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Ok, so this site is amazing! I started consults...

Ok, so this site is amazing! I started consults about 3 weeks ago and have decided on a doctor & scheduled surgery. I need a lift and implants! At doctor's suggestion, I went with the "Gummy Bear" moderate profile implants. He asked what size I want to be. Now that's tricky and as noted on here, a D on one lady looks a lot different than a D on another. Right now I WEAR a 34C, but I have room…its not a snug fit like it once was. I've had 4 kids, breastfed 8 years. Yes 8. Although La Leche will tell you breast is best, and breastfeeding won't cause sagging and loss of volume, it's a lie! (I really wouldn't change a moment of those times with my kids). So my pitiful puppies are like depleted balloons. I would say I'm likely a 34B and want a 34 D or DD. The doctor was like, ok! He never told me a cc size because he didn't want me caught up in that. But I am. Very caught up. So I'm debating just trusting him to understanding what I want, or going back in pre-op to go through it all again. I did call his office and his nurse went through a spiel about how wonderful the pa is and how knowledgeable…he knows what size you want and he'll make it happen. But does he really? I'm so worried I'll come out dissatisfied and feeling like I don't have my money worth. Should I just up the size to DD?

Need Some Quick Help ….

My surgery is scheduled for Friday (it's Monday now). I'm having a lift and implants. I have four kids under 9 and my parents are helping my husband for 4 days. My mom will continue to help an additional 3-4 more days. On post op day 11 we have scheduled a short vacation (4 days) with my husband's family. (They do not know about surgery). Is this even possible!? My husband is clear on "no lifting" so he will do kid carrying and any other lifting that needs to be done. What did you/could you do a week and a half after surgery?? Thanks in advance. (Btw, my PS just said I'm not back to normal for a month…no lifting and I won't be able to take care of myself, much less kids the first couple of days. After the weekend, I can take care of myself and kids (minus housework and lifting). "Listen to your body.")

Natrelle 410 unders yesterday!

So I went in for surgery yesterday. The lift and augmentation took just over 2 hours. I got Natrelle 410 mm, under the muscle. I am so excited but nervous (I want to keep this a secret). So far it seems very unlikely I'll be able to hide these massive girls, but maybe when the swelling goes down it'll be possible.
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