31 Year Old 2 Kids Mini Tummy Tuck - Columbus, OH

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I have a mini tummy tuck with lipo flanks next...

I have a mini tummy tuck with lipo flanks next week 5/23. I have 2 kids and this is something I have been working up my nerves to do for some years now and the time is finally here. I'm happy and nervous at the same time and so ready to get it over with. I can't wait to see the results. I've heard that liposuction is painful so I'm anxious to see how I manage the pain.

1 day to go

My mini tt is tomorrow morning and I'm ready to get this done. Can't wait.

Day 1

All done. I'm feeling good, not much pain at all. I'm so glad I did it and it's over with. I can't wait to see some results

My first doctor visit

I had my first appointment after my mini tummy tuck/ lipo of my flanks with my ps. My drained was removed and he said everything looks great. I also had a vertical scar revision done from a previous surgery I had from years ago. I can say I'm happy that I went through with the procedure I'm just going to stay patient for the results. I still have some swelling and I have stopped taking any pain medicine. I feel great. I'm doing light work such as washing the dishes making food and continuing to walk around frequently. I will post photos soon.



Week 1

I have just come up on my first week after my procedure and I'm feeling good. Everyday it gets better especially without the drain and the uncomfortable binder I started off with. I still have some swelling but nothing to much. I noticed the first couple of days the more I forced my body to do the more swelling it caused, so I will do the dishes and sweep the floor the floor and sit down. Overdoing isn't good because you have to give your body the listen and give your body the proper rest it needs. I know our mind can tell us one thing but our body will tell the truth and it's very important to listen to it and relax. My scar is still dark along with some glue my ps put on both if my scars, I just can't wait to see how things look a month later.


I meant to give your body time.



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