Uneven breasts?

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I've gone to three consultations and have decided...

I've gone to three consultations and have decided to go with the last doctor I had a consultation with. After expressing an interest in getting breast implants with my sister-in-law, she booked a consultation for me with her surgeon when my husband and I visited her in Washington D.C. (from S.C) She loves her surgeon and knew I would too.

At this first consult, the doctor measured my chest and rib cage and then had me try on three different sizes of sizers in a bra (sizes he thought would be good for me). I tried on 350, 400, and 450 cc sizers. I felt I would probably prefer around 400-425 ccs. I got a quote, made my way back to South Carolina, thought about it and decided I wanted to have a consult at home. I liked the D.C. doctor and having such a glowing reference from my sister-in-law made me feel comfortable. However, he is located eight hours away from where I live.

My second consult was with a doctor that I've heard good things about. However, my consult with him left me confused about size. He did not do the sizers and asked what cup size I wanted to be. I had no idea how to answer. I have only ever been an A cup and have always heard that cup sizes look different on different sized frames and I had no point of reference. This doctor was friendly enough but I didn't really "click" with him. Or his nurse (who was slightly obnoxious). I know those things shouldn't matter that much- the skill of the doctor should- however, I want to like the person that is going to be cutting me open.

I decided to have a third consultation with a doctor that did reconstructive breast surgery on my friend who had a double mastectomy. She gave him a glowing reference as well. I clicked with this doctor and felt like he really puts a lot of thought into his work. He did not have me try on sizers and I told him I did not know what size cup I wanted to have. I said I don't want the Dolly Parton look but I want it to be worth it. He knew exactly what I meant. After I left the consult a few days later I called back and scheduled my surgery for 1/16/13. I also sent the nurse some pictures of breasts that I thought would be a size I would like for myself. I go back January third for a second appointment to narrow down the specifics. I know I want silicone and I think I want to go with the dual plane placement which my doctor feels is the best of both worlds in terms of over or under muscle.

Today I had a second consultation with my doctor...

Today I had a second consultation with my doctor and brought my husband along. Nothing earth shattering came out of it, he basically told my husband everything he told me. He did tell me that the example pictures were helpful in determining what size I would like. However, said that he might not be able to get me as full as those pictures. Which, I really don't understand. He said that he thought I would need 325 to 375 ccs. This make me a little nervous because the first doctor told me I could go up to 450 ccs. But, I guess I would rather be smaller than I would like than larger. I'm a very black and white person, so things like this give me a little anxiety.

I did confirm that my surgery is scheduled for 1/16/13 at 6:30 am!!! I have had a hair appointment scheduled for that day at 4:30 pm. Think I'll be able to make it? I think I'll reschedule even if my husband can drive me.

I've never noticed how uneven my breasts are until...

I've never noticed how uneven my breasts are until I took before photos. I did ask the doctor about this at my pre-op on Thursday and he made it seem like they weren't that bad. But the more I look at these pics I realize how bad they are. Is there anything that can be done about this??

I am now three months post-op and am so thrilled...

I am now three months post-op and am so thrilled with my results. I got 350 cc Mod + silicone implants. I started out as a 32a and am now wearing a 32dd. My clothes fit so much better and I feel proportioned for once! I have had a complication free surgery. The only thing I am worried out is some pressure at the incision site on my left breast. I worry that it is trying to bottom out, but it could be nerves regenerating.
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

This doctor performed reconstructive surgery on my friend that had a double mastectomy. He came highly recommended to me.

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