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Okay ladies I am starting a new review because I...

Okay ladies I am starting a new review because I could not change my doctor on the old one. In my original review I had started 2 years ago trying to get a breast reduction and was denied by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. Fast forward to May of 2015 I decided to do the breast reduction again and pay out of pocket. I called the last Doctor that I had a consultation with and decided that I would pay him 4500 cash to perform the surgery. I came up with the money and then had second thoughts about giving all of that money when I could just try the fight with insurance again ; needless to say either way it was going to get done . At this time (September of 2015) I did not have insurance but knew that since I lost coverage through my job that I qualified for special enrollment so I did my research and decided on BlueChoice HealthPlan of SC (Obama care) on September 30th and my coverage went into effect on October 1st . That same day I called Dr. Peter Haines office at Healing waters and scheduled a consultation . The lady told me I would need some proof of pain as well as a letter from my self saying why I should have the surgery . I immediately got off the phone with her and called a family practice and scheduled an appointment . When I went to the dr I complained about back neck and shoulder pain . She did an exam and said breast reduction was in my best interest . She wrote some notes and said that she would fax it to my doctor on the day of my appointment . I began to type my letter and spilled my heart out about how I can't play with my son or exercise . Printed that out and signed it & I called my obgyn from 2 years ago when I initially was trying to get approved and she sent me the notes from that visit . I was pretty confident in my documentation but knew that the pictures would help out too . Come October 15th my consultation comes and I present my documentation and they take picture . I must say Dr. Haines is amazing ! He talked so gentle and joked with me and was so kind . They told me I had a good chance of being approved and he was anticipating about 800 grams from each breast (I'm a 36G/H cup). So I waited for them to submit to insurance . Fast forward to yesterday 10/23/15 I got w phone call from the Drs office and they got authorization to do my surgery . I cried and asked if we could set a date 11/24 2 days before thanksgiving and I am blessed ! I will continue to update you guys on my journey and have attached the pictures from my other review !

So anxious

What are you ladies doing to fight the anxiety ? My surgery is in exactly 4 weeks from today 2 days before thanksgiving and I CANT take it lol ! I've waited for almost 3 years so I guess this won't kill me . Hubby is having surgery on his knee tomorrow so I guess I will be busy with taking care of him but goodness I can't wait to be a part of the IBTC !

Almost 3 weeks til surgery

Just checking in ! I got a new job after being unemployed for a few weeks and I actually got 2 job offers one to start next week and the other one about 1 1/2 weeks after my surgery which will work out terrific ! I'm so excited guys ! My fiancé just had knee surgery & ive been passing time taking care of him so that he can be able to take care of me ;) . Our 4 year old son knows that we both were going to be getting surgery & he asked me after my fiancé got his "what are they going to do to your knee mommy?" Lol

2 weeks !

T-minus 2 weeks til my life changing surgery ! Can't wait

Next week

Just checking in ! Surgery a week away and slowly it's starting to feel real .

I passed out in walmart

So being that my surgery is in a few days I saw it as an opportunity to go shopping & looking at cute little bras and pajamas . As I was walking I got so light headed and looked my fiancé right in the face , wrapped my arms around his neck & said "I think I'm going to pass out" and that's when he said my eyes were flinching and I gave out . I woke up a very short time after on the floor at Walmart . I was freaked out because I have NEVER passed out before . My fiancé took care of me and got me water . By that time I had realized that I hadn't eaten at all and immediately got something to eat , I instantly felt better because after I had came to I was still shaken up & light headed . I went to the hospital and it was confirmed that it was because I havnt eaten in well ....a couple of days . I feel much better now and am watching Netfix with my honey ! I just wanted to share my scare with you .

Surgery is done !

Ladies ; my surgery is officially done I'm in the other side & I see what a lot of you mean by instant relief . Just wanted to do a quick update and will do more later when I'm feeling up to it ; I'm a little sleepy lol . Here are a few sneak peeks ;-) I'm so happy ladies .

