Just Got the Halo Laser Done! Columbia, SC

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So I just got the Halo Laser done yesterday and...

So I just got the Halo Laser done yesterday and wanted to share my experiences thus far, especially since I found it difficult to find real experiences that were detailed. I was at the medical spa for about an hour and a half for the treatment. Treatment lasted about one hour. My entire face was treated. I went in and got settled. First thing she did was put the topical anesthetic on my face and continued to thoroughly explain the procedure, the equipment, and how everything was going to work. We had talked about the procedure in previous appointments also. The person doing the treatment should always thoroughly explain what is going to happen and what sensations to expect. Next, the machine measures your face so that it knows the surface area that is going to be treated and the time necessary for that area. Once treatment started, it was more painful than I expected but I was able to tolerate the entire procedure. I just kept thinking of the end results! lol :) ...It felt like hundreds of needles poking my face and my face started to feel very warm. I teared up from the procedure and I like to think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. At the end of the procedure she gave me a cool air blower that is a part of the machine to blow cool air onto my very warm face. Cool air or cool anything on your face is the only thing that makes it feel slightly better after the procedure is completed. After about 5 minutes of air and just laying there recovering she gave me an ice pack for my face and I got dressed and ready to go. I kept the ice on my face because it was seriously the only thing making me feel slightly better. My face was feeling the pain! It was swollen and red, but like I said tolerable when you think of the results you want ;) ...then I went home and rested. I ended up taking some pain killers to relieve some of the pain and continued putting an ice pack on my face for a good hour and a half after the procedure. All I could do after the procedure was lay down. I can't imagine anyone going to work right after having the Halo Laser treatment done. The rest of the day I took it easy and took another pain killer around bed time so that I could actually get some rest since I couldn't really get comfortable and was feeling some tenderness and pain on my face, which is and was still red. About an hour after the procedure I started developing the MENDS they have told me about, which is a good sign. I still have a BUNCH of MENDS all over my face. It looks like my entire face is freckled and does have the sandpaper feel to the skin. My skin is very sensitive right now so I'm avoiding touching it.
I went to work the next day as usual although I do no agree that HALO laser has no downtime. I would have taken the day off if I knew my face was going to be looking so red (looks like I have sunburn all over my face) and I was going to be feeling uncomfortable due to redness and swelling. The pain part has gone down tremendously. I didn't take a pain killer today. Will keep you guys posted on the results and my experiences in the next few days.
I put not sure about it being worth it yet because I haven't seen the results yet. I may change it once I have been at least 2 weeks past the procedure and I can determine if it was worth it for me.

Also, be sure you are going to a licensed Master esthetician, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist. I cannot emphasis this enough! This is an invasive procedure and you want to make sure that the person performing it is experienced and knows what they're doing! I have an established relationship with my esthetician so I felt comfortable and secure getting the procedure done with her.


Today I still have a bunch of mends on my face. I just look VERY freckled. I've also noticed that I've started to get some whiteheads.

Been one week

Been one week. As of right now, and this probably wont change I haven't seen much improvement on the hyperpigmentation I was really hoping would be diminished. My skin does feel soft and like it has a "glow." I'm thinking I would need a second treatment and more aggressive treatment to truly see a difference in the hyperpigmentation.

second session for HALO

I went in about a week ago for second HALO session. It was a more aggressive treatment this time and she actually did BBL for the redness right before the HALO. Experience was painful and very similar to the last treatment. However, since it was more aggressive I do feel like it has been an even more painful process and healing time. My mends have mostly come off still have some around the checks and jawline. My skin texture is looking very much improved! However, my face is very RED. VERY RED still. I tend to get red easily and the last time the redness lasted for at least a month. So I'm assuming it is going to take a couple of months for the redness to go away on my skin. Will let you know how happy I am with the experience and RESULTS in a few months!
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