,
I am new here. I am so excited to be heading towards the flatside! I have had lipo of the abdomen done about 8 years ago (no children) and I was maintaining it really well until I became ill about 4 years ago. I have had a total of 5 surgeries of which one of them was a full hysterectomy. I now have a vertical scar up my stomach that I hate. I was on steroids for a bit so I've gained at least 55lbs, which puts me at 236.5lbs. Now that I am off of all of my meds and and have been cleared to have this surgery by all of my doctors, I am ready to get back to me! April 6th cant get here fast enough. I will be traveling by airplane from Columbus, OH to Columbus, GA (same city go figure lol). I am nervous about flying after my surgery (1.5 hour flight) but I have read many of your post so I am prepared for what to expect. My friend told me about Dr Thomas and how good all of his reviews were. After searching for a PS that I was comfortable with here in Ohio with no luck , I started to research Dr Thomas reviews and was floored with what I read! I immediately took before pics and sent them to him. As soon as he contacted me back with his suggestions of what I needed and made me feel so comfortable, I paid my deposit and secured my date. I will post my horrid before pics tonight (lol). Thank you for reading!

As promised the horrid pics! ????????

A Losing battle!

I started the JJ Smith cleanse yesterday. I planned to lose 20lbs by April 6th. I've lost 6lbs since I took the pics I posted. I should be able to lose fast since I'm not on steroids any longer. I get depressed every time I look at those pics. Sigh.. Oh well a new me is coming!


Well I'm 6 pounds down so eating right is working! I jut bought some garlic pills because my cholesterol is high. I also purchased some vitamin D since that was low as well. I cleaned up on everything turkey at Kroger's. They had turkey chops, breast even roast! I'm determined to change to a healthier lifestyle. I've been getting surgery supplies in the mail left and right. My boyfriend told me that I'm over buying, what does he know.. Nothing! Lol. I pick up my Walker tomorrow and my shower chair. I'm wondering if I'll even be able to use the Walker since I'm getting my arms done?! Hmm does anybody know?!

Plane ticket!

I got my ticket a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that there's an airport right in Columbus GA! Winning. I have a question. What should I eat that's quick and easy the first two days after surgery?!

29 more days!!!

All of my shopping is complete (outside of the medical supplies I'll get in Atl). I just picked up my Walker with a seat attached and brakes for 10.00!! I can't believe those folks sold it to me that cheap! I should have the shower chair by this week if those folks respond to my offer! I am still on board the clean eating train. I'm on a mission. Excited!

Paid in full!!!

I'm paid in full, my plane ticket is purchased, my hotel has been booked and paid for and I'm down 10lbs and im still losing. I just purchased my shower chair and a lipo board for my binder. These are my before and after two pics.

Hi Dolls!! Sinus infections!

Sigh.. I found out that I have a sinus infection today. I was given a 10 day antibiotic script! :-(. I'm so happy that I'm 20 days out. That gives me 10 days to kick this and 10 days to be off the antibiotics. I would have been devastated had this happen next week. I should be ok in 10 days don't you think?!

8 days!!!

It's getting real! Had a scheduling scare but Vicky worked it out!! She's the bomb! I have all of my supplies. I decided to leave my Walker at home and get one while I'm in ATL. I found a place where I can get a shower chair and a walker for 25.00 for both. The thought of traveling with that Walker exhausted me. lol Dr C has a 5 hour surgery the morning of my surgery, I hope he's not too tired once he gets to me! Later dolls!

5 more days!!

My goal was to lose 20lbs by my sx date. I only lost 14lbs. I will continue my weight loss after my sx. Updated pics.

I made it!!! Hello ATL!

Just touched down. Headed to get food and the things I need from Walmart! I sure wish I could have a drink. My nerves are shot!! Today's picture posted. I had a colonic Saturday, my stomach is really shrinking.

Pics from last night.

This morning pic!

I'm awake and is on my way to Columbus GA to have my preop appointment and to check into the hotel. Nerves are setting in.


