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Hi, I finally decided to take this journey...

Hi, I finally decided to take this journey serious and do what i always wanted. I love me but i hate my belly and my butt... i have no butt if u ask me... i can never get that body i wanted even when dieting ...i was either too skinny with no butt and small belly gut or fat with no butt... i couldn't win .... i know want to take the step in making me happy .... i am not having anymore kids nor do i plan to. I see all these doctors and get so excited. i wanted to go to DR. but am sacred based o n what i am ready ...not sanitary operational rooms, not doing the appropriate testing needed ...or just doing too many women on one day. I do love dra. duran but i dunno . i feel more comfortable with the doctors in columbia.... so far i like DR.william jimenez , dr harold villalobos and dr carlos guerrero.... i don't see reviews much on guerrero here??? has anyone have a procedure done by him here?? plz tell me your experiment... haven't sent my pic out to get quotes will send them out today .... another question has anyone ever gone with the consultants that arrange it all for u ...look for quotes , plane ticket , RH and more ??? i have been following on ig exquiste body consultant (which you pay 200) for them to do all the work for you ... recommended by model sheneka adams she recently came from cali form her surgery and used exquisite body consultants. i also been following phemombeautyconsultants and surgicoordinator(more DR. based doctors though) has anyone tried using any one them and if so how was the experience ?? so many scams out here i don't wanna be scam out of money . i know a girl who recently had surgery but went to dr and went with doctor fatima Almonte and she did t use any consultants she did it all on her own but stayed with family in D.R.. she says it is a waste to use those consultants since u can do this all on ur own ?? i am not sure though .... i need to see more reviews and more pictures and would like doctors be in the ISAPS ....please those who have had surgery how did u decide on a doctor and give me your advice on consultants.

Getting the steps ready

Working with exquisite body consultants ... Decide to go with her because she was so informative and detailed. She shows that she is interested in helping u and does really want to help by Giving u the best experience.... Waiting on my quotes now .... ????

I found my doctor

Yes so I found my dr ..... Buritica .....I love his work and just his attitude I love it it is just something about him he responded to me very quickly and has always been fast with responding To me. I got my quote alone because my consultant did not work with him because he isn't board certified. She only works with board certified surgeons... I chose him because he is apart of the ISAPS ..... And his work is something that I love and I told myself when I started this journey I would chose a doctor from that association.

My consultant

Many of you have been asking me about my consultant Exquiste body consultant .... Ok well I have to say she is great.... Although I am
Not not going with one one of the doctors She is working with she still is checking with me ... And helping me with everything else as of my rh and whatever else I may need I love her how she attentive with me and answers all my crazy questions.


Looking for flights now to Cali surgery is nov 8th I can't wait 3 months away I am still saving cause I want to do my teeth and micro blading too
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