28 Y/o Mother of 2 Needing Tummy Tuck After Large Pregnancies and Csections - Columbus, OH

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I've considered getting a tummy since after my...

I've considered getting a tummy since after my pregnancy with my first child. I went from 170 to 250 lbs while pregnant, mostly d/t retaining a lot of water. I lost the weight after a year but still had a stretched out flabby stomach which I'd never had. I wanted one more baby so after a year of trying we conceived and I has my last baby in January of 2015. Due to a rare complication I had to have a hysterectomy so I was definitely done having children. I've lost my baby weight and am within 10-15 lbs of my goal weight. My stomach has had a huge effect on my self esteem. I don't feel comfortable in my clothes because I have a huge pouch and when I wear my pants over it, I sweat under it which is very uncomfortable. I'm only 28 and I can't imagine dealing with this for the rest of my life. I workout 3- days a week and eat healthy most of the time so losing weight has not been a struggle. It's just this loose and hanging belly isn't going away.
I plan on getting a tummy tuck to tighten my abs and get rid of this belly flap. I still plan on working out, building muscle, and eating healthy to continue to improve my body.

Want to get close to goal weight before TT in one month

I would like to be within 5lbs of my goal weight before my surgery and lose more belly fat. I'll be doing Turbo Fire and lifting heavy weights. The goal is to lose 10 lbs by November 19th!

Pre Op Appointment

I had my pre op appointment yesterday November 3, 2015. They went over paperwork, I signed consents, learned what to do and what not to do. I spoke with the Patient care coordinator first and then I talked to the doctor. He explained everything that would happen the day of the surgery, explained what will take place during surgery, post op care, and answered any other questions I had for him. I received my prescriptions to get filled(which I will have to bring with me on the day of surgery), got more pictures taken, and paid for my surgery in full. Everyone was just as nice and friendly as they were for my consultation! Dr Centeno reiterated that he would do everything he can to prevent me from having dog ears! lol I really do not want them!!! Lol Another thing I was happy about was that he prescribed a blood thinner to help prevent blood clots. I'm going to move around as much as I can but I have a very low pain threshold and I'm not sure how bad this pain is going to be with the muscle repair. In the info packet I received I read they want to me to add an extra 100 grams of protein starting yesterday until at least 2 weeks post op. I already don't eat a lot of meat, so I'm really going to have to eat a lot of protein shakes and bars. But that was it for my pre op appointment. My procedure is 2 weeks from today at 2PM!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

Not cleared for surgery yet...high potassium level

So my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow but I have yet to be cleared for surgery. I didn't have a family doctor or PCP so I had to find a doctor who'd be willing to assess and cleat me for sugery. I found one a week ago and he ran some blood work. Of course something had to be abnormal. My potassium was high so he told me to have it rechecked the following Monday which I did yesterday morning. The results are supposed to be in tomorrow...unless there's something wrong with me it should be normal because I have been drinking a lot of water and avoiding high potassium foods. I also talked my husband to paying for lipo of the flanks so I'm going to see if Dr Centeno will allow me to add this because I just think it will give me the best results. But if he can't then I'll just hope for the best with having the tummy tuck only. I'm not even anxious pr nervous about the surgery yet. I'm more nervous about not getting cleared for surgery. I didn't even think I'd have problems getting clears for surgery because I have no medical conditions and I eat healthy and drink tons of water. I do have a glass of wine and 3-4 times a week so that could be the reason my potassium was high...I'm hoping that's the reason and it's nothing serious like kidney failure. Any who I'm staying optimistic and I'm ready to get this flat stomach. I tried on some clothes so that I can have before and after pics.

Cleared for surgery and added lipo of flanks

The doctor cleared me after my potassium results came in this morning!!! I was so worried! I talked to Brenna, one of the coordinators, and Dr Centeno is allowing me to add the lipo(an extra $2700) but that pushed my surgery time up and now I have to be there at 11:45a instead of 1p. I'm going to be even more tired now. Lol I work my last of the four 7-7 shifts in a row tonight. I wonder if being under general anesthesia is the same as being sleep because my body needs sleep...Lol Well 24 hours from, I'll be in post op preparing to go home, God willing. Keep me in your prayers!!! See yall on the flat side!!!!! :-D

I made it through to the flat side!!

I know I'm late but with the pain medicine I'm always in and out of sleep. Even while typing this now. Lol The surgery went great and the doc said I should be really satisfied once I'm all healed up. I did have a little problem with my incision tape coming up and the incision opening a little so I had to go back up to his office today to get retaped. I still haven't had a bowel movement so that sucks! I know they're active because I can hear them and I have a ton of gas (tmi I'm sorry).I started taken miralax today in addition to the colace, so I hope that helps. The pain isnt unbearable and I don't regret it at all!!