I think I am ready. I Got everything I need. I made a meds caddy. I put all of my pain meds, surgical tape, maxi pads for my wombs, gloves, scar creams..ect. I will post pics of the things I bought. I also out wet towels in the freezer to put on my back to cool down that burning lipo. Goodnight dolls. Posting pics

Preop Visit yesterday

Ohhh I forgot to write about my first visit with Dr C. His office was very clean and his staff was great. He came into the room and said that it was great to finally meet me. He asked me about my medical history and told me to get changed and he'd be back in. He came in and explained his tummy tuck procedure. He looked at my arms and told me that they should snap right back and not really sag after sx. He told me that he will try to get as much back fat as he could. I asked him about getting fat transferred to my hips and he said that he didn't think I needed it but he suggested that I get my inner thighs lipo'd and that would bring out the little hips that I have. I also told him about my issues With my double chin. He looked at it and said he could lipo that as well. He told me that he thinks I'd have great results and that he could see my weight loss. I told him that I couldn't take percocets or any meds with codeine. I asked for toradol and dilaudid. I also asked for a nausea patch instead of the pills.

I met up with the office manager Vickie after Dr C did my preop. She had me sign all of my over the phone payments. She went over all of the paperwork that I needed to sign. She gave me my compression stockings and a pill for nausea. She gave me my scripts that had the toradol, antibiotics, the patch but no dilaudid. I asked her about it and she looked as if I were asking for some heroine. I told her for all of the money I'm paying they should give me what I asked for. She went to the nurse and they asked Dr C and he gave me a script for 20 pills. I'll take it. She told me that it would be an additional 400.00 for my chin and inner thighs. I gladly paid. She told me to be at the surgical center at 12:15pm and that my surgery would be at 12:30pm.

I have my pain pills. crackers and a bottled water in my moms bag so that I can take my pill as soon as I'm done. I also made a vomit bag and put it on the side of the car door just to be safe. I know this is allot but I'm a detailed person so this will help a person that's detailed like me. Lol Here are my preop visit pics.

Hi Dolls!

Today is day three and I feel sore but amazing as well. I am really blessed because I was up and moving on day one. My stepmom couldn't believe how independent I was being. I'm walking bent over but I expected that. I will write about the day of surgery here in a little bit. Just wanted you guys to know I was doing great. The meds had me sleepy. Lol

Good morning Dolls!

I have been doing great. Just get used to being bent over. Laying I feel perfect but once I stand up I get a burning sensation. Icing it has worked wonders. I was able to sneak a picture in this am. Please excuse my nieces mirror. I told her to clean it. I'll take better pics later. Bye for now

Hi Dolls!!

I know I have been MIA but the travel back home was a little rough. The small airplane seats and the up and down into and out of the wheelchairs was hell!! Once I got home I was nauseous couldn't keep food down, my sinuses started acting up. I was just uncomfortable!! I started moving around more, making my own meals and takings showers with limited help since I'm going back to work Monday. I am in swell hell but I am off all pain meds. Today I am 9dpo! I promise to update more. Here are my today's pics.

Hiiiii Dolls!!

I know it's been awhile since we all have chatted! Going back to work after being two weeks post op was overwhelming but it really helped my recovery! I had major issues with my drain holes. My holes stretched causing them to leak and tear! It was a smelly mess but I got through it. I called Dr C and sent pics and he called in antibiotics to cvs and told me to keep the clean and dry.. No creams! I'm almost healed. No infections. Dr C and his staff are great! They told me today that 11 pounds of fat and skin was removed. I got so attached to my binder that I didn't wear my faja. That was a huge mistake. I put it on last Friday for the first time and lost 6lbs of fluid overnight!!! I couldn't believe it! Now I sleep in it. Lol. Welp bye for now. I'll post some updates pics!

Hi dolls!!

I stepped out got alittle fun. This dress really shows my hip transfer! I love it. I used to be hipless lol Now I'm hip! Check out the before and after.

Paid in full! Gettin my arms lipo'd and tucked! April 21, 2017

Can't wait to get these arms slim and trimmed. Plus I get to see Dr C again! My belly looks great! It's getting smaller and smaller everyday and my scar is getting lighter and lighter!

Dr C is the best there is hands down! I am loving my results. He's punctual and kind. His staff is great and professional. My only complaint is that I didn't get a follow up call. I will see him next week for my postop visit. He's the Man!

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