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I've always been small chested and it was...

I've always been small chested and it was something that bothered me, especially in the summer once bathing suit season rolled around.

After having my first child, I loved the size of my breasts while nursing. But once I was done with that, I was left with 2 breasts that had totally lost their fullness. I was barely filling out my 34A pushup bra :(

After talking to someone who had recently had a breast augmentation, I decided to go for a consult. I was scared to death! And I guess a little embarressed. But after talking with the surgeon, I felt so comfortable and excited! I really felt like he understood what I wanted. I DID NOT want to look like some porn star! I just for once wanted to feel sexy!. He even said if someone can tell I have breast implants then he didn't do his job.

During my pre surgery appt I showed him pictures of my breasts while nursing, bc this was a size I liked. I was a C cup at that time. I'm 5'7" around 135lbs. We decided to go with 350cc Moderate Plus Silicone Implants.

I'm now a month out and I'm very happy. They have dropped nicely and are starting to feel very soft. My left one is still a little sore at times. I had a pain pump, so that made the first 3 days very easy. When I took that out, I did notice more soreness, but nothing like I was afraid it might be. I was able to take 9 days off of work. My husband was home the first week to take care of our little one, which was a big help. For a few days, my nipples were soo sensitive, but that has gotten back to normal. I'm now able to get rid of the sports bra and go buy some nice ones. I'm excited to see how great my breasts look as time goes on!

Had a message, so I thought I might update this....

Had a message, so I thought I might update this. Its now a little over 4 months since my surgery and I am very pleased! They've dropped some more and I think they look great. I had a check up in November and the Doctor said that everything looked good. I had some soreness in my left breast, but he said that is normal and it went away shortly after my visit. It was really soreness, I guess it was more that I just knew it was there. Anyways... saw that Target has their bathing suits out and I'm actually excited to try one on this year!

* It wasn't really soreness,..

* It wasn't really soreness,..
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