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Hello all. I have had my reduction surgery this...

Hello all. I have had my reduction surgery this morning after a few months of following this site.

 I was previously a 38DD and hoping for  a B/C cup. I'm 30, no children, active/athletic. I have always thought I had big boobs, but didn't really think I was an extreme enough case to have this surgery. Matter fact, i loved my boobs but just always thought they were huge. This changed about 2 years ago when my back went out randomly. My Mom gave me some muscle relaxers and I just thought it was a random occurence. Fast FWD to January last year: I was at work and went to squat over the toilet and my back went out again. I was in pain, and could not stand up straight or sit down without support. I decided to go to a chiropractor and was able to be seen within a couple days. My chiropractor was awesome, although expensive (did not take insurance). She diagnosed me with 4 different back/neck issues and needless to say, it was not a good look. I received treatment and adjustments from January to about August and would probably still be going if i didn't just get tired of the hassle and expense.  I randomly got a flyer in the mail for a plastic surgery doctor through the hospital I had a past surgery at, and the rest is history....

Hospital stay:
I arrived at hospital at 5:30a and surgery was scheduled for 7:30a. Everyone was very pleasant and I was all smiles. The process went fairly seamlessly, with minimal waiting up to surgery time.  I filled out paperwork, went to my mini personal room where i was instructed to pee and get dressed in gown (no underwear or hair pins allowed). I got an IV which was my least fave part of EVERYTHING. I was rolled to a pre surgery room where diff. nurses and docs came and did things to get me set up. My surgeon also came and spoke with me and marked me up for surgery with 2 markers. He is a young guy (as surgeons go), nerdy looking, but definitely has some swag about himself. I asked what he was going to take out and told him I wanted to be a SMALL C. While examining my boobs, he said that they were meaty and heavy, LOL, so a lot would be taken out. He also said to look fwd to drains so that if I didn't have to have them, great (no drains 4 me after all!) After that, I was rolled to surgery room where there were a lot of people. I was given the happy juice, and woke up in recovery. The nurse in recovery was so nice and sweet. I cried from pain when i first woke up, and couldn't sit up enough for my liking. That passed, and i had ginger ale and water. I watched American Dad and kicked it in recovery with my Mom until they let me go. We got there at 5:30a and left around 1:30p, not bad. We went to Wal Mart to get my prescriptions & an extra front close bra, and the car wouldn't start when my Mom came back!!! It took about 15 minutes, but we got a jump from a great couple. I am now at home and feeling fine, not even overly tired or anything. My Mom went back home at 5p when I passed out, and my boyfriend will be home at around 9:30p. He will be home with me the next few days.

Sorry for the long-winded intro, won't happen again. I will post pics tonite or tomorrow bc i know that's what we like on RealSelf! Thx ladies for the support system and ask me anything!

B4 Pics

These pics are from March and early April. Needless to say after seeing the topless pics from March , i started hitting the gym hard.

Recovery pic

Wish i woulda got a pic of the Doc's markings, but it was immediately before they moved me to the surgery room.

Reveal Day

Today was 1st day i could take a shower per hospital instructions. I must admit i was a little nervous to look at them and can understand women being emotional about this whole process. My first thoughts were "Oh my God, they are so small!!!" I can't wait until they drop and have a more natural appearance. I also have to get use to having smaller nipples. The boobs are hard as rocks, and i don't really feel em yet. Considering I'm all cut up, i'm happy.

Day 2 has been ok. I don't really have any pain other than some spots at the incisions. After shower, i put the original bra that they gave me back on and some gauze. Make sure you have plenty of gauze after surgery. Everything everyone has said on here about bloating and constipation has been so true. I have been drinking lots of water, eating fruit, & I have taken the recommended laxative Colace since Day 1 to no avail. Don't waste your $$$ on that and just let it run it's course i guess.

Reveal Day Pics

Recovery Going Well

Hey ladies. It's early morning post op day 6. Things have been going great. I typically shower early afternoon, change sport bras, and apply gauze. Incisions seem fine. By the end of the day i have been feeling like a downward pulling on my chest almost like my old boobs are still there and need to be held up. Standing up tall with back straight helps. Have stopped taking the percocet during day and take Tylenol PM instead. I take the percocet once before bed since it makes you a lil drowsy, but will probably stop that soon. The constipation stopped on day 4 with some help of a stimulant laxative night 3 and day 4. Don't waste your time with a laxative before day 3! The extreme bloat, probably the most annoying post-op thing, has almost completely gone as of this evening. I think that only goes away with time and lots of water. My recliner pallet has been very good to thick comforter, an old pillow top folded up, a blanket, and a travel neck pillow is a MUST! I tried a lil exercise today doing 4 steps up and down 30X. This must of done me in, because i was kinda tired throughout the day. I may go for a walk tomorrow bc sitting in the house all day will make the average person stir crazy after while. I also tried on some old shirts and tops and quite satisfied. I really can't wait to get back in the gym ASAP. No regrets so far other than i wish this was something had done sooner.

If you are thinking about doing it, go for it (even if you don't have insurance backing!) The benefits are immediate and immeasurable!

Getting Better Every Day

Hey ladies,
Everyday is a day closer to normalcy. I had my 1st post op appointment on 4/27. Doc stated things look good. He also said i was swollen, especially on sides, & that the swelling will go down and the "high & tights" will settle. My stitches are disolvable, so there was no removing stitches or anything like that. Overall, i have LOVED my surgeons approach.

I went back to work 2 days ago on 4/28. I sit at a desk all day, so it hasn't been hard or overwhelming. I think 2 weeks is definitely the perfect amount of time to have off (1 week wouldn't have been enough). I rode the stationary bike for about an hour twice in the 2nd week and things felt good. I will make my 1st trip back to the gym tomorrow and boy i can't wait to get back it.

The healing process has been great so far & I am enjoying my smaller boobs more & more everyday.

1 mos down

A little over 1 month post op and things are progressing nicely. Pretty much all my stitches are gone. Nipples are kind of light in some spots so they probably won't remain perfect circles. I'm cool with that- they weren't perfect before. I have no pain, just occasional swelling/ soreness depending on activity. I'm back to my full gym routine, including upper body weights (somewhat limited). I have started using Kelo-cote scar gel on scars as well. So far, i am satisfied with the incision healing and think I will heal fine. I do have what i think they call "dog ears" on the inner breast. It doesn't bother me too much, but I will see what my surgeon says about it.


How much did it cost?
$1760. After insurance, i had to pay $2200. The hospital gave me a 20% discount for paying up front.

Were you in pain?
Not really, just discomfort more than anything

Any regrets?
Wish i would have had this surgery sooner.

What cup size were you before, and what are you now?
I was a DD before. If i had to guess, a medium C now. Who knows, I am satisfied with the size.

Would you recommend this surgery to others?
Yes- to any woman that has felt her boobs were too big

Would you consider another "cosmetic" surgery?
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