More info on surgery & first day home

My fiancé and I arrived at the hospital at our scheduled 7:30am time yesterday morning . When we got there I was a little bit anxious but he assured me that everything would be okay. I signed in and after about 10 minutes I was called to the desk to get my paperwork and wristband. After that I was called to the back by myself & I got weighed ; the nurse that I had was amazing. I peed in a cup so that she could do a pregnancy test & then went behind a curtain and got undressed and put on a gown and cap. By this time it was probably close to 8am. I expressed to my nurse how nervous I was and she also assured me that it was normal & the surgery would be so worth it. She asked me questions about my medical history & I answered to the best of my ability. She put blood clot massagers(don't know what they're called) on my legs as well as a blood pressure cuff so that it would be out of the way of the surgery. We talked about my college degree and about where I live and stuff .She strapped some heart monitors to my back and took my temp. Everything was perfect . The anesthesiologist came in and asked me the same questions and also asked about me fainting Friday. After that the nurse "searched" for a vein in my hand & got my iv started. I asked her if it was weird that I can always taste it she said her son has the same problem lol. So after that she let my Fiancé come in and talked to him about using a breathing thingy so that my lung things didn't get flappy (I had a little device to breath into after surgery 10x an hour) she also explained what would happen while he waited for me , info about the cafe & how to check the status of my surgery. From there it was hugs & kisses because the dr came in and started marking me up. He asked one last time about size and I told him "I would rather be a b/c than an c/d" he said that it was perfectly fine & he will get me where I wanted to be. After he marked me up my nurse put "happy juice" in my iv & my nerves were instantly calm(she said she was taking me to the beach) . The actual OR nurses came in & rolled me to the operating room around 8:45 surgery was scheduled to start at 9. Once I was in the operating room I was asked to move from one bed to another and then I put on an oxygen mask. From there I just remember the anesthesiologist and his nurse putting stuff in my IV and I was out cold. The next thing you know I'm waking up in a recovery room with my chest burning. I immediately ask for my fiancé and I don't remember getting an answer my vision was so blurry and I just remember not feeling well, my throat hurt so bad from the breathing tube. I asked when I could get the oxygen taken out of my nose because it wasn't making it easy for me to breath and my nurse took it out. I was then asked about pain I said a 5 out of 10 and no one really did anything at that time . I once again asked for my fiancé and they said that they would go out and get him . Surprisingly they came back with both him and my mother. They were happy to see me and told me how cute my boobies were & I started crying a little. I don't remember much because I was super loopy but the nurse that I had this time was awesome as well . Then my old nurse came and they just made me feel soooo good about myself lol they were talking about how cute I was and stuff . I was asked again about pain , I said it was the same , new nurse gave me Percocet in my iv & I was no longer in pain....my throat was and is still the worst part. So I start to get a little nauseous & almost throw up she put something in my iv for that and that's when I felt NORMAL ! my mom left , the nurse explained discharge instructions to me and my fiancé and emptied my drains showed him how to do it & he signed some paperwork all while I was shaking really bad from anesthesia . He went & got the car & another nurse helped me get dressed and when I sat up ....my posture was fixed and my chest felt so light! I didn't realize how heavy my old boobs were. They wheeled me out to the car & we filled my prescriptions and went home (Percocet for pain , something for muscle spasms, a suppository for nausea, and an antibiotic to prevent infection) we got home & he got me settled in bed with the remotes and went out to buy me soup. I was then in and out of sleep. Still not feeling much pain at all . I've been taking my meds regularly and eating whatever. The worst part all days has been my dry throat and dry lips lol . Right now it is 3:46 am and I am up because I'm hallucinating in my sleep because of the meds lol . But it was an awesome experience and there was never anything to be nervous about . My mom dad and sister came to visit me for a bit & bought me tons of cute button ups and pjs . I've been walking around to prevent blood clots and I love my boobs so much . They're so small & my mom said they look like tiny implants lol . When the dr came out and talked to my fiancé he said he had a huge smile on his face as though he was proud of his work ; he told him that he made me proportionate and I did amazing in surgery . The team that I had was awesome . I will update you guys more as my recovery continues !

Update !

Day 2 wasn't so bad ; I was constipated & feeling quite bloated . I felt the stitches more than I did yesterday was a little bit more sore because I was being hard headed and trying to do for myself. I still love them; they are still quite swollen but the drains are starting to change from a bloody color to a more clear color. The tip of my tongue is still numb from anesthesia & I forgot to mention he said that he took out 750 grams from each breast totaling almost 4 pounds all together . I have my post op appointment November 30th and I will update you guys then . Hopefully I'll get the drains removed & a nice peek at my new boobs ;-) happy thanksgiving & be safe !

The First Week !

Day 2 wasn't so bad ; I was constipated & feeling quite bloated . I felt the stitches more than I did yesterday was a little bit more sore because I was being hard headed and trying to do for myself. I still love them; they are still quite swollen but the drains are starting to change from a bloody color to a more clear color. The tip of my tongue is still numb from anesthesia & I forgot to mention he said that he took out 750 grams from each breast totaling almost 4 pounds all together . I have my post op appointment November 30th and I will update you guys then . Hopefully I'll get the drains removed & a nice peek at my new boobs ;-) happy thanksgiving & be safe !

