40I Breast Reduction. Columbia, SC

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My goodness this has been an uphill battle with...

My goodness this has been an uphill battle with trying to get this breast reduction done! Girrllll let me tell you about myself. I'm 25 year old African American female. My bra size is a 40 I. I weight 225lb at 5'9. (I know I'm overweight but it hurts so bad to work out) The insurance company wants my doctor to take out 1000cc of breast and you know what? I'm ok with that! Shoot, I'm better than ok with that! I've been fighting for two years trying to get approved for the surgery! I felt discouraged so many times throughout this process but God! I love my doctor and his team through this whole process! I just found out i was finally approved after being denied twice on Saturday, May 21st, 2016. I've suffered from -Back pain -Neck Pain -Skin irritation -Headaches -Shoulder pain -Bra straps digging into my shoulders -Poor posture because of the heaviness of my breasts I've had large breast since the 4th grade and as time progressed, so did the size of my breast. They started to sag severely and cause all types of skin issues. I had to start seeing a chiropractor and every attempt he made to ease my pain failed miserably. So i began to research what i needed to do to have my insurance (Cigna) approve me. I got all of my documents from all of my doctors and let the handle it. I did however stay on top of the insurance company to make sure things were going in a timely fashion and to confirm they got everything they needed. I'm glad i did because a few times, they were missing documents. I'm going to continue to keep you guys updated. Any and all advice is welcome!

I'm 30 days out and i need to prepare!

So... it's 30 days before my surgery! What did you you guys do to prepare for the surgery? What are some things i need to have on my shopping list and are there any types of brand names that work better that you would suggest? Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Good news!

So i spoke to the surgical nurse and she said because i was in good health, i don't need a pre op date! However, i do have a second consulation set up just to go over a few things work my doctor! What are some questions that you guys asked?
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

He was very sweet, soft spoken, funny, professional, concerned, and upfront! Marie is an angel! His office is so nice and clean! The receptionist Corey is the bomb! If anyone is in the Columbia area and needs any type of service, this is where you should go!

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