2 weeks post op

Well I am 2 weeks post op today! Initially it seems like time was going by so slowly,but here I am 2 weeks later. The only pain in having now is back pain and pain in the lipo areas when I touch them. I still have a lot of swelling in my back and sides, so I won't see my final results for a while. I'm still hunched over which is causing the back pain but that's okay. I do not want to risk dehiscence at all! He pulled me pretty tight which I love! The binder and tylenol have been a lot of help. I take motrin sometimes too to help with the back pain. I am having a small issue with my belly button but he says that it's OK. Looks gross to me though! Lol Right now I'm clean it with soap and water and applying a small amount of antibiotic ointment daily. I'm doing the same with the part of my incision that had the drain and slightly opened. He told me to apply Band-Aids to the incision and the belly button open to air. Im loving my results even with the swollen back and sides!!! The belly flap was my main concern and it is GONE!!!!!!!! I've been eating OK but I'm trying to do better. I've drinking a couple protein shakes a day and trying not to eat junk. I can't wait until I can start working out again. I miss it so much!! I go back to work tomorrow but I will be taking it easy. I was supposed to have my appointment today but they needed to reschedule and I wasn't able to come in earlier so next Wednesday will be my next appointment. I really wanna see the rest of my incision but I'm supposed to leave the tape on until it falls off and it seems like it's going to be on there forever. Lol My scar seems like it will be low but I can't tell yet. It's low enough for me because I wasn't worried about a scar anyway. Again the belly flap was my main concern. I think I've said everything I wanted to say and I will post pics! Thanks for reading!!

3 week post op Follow-up appt

I had my appointment on the 9th and he said everything looked great! He said my sides were still extremely swollen and that they should go in as I heal. He attempted to removed the tape but I had to stop him because it was so PAINFUL!!! It felt like my skin was being ripped off. I told him I'd do it myself. It took me a good 5 mins, which I know slightly annoyed him but it was my skin! I didn't get a good look at my incision but I seem some scabs, parts that looked closed, and parts that bled a little. He replaced the tape and said I could remove it in 7-10 days but I'll probably leave it on until right before I go to my next appt on the 23rd.

I'm loving that the flap is gone but I'm so ready for these sides to go in or down so I can wear non baggy clothes. These hard bulging sides are not easy to hide. Even with compression garments they still bulge out. In the evening they're even worse due to swelling. I'm trying to remain positive and patient. My birthday is exactly a month away today and I really wanted to wear a nice skin tight dress...but I don't think that'll happen. Anyways, so far everything is going well, I just have to continue to take care of myself, eat healthy, and be patient!

Scar at 4 weeks post op

So I took the tape off Wednesday when I was 4 weeks post op. He said I could remove it 7-10 days later. I was tired of seeing that wide tape and plus there was a green gooey looking spot. That tape is the DEVIL!!!! I think that has been the worse pain so far. It always feels like my skin is being ripped off. I'm pretty pleased with how my scar looks so far. It's pretty low except on the sides and I'm sure that's because my skin was pretty tight on the sides. I'm not concerned about that anyway because I had such bad stretch marks I knew I'd never wear a low 2 piece bikini anyway.
As I was removing the tape there were scabs coming off as well. One spot came off and it looks like it wasn't ready to come off so it's pink. The spot that had the green stuff didn't look healed completely either but the scab was still there. The spot where the drain was looks good. I usually don't scar bad so my scar will probably be hardly visible in a year. I didn't feel comfortable not wearing any tape so I bought some Nexcare paper tape to place it over my incision. It's not as wide and seems like it won't stick as bad as the tape the doc used. I'm going to leave it on for about 7-10 days unless it comes off sooner.

My sides are still hard and haven't gone down but I've started trying to massage them whenever I take my binder off. Speaking of binder, I cannot go without it! I went out to dinner and wanted to wear a tight fitting top so I wore my compression camisole. I was so uncomfortable because my belly button is still slowly healing and it was so sore. Until it closes I need the strong support of my binder. My belly button has slowly been going in and I don't think it's connected to the new opening, so it kinda looks like an open wound. I sent the doc pics and he said he'll probably add a couple sutures to help it heal faster. I still get discharge from my belly button, it's not green but kinda tan. It doesn't have a smell either. I've been cleaning it twice a day and applying neosporin. I think I'm going to ask if he can do a culture test before adding the sutures. I don't want it to close up with infection growing inside. Anyway, I've been riding my spinning bike for 30-40 mins a few times a week. Nothing strenuous, just enough to sweat a little. I can't wait to be able to workout hard because that's the only way I like to work out. Lol Plus I want to start lifting weights and toning my legs and butt back up. My next appointment is the 23rd so I'll update then!