Day 3- thanksgiving ....super sore felt stitches and more tugging sensation where drains are . Tongue still numb ; fiancé helped me redress & I wore a 34b sports bra while surgical bra was washing . I felt more swollen but I was also doing ALOT . Took all of my meds , not too bad

That night I started really feeling sick- I actually felt quite flu like . I was nauseated and threw up at least 3 times . I felt so dizzy & the suppository that I had for nausea did not seem to work. But after throwing up and going back to sleep and my fiancé taking care of me I felt better

Day 4- I still haven't pooped at all even after taking glycerin suppositories and milk of magnesia . I spent this day in a coma really . Only waking up to occasionally eat and check my phone- no pain what so ever but I am now able to feel my drains pulling at my stitches it's not painful just uncomfortable . This day was pretty uneventful & I caught up on much needed rest . Sleeping is so much easier now . Off of the Percocet & am not taking Tylenol maybe once or twice a day . I'm starting to feel normal just ready for these drains to come out .

Day 5- nothing new , I woke up kinda sore , finally went to the bathroom tonight , starting to feel better .

Day 6- went to the bathroom again this morning. Had my appointment at 9:30 , when I got the the nurse took my drain record and told me that they may have to leave them in longer because I'm still draining more than they want & she would check with the dr. When Dr Haines came in he had his gloves on and was asking me questions the nurse whispered to me that they were going to do it & remove both at the same time . He snipped the stitches that were holding them together and they counted to 3 and pulled out the drains . Wowzah.....lol it was pressure and pain but only lasted a second . He looked me over told me that everything looks good . I have sensation in both of my nipples . Told me that I can take a full fledge shower tomorrow which is going to be amazing and I come back next Thursday to have my sutures removed ! The nurse took pictures & set my next appointment . Now I'm on my way home to get some food lol

Official before and after

These are my official before & after pictures ; the ones the office staff took . Huge difference ! My nipples are low in preparation for my boobs to drop & I don't end up with "star gazers" so happy with my results so far but I know the best is yet to come

So much support !

All of you & your comments have been awesome . They have all made me so very happy to have Dr Haines as my surgeon ! I'm coming back into real life now , I did laundry today and I go back to work on Monday . The swelling is slowly starting to go down & my confidence continues to go up. Right now I'm watching a Greys Anatomy marathon after a wonderful shower :)

Be blessed ladies , I will update next Thursday after my stitches are out

Picture update 12 days post

All of my tape has fallen off . Here's some pictures at 12 days post

Almost 3 weeks post op

Today I completed my full week back at work & it has been awesome . Other than being a little tired after a shift I haven't had any pain in my breast what so ever . Yesterday my Ps removed my sutures and that went by without incident . My birthday is Monday and this is the best present I could have ever given to myself . My breast are now soft & I love them so much . They are more bouncier even though I don't bounce and are starting to look more natural . They are feeling more normal & now they feel normal without a bra on . I don't go back to the dr for a month so I will talk to you guys then :)

8 weeks Post !

I am 8 and a half weeks post op ! Yay . Incredible to believe that I've made it this far. Just a quick update
Pain: I have very minimal pain . The only pain I can feel is where my incisions are and that's only some time
Sensation: I still have sensation in both of my nipples but I am numb under my armpits and on the sides of my boobs.
Scaring: some days they are flatter than others but my fiancé uses vitamin E oil and cocoa butter to massage the tissue to flatten them out & it's been helping a lot . (Thank God for him)
My appointment: I saw my dr at 7 weeks and I now have no restrictions with sleep or my bra or exercise . There is no limit to what I can do. I feel great . I work all day and nothing bothers me...especially not my back ;). I go without a bra at night and some weekends too & it doesn't bother me a bit. It's been great wearing whatever I want to wear ! My posture has improved and so has my confidence. I do a lot of shopping now. How are all of my following ladies...any updates?

5 months Post !

Hi ladies ! Not much has changed other than my new breast feel completely normal . There are times where I wish I went smaller or bigger but they are sooooo perfect for me . I cannot wait till the summer . My swelling didn't last long & my pain is completely gone . It still hurts sometimes while I'm sleeping without a bra . I've ended up a 38b for good & im just so thankful that I got this surgery . I haven't been taking a lot of pictures because my boobs are so normal ! Lol but anyways wanted to check in
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Dr Haines did an amazing job. He made sure I got what I wanted in regards to the size and he was so patient and gentle with me! I felt amazing after surgery and thanks to him I can have a new outlook on life. I can go on and on but to make a long story short ...his work is amazing

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