31 Y.o. Crowding, Never Had Braces, Receding Gums and Getting Invisalign - Columbus, OH

I'm scheduled to get my first set of aligners...

I'm scheduled to get my first set of aligners tomorrow. I'm a granddaughter of a dentist, but my grandmother never taught me dental hygiene or importance of orthodontics. I spent a lot of money fixing my gum issues and replacing old fillings over the past two years. I stopped being afraid of other dentists after I met my dentist in 2014. I decided to do Invisalign at his office because I would not be comfortable with someone else. I already had a few hiccups and I didn't even start yet. My periodontist is not happy that I didn't have gum grafting done before I committed to Invisalign and did not consult with him. It looks like I will be undergoing two grafting procedures WHILE having Invisalign. Otherwise, I have a high risk of teeth falling out. Literally. Just wish me luck ???? I'm very nervous because of a rough start and a rough few weeks I'm going to have until I have my first gum grafting done and healed. I'm also going to pay big bucks out of my pocket because I was not careful enough to plan ahead. Hope my experience helps you. Always consult multiple orthodontists and a periodontist before you get Invisalign. I will post my pictures of my mouth later this week. I only have a random picture of me talking for now.

First day with aligners. Smooth sailing

Really happy about my aligners right now. It turns out that I'm not going to be getting attachments and IPR until my fourth tray. I honestly completely forgot how my treatment plan looked like (no one gave me a video or pictures yet). I will be getting my first graft closer to the end of the first tray and I'll spend 3 weeks instead of 2 in each of the first three trays to let gums heal.
My experience today was surreal. No pain, no discomfort, no lisp, no one even noticed I got Invisalign. I repeated all of tongue twisters I knew on my way to work :) I think when you talk and smile with a closed mouth all your life it is really easy to adjust to something like Invisalign. I don't know. Thoughts?
So far I only felt pain while taking trays off and putting them back in, especially around a buckle that is really crooked and twisted sideways. I hurt skin under my nails a bit whIle trying to take aligners off. It probably hurts more than my teeth at this point :)
Really happy right now.
Dr. Taryn Gehlert

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