**the pics were taken at night and I was really swollen that day.

Ugh!!! Yeast infected belly button

I had an appointment on Wednesday 12/23, I was 5 weeks post op. I wasn't able to see the doctor because he got stuck in surgery do I saw his nurse saw me instead. She saw my belly button and said,"are you putting something on this?" She sounded slightly alarmed. I told her I've been doing what he told me, which is clean it and apply antibiotic ointment twice a day. She said "stop the ointment asap! Those bumps you see is yeast." She had them take pic and said she'll relay it to the doctor. Well I tried not to worry too much like I usually do. I figured the doc would get in contact with me if it was anything serious. So yesterday I just cleaned it twice and just let it be. Well this morning Christmas day, I go to clean it and see dried crusty drainage. I clean it with peroxide and once it's dried I see white curd like stuff. I'm assuming this is the yeast infection that the nurse was referring to. I also have a rash around my belly button. I took a picture and I am so disgusted!! My belly button looks awful! The skin looks so lumpy and dark. I texted the doctor this morning and I'm really hoping he responds because I do not want this to get worse. I hate bothering him on Christmas but I think this is a valid concern and it needs to be addressed asap. Anyway, I really don't want to show a pic because it's so gross but it's part of my complicated recovery and hopefully it'll help someone somehow. Lol

6 weeks post op!! Getting better!

Well...the doc didn't contact me until that Monday after Christmas. I guess he should be able to enjoy his holiday like everyone else. Lol I didn't go to the ER. I just followed the nurses suggestion and continue cleaning it and not applying anything else. When the doc responded he requested another pic, which I sent. I told him that the little bumps had gone away and based off that and the pic he told me that it was probably just an allergic reaction to the ointment. Also, the white stuff that I saw went away later that day so I guess it was just the peroxide foam drying up. Lol The nurse told me yeast and I ran with it. Smh Anyway, the doc said it looks like it's almost healed up. My firm swollen sides are slowly going away. I can tell mostly after I wake up and not bloated and swollen. I'm 6.5 weeks post op and I've been trying to ease into riding my bike. I had been going a little hard with it last week and kinda made myself sick and wore out. I'm still healing and I think pushing myself to workout and lose weight right now is not a good combo right now. I'm just going to take it easy until I'm at least 8 weeks post op. My incision is doing well. I haven't started any scar therapy but I'll ask my doctor on my next appointment which is Jan 20th. I'll be about 9 weeks/2mos post.

8 weeks post op

Well all I can say right now is that I am in love with my new tummy!!! I'm just in shock how good it's looking. Never thought I look this good again!! If it was for my fat face and arms, I wouldn't even lose too much more weight. My belly button is pretty much healed. My appointment is next Thursday and my only concern is that it feels like a suture is poking out. It's surrounded by a little scab and it's taking everything in me not to pick and pull it! Lol I still haven't began working out. I'm just gonna wait and see what he says because I really want to lift weights again. My sides are slowly but surely going down and I am ecstatic!! He did a wonderful job!!!!!!!!


I am still absolutely in love with my new tummy!! I can't stay out the mirror!! I look so good in my underwear now!! Lol I saw Dr Centeno last week and he said I looked GREAT!!! He ordered something to help lighten the scar and told me to get some silicone gel. My troublesome belly button is completely healed FINALLY!!! I still swell really bad depending on what I eat and how much. I wear my csection binder most of the time unless I'm out and wearing something fitting. It helps a lot with keeping my sides down. The doc said my sides are still quite swollen, which I knew because I can feel the firmness. However, I am still a very very satisfied customer!!! My next appt is in April and I'll be 5 months post!!!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I had my consultation with Dr Centeno at the Columbus Institute of Plastic surgery on Sept 29, 2015 and it went great!!! The facility was nice, staff was professional and friendly, and Dr Centeno was awesome!!! I've never met a more personable doctor and as a RN I encounter a lot of doctors. He was so easy to talk to and very attentive when I spoke. I did not feel rushed and he answered all of my questions. After meeting with him, I knew he was the one!! The patient coordinator Brenna has also been very helpful!! I'm nervous but very excited because I know he'll give me great results!!! He even told me not to worry about getting dog ears, which I was really concerned about. In one month I will have my pre-baby tummy back!! 12-2-15 Two weeks post op: He did an AWESOME JOB!!! I'm loving my results so far and I know I will continue to love it more as I heal! The whole team was fantastic and the Anesthesiologist was such a sweetheart!!! Their Dublin facility is just as beautiful!! So far the after care has been up to par!! If I ever decide to get a breast lift he will definitely be my guy!!! Again his bedside manners are impeccable!! Thanks Dr Centeno!!!

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